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10 Reasons Why Your Android Battery Is Slowly Charging and How to Fix It

  Charging the Android Battery

You can remember a time when charging your phone did not last all night. In those golden days, your Android's battery gauge has evolved from a pixel-sized red stripe to a bold green bar in fifteen minutes. Nowadays, your bad phone needs some time to recharge, and you're constantly switching from one charging session to the next. Or maybe your phone has always been a crawl charger that keeps your friends' devices constantly in the dust diagnostic microscope and get to the bottom of the problem of slow charging. Your phone is likely to be suffering from one of these ten complaints, and we'll show you how to fix it if possible.

We will tackle these problems in about the order of decreasing probability most common offender.

10 Reasons Why Your Android Battery Is Slowly Charged

1. You have a faulty cable.

  USB-C port. Black and orange cables.

If your phone is charging slowly, always check the USB cable first. It's pretty understandable to think about the signs of wear that your simple USB cable goes through in your everyday life. Many people use the same charger that came with their device for years without knowing that USB cables are easily beaten.

USB cables are dropped, bent, entered, and stay in the car when it burns or freezes. Insert and unplug your devices daily. Note that USB cables are less robust than your device's port . When the going gets tough, your cable is broken rather than the connection of your phone, since the cable is much easier (and cheaper) to exchange. For this reason, manufacturers deliberately design USB cables to avoid the greatest wear.

Mostly it's the fault of the USB cable phone anymore? It just turns out to be frustrating, as if there was no reason? Look at the front end of the connector. You will find several tiny prongs of relatively soft metal. You should ensure that they are not bent or damaged as they may damage your handset.

In short, a USB cable can cause many problems. Grab a new USB cable and you're ready to go. This and that alone probably accounts for 90 percent of slow loading issues.

. 2 You have a low power source

  Huawei P30 Pro Wireless Backward (49 of 60)

Using your PC to charge your phone will cause your phone to charge very slowly. Even with USB 3.0, the default power output is only .9A (.5mA for USB 2.0). This is the case in ideal circumstances – damage to your USB cable or to the connectors can reduce the energy flow.

If you use wireless charging (or even wireless backwards charging), you can also start getting a nice glacier charge compared to a wall outlet. Nobody argues that wireless charging is not cool – that's it for sure – but we're bumping into physics and security at this point. In short, connecting the phone is quicker.

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Yes, there is your solution. Many device owners use inefficient methods because they only think that "loading is loading". The quickest way to recharge the battery, however, is to use a special charger and physically connect the device. In this case, the problem may be in the wiring of your home (if it is a very old building).

. 3 You have a bad adapter.

  The Huawei Mate 20 Pro Charger.

Yes, this little blocky thing stuck in the wall. Maybe a shock made it a bit shaky or it was thrown around during a movement. Once again, this device is more likely to carry the brunt of a trauma than your phone, so they are not usually the most rugged small devices. Grab a new one and recharge it at full speed.

. 4 Your phone may be old

It can be a touchy subject, but it may be time to update your device. Modern smartphones have processors that support faster charging, and some devices are equipped with turbochargers. If your phone charges slower than other devices, this may be your problem.

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Even if you have a solid phone that you know was used earlier Load faster (not just compared to your peers), the sad reality is that things are falling apart. The center does not stop. Hardware is falling apart. The falcon can not hear the falconer, and phones are not immune to the unstoppable pull of entropy, which drags everything into the ultimate heat death of the universe.

Basically considering buying a new phone. They have a bad battery

 Details of Google Pixel 3 Batteries

There have been many cases where manufacturers have issued recalls for whole batches of batteries. Search online to see if your phone model contains a faulty battery and if you can get a replacement from your provider. As with your phone in general, even batteries are old and bad.

Unfortunately, most modern smartphones no longer offer user-replaceable batteries. That is, when the cells in your device begin to die, you either have to break the handset or send it to a dealer or the OEM to replace the battery.

6. The enemy is you

Look in the mirror, because it's time for a self-observation. How addicted are you to Facebook? Do you have a problem with Candy Crush Saga? Do you usually play with your phone while it is charging?

A surprising number of smartphone users are unaware that the biggest power drain on the phone's battery is the screen. If you keep the great display lit up with the high-definition YouTube drama, the battery will be consumed even when your phone picks it up. If you combine this with any of the above problems, you may be using the battery faster than your phone can pick it up.

If you need a quick charge on your phone, take a break while it's on the charger.

. 7 Background apps strain your battery

 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Apps (12 of 13)

Although your screen is the biggest battery sucker, some sneaky apps may be running in the background The battery is constantly discharging so the phone charges slower. Does your phone not only feel that the charging process is slow, but also faster than before? In this case, there may be a problem.

Apps on Android often start themselves or run in the background after being opened for a moment. Although this used to be a bigger problem than it is today – Android is getting better and better at managing resources efficiently – one or two fraudulent apps can negatively impact your phone's performance.

The easiest solution is to grab a good task manager and check it regularly to see what's going on when it should not be. If you find an app that does not behave properly, uninstall it and see if the battery life and charging speed have improved in the next few days.

. 8 Your USB port is clogged.

 Samsung Galaxy A50 USB C Port

Your phone is in your bag or handbag all day long, rattling with all kinds of lint, dust and particles. With a USB connection, it often happens that a small part of the waste is in it. If you've plugged in your charger without realizing it, it may have bagged the obstacle even deeper. This can result in your charger not making good connections anything that should not be in there. If you see something that obviously does not belong, grab a thin, pointed object and try to remove it carefully. Do you remember the board game Operation as a child? We are here in such an area. Be very careful not to damage any of the components of the connector, as this may cause a bigger problem than presently.

I recommend using a plastic toothpick (not wood) if you can find one. Alternatively, you can give your port a good scrub with a dry, brand new toothbrush to make sure it is not clogged.

. 9 Your USB port is damaged.

Oh man. We were hoping that this is not the case. If you've made it this far and your phone still does not charge properly, you may have broken or bent a pin in your phone's USB port. At this time, you should really consider bringing your phone to a specialist for repair. If you've taken out insurance from your wireless service provider, you may be able to fix this problem inexpensively or for free. Bring your phone to a store and get a quote for a repair order.

10th Your USB port is corroded.

 Google Pixel 3a XL-USB-C connector

Yes, there may be corrosion due to sweat or moisture. Corrosion is a particularly serious minor problem as it creates a film over the connection hardware that prevents proper charging. Worse, if you can not get rid of it, it can still engulf your device and cause you more problems.

Taking the life of your phone in your own hands is a risky business.

Once again, you should really think about professional help at this point. In the future, there is a risk that the warranty of your phone will be invalidated and the device will be seriously damaged. However, if you choose to take care of your phone's life, and you're familiar with disassembling and assembling mobile devices, you should know that many corrosion problems can only be solved with white vinegar and alcohol.

Disassemble your device to expose the corrosion area. The subtleties of this process go beyond the scope of this article and vary from device to device. If you have not already done so and the phrase "disassemble your device" does not stutter your stomach, take your phone with you to a specialist. For those who are developing, most of the corrosion can be removed with a cotton bud dabbed in distilled white vinegar. Rub away the visible corrosion with a light touch, taking care that no vinegar gets into the non-corroded areas. I probably do not have to say that, but it's bad to get vinegar in your phone.

If you've covered the corrosion with vinegar, wait five to eight minutes and then use the tip of a paper towel to remove the vinegar. Repeat this process until no corrosion is detected. Dab the area with alcohol at the tip of a cotton swab and let it air dry for half an hour. Put your phone back together and you're ready to go!

  Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and Google Chargers Side By Side

Phew, I think that almost covers it. If you get a slow charge, I hope you have found the solution you needed on this list. And I hope you did not have to sit around with all the parts of your phone like a mobile autopsy.

Did we miss something? Did you experience problems with charging batteries that are not listed in this list? Do you have a better solution to one of the problems listed above? Let us know in the comments!

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