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10 no-root mods for the Galaxy Note 20 that everyone should try «Android :: Gadget Hacks

The Snapdragon version of the Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra – the one sold in the US – cannot be rooted. Without root, the degree of adjustment is limited. Such a large group of Android users shouldn’t and don’t have to miss any mods.

A number of third-party apps and from Samsung can help you take better advantage of the Galaxy Note 20’s software experience. These rootless tools help to drastically change the look and feel of a user interface or add new features that are not available by default. Some require ADB which is easier to use these days and won’t blow the e-fuse in your Galaxy. And unlike root, there̵

7;s less to worry about as these mods won’t harm your phone.

1. Get custom system-wide designs

Would you like to change the look of the software? With a custom theme, you can change everything from the color scheme to the font style of both apps and the system user interface. Imagine changing the font style of all the text to Arial Black to wrap your head around it. How different would your phone look? This is just one of many changes that themes can make.

Galaxy Themes is preinstalled on your Galaxy Note 20, an engine that can significantly change the user interface. However, the themes are limited in design and far too many cost something. This is where Hex Installer comes in.

Hex Installer is a Substratum-like theme engine specially designed for Galaxy devices with One UI. It uses the expansive power of the Galaxy themes to apply its themes, which most would agree to be superior to those on the Galaxy Themes Store.

Galaxy Themes allow the color scheme to be applied to all of the pre-installed apps on your Galaxy Note 20, including Samsung-made apps and many of the most popular apps on the Play Store. First, check out our in-depth tutorial linked below.

2. Bring back the notification sticker & More

Prior to Android 5.0 Lollipop, the first few lines of notification text were scrolled across the status bar, so you can quickly see the alert without disrupting your activity. Unfortunately, Android has since introduced pop-up notifications in the versions. But developer Tom Bayley has a way to bring the ticker back.

Super Status Bar is a free app that can, among other things, change all heads-up notifications in a ticker style. Since you need to send ADB commands, we recommend you read our tutorial to enable this feature.

But that’s not all. The super status bar allows you to replace the status bar with a custom one, which opens up even more possibilities. This includes changing the style in iOS or MIUI and rearranging the order in which status bar icons appear. It requires the Pro version for $ 1.99, but what you get is well worth it.

3. One stop shop for customizing galaxies

One of the best modding tools for your Galaxy Note 20 is Good Lock. The app created by Samsung is actually a series of apps, each related to a different system function.

The collection of Good Lock mods currently comprises eight apps:

  1. LockStar This option allows you to customize the lock screen style.
  2. QuickStar This option allows you to add custom colors and more to Quick Settings.
  3. Task changer changes the overview menu.
  4. Clock face Changes the clock on the constantly on view and lock screen.
  5. MultiStar Improves the split-screen mode.
  6. NavStar changes the buttons and colors of the navigation bar with three buttons.
  7. At home improves the One UI home screen launcher.
  8. NotiStar shows the hidden notification log.

After installing Good Lock, tap each of the modules on the main menu to install them. After installation, the apps can only be accessed via Good Lock.

4. Audio improvements

Would you like to get more out of the audio experience of your Galaxy Note 20? With the SoundAssistant app you can. The app created by Samsung offers various sound-related improvements.

With it you can switch to a vertical volume control. Increase (or decrease) the number of steps in the volume slider, Play two different videos at the same time, and much more.

5. Customize the volume control panel

If you don’t look for it specifically, you often overlook the volume panel’s design and features. Press the volume up or down button and a menu will indicate this. What more do you need visual? But what if you don’t like the overall design of the Volume Panel? For those users, Ultra Volume is here to help.

Ultra Volume allows you to completely change the appearance of the volume control panel. Developer Treydev included designs from other skins and OEMs such as Oxygen OS, Paranoid Android, and iOS. Even if you want to keep the One UI theme, you can customize it by changing the colors. The app also allows you to add features such as: B. expand the volume window completely by default.

6. Create beautiful custom widgets

Widgets have been a part of Android since their inception. However, their design hasn’t changed as much as the rest of the system. For most apps, the widget seems to be an afterthought that offers the most minimal of functionality in a boring design. Instead of relying on developers, you can make your own with KWGT Kustom Widget Maker.

KWGT lets you download custom widget designs or create your own. The app is free, but we strongly recommend purchasing the Pro Key. You can use widget templates from any developer instead of a small selection. First, check out our guide on how to add the new iOS 14 widgets to your Note 20.

7. Improve your mobile game

Your Galaxy Note 20 comes pre-installed with Game Launcher, an app that organizes and monitors your mobile gaming experience by monitoring the CPU temperature, connecting to Discord, and performing some other functions. It’s actually pretty limited, but it can be better. By downloading plugins, you add additional functions to further improve your gaming experience.

Game plugins is a collection of plugins that affect the gaming experience. As with Good Lock, downloading the app lists a number of apps that you install by selecting from the list and selecting “Install” on the Galaxy Store page. That way you only install what you want and nothing more.

At the time of this writing, the game plugins include the following:

  1. Game Booster Plus Here you can choose different settings for each game.
  2. Perf Z. Displays a real-time FPS counter, CPU and GPU usage, and temperature.
  3. Daily limits sets an allowance for mobile gaming.
  4. Music box can set a timer for events or during a long loading screen.
  5. Gif creator This option allows you to create GIFs of your gaming session.

8. Change the S Pen Air Commands menu

For pen users, Samsung has created a new app to customize the Air Commands menu. Part of the Good Lock family (but its own app), Pentastic allows you to reduce the size of the Air Command menu. You can remove the icon labels, create a circle, and more. There are also tools to change the size and shape of the pointer when your S Pen is over the display.

9. Add a music visualizer to the gesture bar

A great mod for music lovers is Muviz, an app that puts a visualizer over the gesture bar. Now when you listen to music, the sound below will be animated. It gives a cool effect to your phone and can be customized with different styles and colors.

  • Play Store Link: Muviz (free)

10. Organize your notifications

If you are someone who gets a lot of notifications throughout the day, this mod is for you. Spren Notification Manager organizes alerts into a category screen, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

In the notification shadow, Spren groups all incoming notifications into a category. Selecting it will open the main page of Spren, where you can find all of the notifications you’ve recently received. You can then interact with the alerts as in the notification shadow.

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