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10 ways to recycle your phone



Humanity is capable of incredible things. From stone tools to amazing computers that fit in our pockets, we're also great at destroying this planet we call home. But it gets serious, and at some point we have to do something.

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Most of us do not really know How much of e-waste is this really? What happens to those old phones we hoard and throw away after living in a drawer for years? The first thought would be to throw it in the bin, but this mentality has serious consequences for our environment.

For starters, smartphones and other electronic materials have material that you do not want to leave lying around in the dump. These include PBC, lead, mercury, nickel, arsenic and more. According to Causes International according to a report by the United Nations University, 41.8 million tons of electronic waste were produced worldwide … only in 2014. That's a lot of garbage. Unfortunately, there are no updated electronic waste numbers for 2014, but it is certainly much bigger.

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It seems that the US is the main force contributor that struck China by more than one million tonnes. To make matters worse, our recycling rate seems fairly low (29 percent for the US in 2012), and that's something we need to change, especially given the mobile industry continues to grow.

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The best solution is recycling. We thought we would offer a list of good options if you need to get rid of old phones. D "Just throw them in the trash!"

Does it work? Let it be used by another user!

Is the phone still usable? It's best to recycle it by either selling it or handing it over to someone who needs it. Remember that someone else's rubbish can be the treasure. Ask family and friends if this old phone is something they need.

This is really the best way to recycle something. Just keep it alive and prevent someone from buying another phone that goes straight to the landfill.

Or keep using it …

You do not like the idea of ​​releasing your valuable devices? There are always ways to reuse your old smartphones. I've heard of people who have made it out with surveillance cameras with internet access, music players, temporary travel phones, gaming devices, remote controls and more. Your options are endless, if this is a smartphone. And if it's old enough, the cool hipster friend might love to use it!

Call 2 Recycle

Call 2 Recycle has been around since the early nineties, something not many other organizations offer. They also helped eliminate over 100 million pounds of waste, and this year they are approaching 6.5 million pounds of recycled batteries.

It's free, and although you do not make any money with it, at least you know how to help your planet Just use the tool to the recycling site to find a participating center in your area. They are everywhere (in the US), so you will not have a problem finding a center.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Life at the front can not be easy, and I bet it's not easy for ours Military men and women are so far from home. Mobile phones for soldiers support troops calling home for free. Over 3 million business cards were distributed over 216 million minutes. On the official website, you can learn everything about donating phones or funds. Click the button below to see all details.

 cellphones-for-soldiers [19659015] Recyclin for Charities

I do not know about you, but if I give something for free, I think that this is a good thing and not just one Company that earns more money. Recycling for charities is a great way to do something good for the community by serving great cause. They help a wealth of organizations and always have a charity. And if you run a charity, you can even sign up to get help!

 Recycling for charities


We can call Verizon everything we want for all its garbage practices, but if their hope-line campaign does not push your heart, I think that we should go in there and look for it. The goal of Big Red's telephone recycling campaign is to make money by earning donated phones and using profits to end domestic violence. It's certainly a great thing, and one that I know will touch the hearts of many of us.

Hope Phones

We are lucky enough to have enough technology to throw away. At least this is the approach of Medic Mobile's Hope Phones. Their idea is to get money from cell phones that could be resold or that are safe that can not be salvaged. These funds help them to support health programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They claim that every donated phone will provide 10 new phones to health workers in 21 countries.


Best Buy

Most of you probably have a Best Buy nearby, which means you also have a very easy way to safely recycle your electronics. The popular electronics retailer always has containers for recycling right outside the front gates. They have already disposed of over a billion pounds of electronics properly, which is a tremendous achievement. It's certainly nice to see a company trying to help, right? Not really a good thing, but it still helps the environment and will make donating your cell phones a snap because Best Buy is everywhere.

Donate it to a zoo?

According to People of Tree Hugger, there are many zoos accepting smartphones as donations. This is because the used and remanufactured smartphone business can be lucrative, but at least you know that this money will be used for a good cause.

Some of the participating zoos appear to be the Atlanta Zoo, the Toronto Zoo, the Oakland Zoo and others. Just check if there's a similar campaign going on in your local zoo!

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Donation to Oxfam

Oxfam is a UK-based organization aiming to fight poverty. They will try to save, repair and sell used equipment. This money is then used to buy water tanks, wells, tools, textbooks, and other basic necessities for those who are not so lucky to have plenty of them.


You may have noticed a pattern in this list; None of the campaigns listed earn money. And if so, then use it for a good cause. OK, that's not true – Best Buy earns some money, but "just yet". It's not really a business they want to make a fortune with. The reason I mentioned here is that it is a very cheap recycling site, and many of us are very often in these stores.

Apart from that, all of these are good reasons. And that's what recycling is all about, right? It's not nice to have a good cause for any business just to make money from it. These are some great ways to dispose of your technology. If your device is in good condition and you prefer to sell some money (which is really another form of recycling), we have a guide for you.

Do any of you have these recycling programs in the past? How did the process go?

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