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The new Firefox browser lets you see which sites you're tracking

If you are serious about protecting your information online, Firefox and its collection of privacy tools can protect your personal information while browsing websites. Mozilla's Firefox web browser for Windows and MacOS protects you, by default, from trackers that track your browsing history, cross-site tracking cookies that track you from site to site (and how to track them), and cryptominers, …

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Live caption: To use one of the coolest features of Pixel 4

Live Caption is an exclusive Pixel 4 format for the time being. Jason Cipriani / CNET Launching with the functions Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is Google's live subtitle feature. The new feature, first announced with Android 10 in May, adds real-time subtitles to videos, podcasts, or voice notes, all on your phone, without information to Google send. Live …

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