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10 Free Must-Play Puzzle Games for iPhone and Android «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Puzzle games are a great way to kill time and train your brain in one fell swoop. They challenge you to strategically consider and plan ahead to create killer chain combinations for maximum points or to prevent old players from being killed.

But with so many puzzles floating in both the App Store and Google Play, it can be hard to pick the right game to tickle your noggin. After several days of uninterrupted puzzle research, we've put together our own list of the top ten free jigsaw puzzles to help you find the perfect puzzle game.

When selecting these games, our main criteria were the following: They all had to be free and without intrusive ads, while you could work through the game without any in-app purchases. Nevertheless, there are the best jigsaw puzzles that can be downloaded for Android and iPhone for free.

. 1
Flow Free

If you're looking for a fast paced puzzle game to stimulate your brain on the go, Flow Free is for you. The game offers you the right balance between relaxing and challenging gameplay. This includes building a pipeline that allows you to connect matching colors and, at the same time, fill out the grid in as few moves as possible.

So you do not get bored, Flow Free offers you with grids in various sizes from 5 x 5 to 13 x 13 for maximum fun. If that were not enough, the game also offers other game modes such as "Time Trials", various packs and samplers to keep you up to date.

Flow Free comes with advertising as a free game, although it contains advertisements. It's mainly banner ads, which can be seen at the bottom of the screen, as well as commercials in full-screen mode that show about every five levels. You can also view ads as an option for guidance and choose to remove them by paying $ 3.99.

2. Cookie Cats

Cookie Cats is another addictive game in which you trace at least three same-colored cookies to reach targeted targets within a set number of moves. The goals range from feeding a number of lovable kittens with the appropriate biscuits on the knocking out of pastries for cooking waffles to the removal of the neighboring dog.

Like many jigsaw puzzles, Cookie Cats gives you five lives that regenerate over time to keep the gameplay challenging. And when things get too hairy, you also get bonus items in the game such as slingshots and firecrackers, which you can unlock as you progress, so you can get rid of cookies and other obstacles to distress.

Advertising is in largely non-existent cookie cats. They are more of an option that you can look out for benefits such as extra moves, items, etc. to minimize distractions. The game can be played either in portrait or landscape format to better suit your needs.

. 3 Dr. Mario World

The idyllic Mushroom Kingdom is always in trouble, and this time it's no different. With Mario World You have to put your lab coat next to the lovable plumber to get rid of all the viruses that plague the magical land. The gameplay is simple enough: Just eliminate viruses with matching pills. However, you must be strategic in placement because you only have a certain number of pills per phase.

There are also numerous obstacles to overcome, along with various items like koopa shells that you can use to your advantage to sanitize search for the land. Of course Dr. Mario World is not complete if there were no benefits like hammers and other powerful bonus items that you can earn or buy in the app to master these tougher levels.

4. 1010! Color

A captivating puzzle game with a simple premise, 1010! In Color at least three tiles of the same color must coincide with randomly generated shapes. The game can continue uninterrupted and ends only when the space on the board is running low.

Strategic thinking is required to get a high score to keep the board clear so larger pieces will fit. The gameplay is otherwise straightforward – there are no extra lives to worry about so you can play as much as you want. The number of ads is also minimal and only appears between sessions, never during a game.

5. Jewel Castle

Jewel Castle is a Candy Crush Saga color-matched puzzle game in which chains of at least three blocks (in this case, gems) are formed to free various tasks such as owls, blocks destroy and so on. The game comes with all the usual trappings that can be found in this genre, such limited lives that recharge over time, numerous benefits for emergencies and more.

At Jewel Castle, the ads are pretty bright. They are mainly displayed as banners at the bottom of the screen, reducing unwanted distractions to a minimum. Of course you can buy the game for $ 1.99 if you still find it annoying. Overall, Jewel Castle is a great alternative to other, better-known titles and is definitely worth trying if you're looking for something new and familiar.

6. Cube Critters

Cube Critters is the ideal puzzle game for those who prefer to fight against other players for supremacy. The game lets you race through a maze of traps and treasures, and you can defeat the competition by taking the crown at the bottom of the maze.

There are items that you can collect when you play against your opponent Cube Critters has coins that you can use to buy custom characters, and perks that can give your opponent an edge. The gameplay is quite simple and you control your character's movements on the map by simply swiping the screen. If you like navigating through mazes as you race past your rivals, then Cube Critters is the game for you.

8. Two Points

Connecting points has never been so entertaining and relaxing, and that is exactly what brings the simple Two Points to the table. As the name implies, at least two points can be connected vertically and horizontally, but not diagonally. You can also connect long point chains to get bigger points, and even create squares to turn off points in them to save traits.

To make things more interesting, Two Dots has object-based tasks – mainly collecting sets of points – these must be done within a certain number of moves to get to the next level. The game gives you five lives, which then regenerate every 20 minutes. Two Dots is a simple, intuitive gameplay that has virtually no advertising.

9. Amaze!

AMAZE! is another relaxing puzzle game with the simple premise of pushing a ball over stages with different layouts to fill it up with color completely. Not only is the game ideal for relaxing after a hard day's work, it's also perfect for kids of all ages as it offers simple gameplay with no movement or time limits, as well as special moves and other elements that are present in other games. 19659003] There are very few ads here. Apart from the small banner at the bottom, occasionally every few levels of commercials are displayed in full screen mode. You may choose to remove these ads by buying the game for $ 2.99 if you find it somewhat inappropriate.

10. Empires & Puzzles

Empires & Puzzles allows players to fight monsters by connecting blocks of the same color to destructive opponents. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, because with the game you can build your own city to harvest resources and unlock and enhance a collection of heroes, each with their own abilities to battle enemies on the battlefield can dominate.

] Certain elements of the game will certainly keep you busy, but the puzzle-based combat system is where Empires & Puzzles really shine. When you combine blocks into groups of three or more, they become troops, which then invade your enemies, causing damage. You can also create combination chains and even unleash your heroes' abilities once they reach their attack limit to further devastate your enemies. Empires & Puzzles is highly recommended for friends of RPGs as well as puzzles.

And you're there Have it our selection for the nine most interesting jigsaw puzzles for Android and iPhone. Try it out and be prepared to spend a lot of time stimulating your brain. Which puzzles would you recommend? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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