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10 Free Must-Play Shooter Games for iPhone and Android «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

It's extremely satisfying to chase down your online opponents and kill them with a well placed shot, which probably explains why shooting games are still among the best most popular time killers for iOS and Android.

Shooter games for mobile phones come in many different variations, from old-school top-down shooters looking back at the golden age of the arcade game to hard-fought multiplayer FPS shooters competing against each other for dominance. But there are thousands of titles in this genre. To get the cream out, we've put together a list of ten great shooters you may never have heard of.

All games in this list can be installed for free and they all come with in-app purchases that give you an added edge over your opponents on the battlefield. However, we have taken care to only select games that do not require in-app purchases to improve the gaming experience. All listed multiplayer games featured teams-balancing features to ensure fair and consistent gameplay. So, without further ado, here are the 1

0 best free shooter games for iOS and Android.

# 1. Guns of Boom

If you need a break from all the Battle Royale events you've gone into, Guns of Boom is worth a look. Unlike games like PUBG with huge cards that players spread far and wide, Guns of Boom is arranged in smaller cards with relatively simple layouts to ensure intense action.

The game also lets you unlock and buy cooler weapons, custom skins, and weapons. Equip as you gain experience on the battlefield and ascend. These can range from weapons that inflict additional damage, such as fire bullets that set your targets on fire, to armor that provides you with extra protection from the hail of gunfire that you will surely encounter.

Guns of Boom offers great graphics and controls that are incredibly easy to master and can be adapted to your playing style. All in all, Guns of Boom is a worthy addition to your collection of shooters. Try it now.

# 2. World War Heroes: FPS Shooter

With so many generic shooters based on both Google Play and the World War II App Store It is very easy to miss World War Heroes: FPS Shooter . One of the better World War II FPS shooters, this game features stunning graphics and superb controls that you can customize for maximum battlefield efficiency.

The game will compete with players from all over the world, allowing you to freely choose between Allied and Axis powers, while at the same time featuring upgradeable weapons that are exactly the same era. Of course, more firearms such as the M1 Carbine, the Kar 98 and the MG42 are offered for sale in game currency when you move up.

World War Heroes is quite simple for advertising that occasionally appears as a full-screen ad after a fight to minimize distractions. In addition, you can voluntarily view them for rewards.

3. Critical Ops

If you're a Counter-Strike junkie, feel at home on Critical Ops . It is a multiplayer FPS in its purest form and eliminates elements that often ruin the experience of online fighting.

There are no pay-to-play schemes here, so big financiers and experienced players have no clear advantage over free and new users. The game even omits the typical reward-based system of earning money to buy high quality weapons.

Critical Ops puts in two scenarios anti-terrorist units against terrorist cells: Team Deathmatch and Bombing / Defuse. If you have selected a page and match type, just pick from a selection of firearms and continue playing.

Although the graphics and weapon selection is not as good as other FPS games, you will quickly ignore these inadequacies and appreciate the simplicity of the game once you are in online combat.

4. World of Tanks Blitz World of Tanks Blitz is one of those games that evokes sheer anxiety, though the amusement with the defeat and the final defeat of a Soviet IS-3, all with an inferior armed medium tank like the German Panther.

This game probably requires the most skill in this list, as you have to consider numerous things when fighting. You must attack from the right angle to penetrate the armor, to go behind the enemy and, above all, to coordinate with your team.

There is no shortage of tanks to choose from in World of Tanks Blitz, but you can only ever choose one. So make sure it fits your fighting style.

Tank destroyers are great if you like snipe tanks, light and medium tanks are great with scoot-and-shoot players and heavy tanks are perfect for defensive players. Combat experience and credits give you the opportunity to upgrade and buy more powerful tanks to use in combat.

5. Bad2Bad: Exctinction

Bad2Bad: Extinction is currently one of the best top-down shooter games with a simple but inventive premise and imaginative gameplay. They order a group of elite animals not only to fight a growing uprising, but also a spreading infection that turns the animals in the wild into useless zombies that become even more deadly at nightfall.

Thanks to random generation maps, combat zone missions are never the same. The game offers several side missions that go beyond the main goal of finding the cause of the infestation, such as: These include hacking targets, rescuing survivors, demolishing buildings, and more. Fulfilling these missions will reward you with equipment, weapons and currency to increase your squad and make it more powerful.

The adaptation feature of the game is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Bad2Bad: Extinction. It gives you a huge arsenal of weapons that are based on real weapons that you can make, loot or buy. In addition, you can customize them with realistic accessories such as rifle scopes, holoscopes and lasers to increase the effectiveness of your team. You can also upgrade your squad and equip it with tactical vests and Exo suits for maximum protection.

Bad2Bad: Although Extinction includes ads, they can only be viewed on a voluntary basis and are great for earning money for staff and equipment. These commercials also give you extra life as you die on the battlefield.

6. Archero

Archero is a shooting game that combines dungeon crawling and role-playing gameplay into a compelling gaming experience It challenges you at every turn. In it, you take on the role of a lone archer with the unenviable task of killing monsters of all shapes and sizes in worlds of 50 levels – and all in a single attempt per world.

To prevent this, Archero not only offers the opportunity to rip your hair, but also a number of extras, such as shields, poisoned arrows for permanent damage, and elemental balls that hurt the attacking monsters in your room. You can also collect loot such as better armor and weapons that can be upgraded to make you stronger next time.

Archero gives you a series of attempts to play all day, and these are recharged over time. If you run out of chances, you can view ads to instantly win. However, there are only five ways to view commercials within 24 hours.

7. War Robots

Pixonics War Robots offer exciting Mech-on-Mech combat. This great time killer grabs you on a giant robot and competes against other players with a clear goal: either hold more ground or eliminate the opposing power.

With War Robots, you can customize your robots with weapons ranging from rockets and rockets to plasma weapons. You can mix and match your arsenal to suit your style of play, and this element, the perfect combination to dominate enemy 'Mechs, adds to the fun.

Like most other multiplayer games, gold and silver won by battle can be used to benefit from even more powerful robots and weapons. The loot also helps you to update the robots you already own, so no in-app purchases are required.

8. Infinity shoot: Galaxy War

Infinity shoot: Galaxy War is ideal for the more casual player who is constantly on the move. The top-down shooter game lets you control a spaceship and shoot endlessly through a series of enemies, making it feel like an old-fashioned arcade game right in your hand.

As with many shooters, perks and other bonuses can also be gained through progression in the game and can be used to unlock or buy more powerful spacecraft and weapons. With the game, you can also upgrade the collection you've accumulated to maximize your chances of survival while inflicting massive damage on your enemies. They appear first and foremost every few steps as full-screen commercials. You can also display ads as an option when you finish a level to get twice the price you would normally receive or view them on the main page of the game for rewards that you can use in future missions.

9. Tacticool

If you're tired of playing the same old first person shooter game, you should definitely check out Tacticool . The multiplayer game features an angled top-down view that gives you a much wider field of view for a clearer view of the battlefield.

Being aware is the key to success in Tacticool, which you need to watch out for Not only enemy players, but also environmental factors such as racing trains, tank rounds, and debris from explosions that you turn off immediately. Fortunately, the game's great graphics and intuitive controls help detect threats, so you can react accordingly.

In addition to the intense, fast-paced gameplay, Tacticool also offers a wide range of weapons and gear that you can unlock and buy while fighting, rising and killing to rise in rank. In addition to the usual assortment of assault rifles and shotguns, you'll also get explosives and various skins that offer special benefits, such as: For example, a faster reload, more health, etc.

Cover Picture and GIFs by Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks

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