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10 Funny Premium Android Games Without Microtransactions – Review Geek

  A racing game played on a telephone.
They are hard to find but good premium games are available on Android . Michael Crider

Are you looking for a mobile game that will not impress you with $ 1

00 worth of currency or booster purchases? If you're looking for a fun, premium Android game without a BS, check out our selection.

This is not an exhaustive list of the "10 Best Android Games Ever" – we are not that arrogant. There are so many thousands of games in the Play Store that a person can only hope to play a small percentage of them. However, these are games that we personally enjoyed and that do not contain the manipulative currency and booster purchases that you find in most free mobile games. We also avoided ported games from consoles or PCs because they are usually hard to control on a touch screen.

Let's get to the tips without further ado.

"Horizon Chase"

If you're looking for the simpler age of racing games, where fast driving was just about everything there was, Horizon Chase is for you. It's a simple setup with a wide selection of tracks and cars based on the classics of the 80s and 90s.

The graphics are simple yet responsive, crisp, and colorful 3D reinterpretations of classic 16-bit sprite-based racing games. I wish it had a multiplayer option, but it's hard to beat for close, technical races with a wonderful atmosphere! Players get free access to some titles, and when writing, they can unlock the entire game for $ 3.

"Alto's Adventure"

Alto's Adventure takes the simple construction of an "endless runner" game, revealing all aspects from the simple yet gripping graphics to the cold Music and super-fluid animation. At first glance, the game seems to be basic. But as you expand your repertoire of snowboarding moves and techniques (and get a grip on slip physics), you'll find an amazing variety of 2D levels.

You can play the entire game for free, but you can unlock characters faster with in-app purchases – this one gets you all for $ 10. The sequel Alto's Odyssey is extremely similar, with a wider variety of environments and obstacles.


Fans of the console and PC game, No Man's Sky, in Morphite, also become exotic alien landscapes appreciate knowledge, catalog strange creatures and collect supplies. Randomly generated worlds are appealing in their own right, but Morphite also focuses more on its story and more platform elements to prevent you from investing.

The low-poly 3D graphics are simple and should only be run on any hardware. You can play the first two missions for free and unlock the entire game for $ 5. There are some paid options for additional vehicles and tools.

"Monument Valley"

This is a so-called "instant classic". Monument Valley has much in common with the platform and puzzles of the indie renaissance on the PC, but it was designed from the ground up for mobile gamers.

You control a single character that moves on three-dimensional stages that look as if they were created by MC Escher. It focuses on puzzles and atmosphere about action. Currently, the main game costs $ 4, with $ 2 in-app purchases for newer level packs. The sequel, which extends the original and adds a new character, costs $ 5.

"Mini Metro"

The formal language of subway maps is incredibly appealing. Mini Metro takes these pictures and turns them into a puzzle game. Players build and expand subway systems that are loosely based on a wide range of real cities.

It has a lot to do with management games like SimCity just downsized and laser-focused. Multiple game modes meet your need for casual games or challenges, and you get everything for just $ 1 when writing.

"Wayward Souls"

If Wayward Souls reminds you very much of Dark Souls well, that's the point. Aside from the top-down, 2D setup and pixelated graphics, this rogue fighting game has its inspiration on its sleeve. That's not a bad thing – especially if you're looking for something with a steep learning curve and surprisingly varied battles.

The touch screen controls are surprisingly tight, but if you want something more specific, it is compatible with external controllers as well. At the moment, the game costs $ 7 and there are no in-app purchases.

"Card Crawl"

Mobile trading card games are generally a thinly-wrapped case to see which players can spend the most. But not Card Crawl! It's a single-player game in which you're against a … I'm not sure what that thing is in the tavern. Anyway, the stacking element is reminiscent of solitaire, some interesting strategic battles and decks are building up. You can play through the tutorial and some missions for free. At the moment, you can unlock the entire game for $ 5.


If you have not played any of the countless versions of 2048 you certainly know someone who has them. Those who enjoy the grid-based puzzles should try the original – Threes .

Sliding tiles can be summarized in a small grid and require precise planning. But it is the character in the small numbers that makes Threes better than his imitators. You will not believe how appealing a small, grinning square can be with "384" above. The game currently costs $ 6, but there is also a free advertising version.


Technically Reigns is a card game, but that's not the point – it's an endless series of small decisions involving a fictional kingdom. They make royal decrees in a yes-no way and cancel decisions like Tinder profiles.

Your tiny feudal ruler will inevitably die, but you can continue the story as heir to the throne and all sorts of results from a explore the king's life. The game costs only $ 3 (at the moment) with no in-app purchases. If you're more of a queen, try the sequel Reigns: Her Majesty . There is also a Game of Thrones version, in which the gameplay is adapted to the HBO series.

"99 Bricks: Wizard Academy"

This unique shot to Tetris turns the puzzle upside down. The task of the player is to build a tower instead of removing lines. The formula is also confused by "opponents" – other sorcerers who throw ice blocks and oversized blocks in the way. You can counter that with your spells.

As a new variant of a timeless classic, this manages to expand the familiar gameplay in an interesting way. It's free to try to remove ads with an in-app purchase of $ 1 (at the time of writing).

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