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11 Reasons Not to Skip on AppleCare + When Buying a New iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

In the beginning, AppleCare + seems to be an expensive option to stick to your already expensive iPhone X S X S Max, X ] R or another model iPhone. However, if you dig deeper, you will see that its intimidating price fades compared to the fees you pay if you need to repair your premium device outside the one-year warranty.

As durable as iPhones are in everyday use, they are far from indestructible. Since the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone X, Apple has used metal-reinforced glass cases that were first seen on the iPhone 4. While truly an eye-catcher, the 201

8 iPhones are as susceptible to shocks as its glass-enclosed predecessors.

That's why AppleCare + has become an even more attractive option as it provides an extra layer of protection and ensures that you do not go bankrupt if you break your $ 1,000 device. So, if you're still on the fence, buy AppleCare + for this iPhone X S X S Max, X R [19659002] or whatever you plan to buy, read on to find out why Apple's protection plan is worth buying.

Before delving deep into AppleCare +, please note that all listed prices exclude taxes and fees unless stated otherwise. and subject to change without notice. If you purchased a device through the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, AppleCare + is required on all listed devices. Finally, all prices quoted were obtained from Apple's official website.

. 1 AppleCare + Covers Does Not Repair the Warranty

If you're new to AppleCare +, it's a protection plan that extends your iPhone's standard one-year limited warranty. The regular one-year warranty that comes with your iPhone is fairly limited and only covers defects. However, the warranty does not protect your device from physical damage, which can lead to accidents, and Apple's standard rates apply when it is returned to an Apple location for repair.

This is where AppleCare + comes into play, while it costs two extra years of coverage on your iPhone X [194559006] X S Max, X R or another iPhone model, you I'll be better prepared when a disaster occurs. With AppleCare +, you get an extra level of protection that is independent of your warranty. Not only does this give you priority access to Apple experts, it also gives you significant discounts on repairs. The plan includes:

  • Apple hardware coverage including physical damage from accidents.
  • 24/7 priority access to Apple Support.
  • Software troubleshooting and support
  • Express Replacement Service

2. There are now two AppleCare + plans to choose from

AppleCare + now offers troubleshooting and repair as well as an optional plan to protect your iPhone X S X S [19659003] Max, iPhone X R or another iPhone model against theft and loss. With the aptly named AppleCare + with Theft and Loss, the extended protection plan provides optimized service in the event that your device is lost or stolen.

With the insurance policy of your mobile service provider, you must all file the necessary papers, such as police reports, to process your claim. But with AppleCare +, with theft and loss, it's much easier to replace your lost and stolen device, leaving only the "Find my iPhone" feature turned on if it was lost or stolen for control purposes.

You must also delete, disable, and transfer ownership of the lost or stolen iPhone before releasing it for a replacement device. Once you're done, you'll need to complete your claim to Insurance Company Assurant, which is the same procedure you would go through if you filed an application with your airline's insurance policy.

Remember that you will do that you still have to pay a deductible when you file a claim with your AppleCare + with Theft and Loss Plan to replace your lost or stolen iPhone. The deductibles for each iPhone model is as follows:

  • iPhone 7: $ 199
  • iPhone 7 Plus: $ 229
  • iPhone 8 $ 199
  • iPhone 8 Plus: $ 229
  • iPhone X R : $ 229
  • iPhone X : $ 269
  • iPhone X S Max: $ 269

3. AppleCare + may be the cheaper option in the long run

With AppleCare +, you can claim up to two service claims per year, which can save you a lot of money if you want to break your device.

For example: If you have repaired the screen on your iPhone X S or X S Max twice in a year, for $ 29, your Covering AppleCare + would amount to a total of $ 257 The price tag of the $ 199 plan was pinned. In comparison, repairs done with Apple will result in costs of $ 329 for the X S Max and $ 279 for the XS for a single screen repair.

If you go the route route, these repair shops charge you even more for the same service and can range from $ 239 to $ 395 for an iPhone X screen replacement. This will cost you $ 478 to $ 790 if you need to replace your screen twice. Here is the full price list for the original AppleCare + plan, with no theft and loss protection, regardless of your wireless service provider and the storage capacity of your iPhone:

Of course, Apple can also do a repair on an iPhone with more than one broken component nice cent, if you have done without AppleCare +. If you destroy the screen and the back glass on your iPhone X S Max for example, Apple will charge you $ 549 for the repair or replacement of the device, compared to $ 99 if you Having an AppleCare + Plan

So it goes without saying that an AppleCare + plan is a must if you have a poor track record of keeping your iPhone in good shape. For a detailed price list of Apple paid repair services, tap the link below to find out more.

. 4 AppleCare + can be paid in installments

If you can not pre-pay for both AppleCare + and AppleCare + with theft and loss, Apple gives you the option to pay the protection in monthly installments that may take up to months. Keep in mind that you will pay more because of the taxes and other fees associated with each monthly payment.

For example, the monthly fee of $ 12.99 for AppleCare + with Theft and Loss to cover your iPhone X R will total $ 311.76 if all said and is done, compared to $ 229 (plus taxes) if you paid the plan in advance. Even if the taxes are up to 15% ($ 34.35), the prepayment for the plan will still be cheaper and cost around $ 263.35

Please note that if you bought your iPhone with Apple iPhone upgrade program, only the total cost of the AppleCare + plan divided by 24 months, because Apple charged for AppleCare + no longer every month at the IUD.

AppleCare + automatically enters into force on the day of purchase of the plan, which you can purchase for up to 60 days after purchasing your iPhone S X S Max, X R or another iPhone model. So, if you bought your iPhone on December 1, you have until January 30 to buy AppleCare + to keep it safe. If you pre-order your iPhone with AppleCare +, the plan will be activated as soon as you receive the device.

. 5 Third party repairs may cause further problems along the way

Undoubtedly, repairing your iPhone in your neighborhood repair shop has benefits such as: For example, shorter turnaround times and walk-in service without having to schedule a consultation. Apple, on the other hand, is more methodical about maintaining your iPhone and asks you to first request a service and make an appointment.

You may want to reconsider it before repairing your iPhone -partician, as it can cause headaches for you in the long run. In fact, the last disaster that iPhones repaired by unauthorized vendors came in the form of devices that were repaired using third-party monitors that had lost touch after upgrading to iOS 11.3 (many reported the problem as far as iOS 11) ).

A third-party display for the iPhone 6 S .

As it turns out, iOS 11 is classified as a third party. Party ads are not compatible, resulting in the touch screen not registering any touches. Apple has since resolved this issue with iOS 11.3.1, though it remains a valuable lesson to have only Apple and Apple authorized dealers repair their broken iPhone to ensure smooth sailing even long after the repair.

. 6 Repairs turnaround times are faster

Apple is known for having very long turnaround times for repairs, and it's not uncommon for people to wait for hours while their device is being serviced. Fortunately, Apple has made a change in the way diagnostics and repair are performed, which will significantly reduce throughput times.

In the past, Apple and Apple authorized service centers needed bulky electronic devices to diagnose newly repaired iPhones. Check the full functionality before returning them to customers. 3D Touch (available on the iPhone 6 S up, minus the iPhone X R ) relied in particular on the calibration hardware to ensure that it performed perfectly for longer repair times.

Fortunately, Apple has abandoned the expensive hardware it has relied on over the years for a sleeker software-based diagnostic tool for properly calibrating sensitive components such as Touch ID, and will not only lower prices. Rationalize repairs for shorter turnaround times. According to iMore, Apple has recently made an official announcement to its service centers:

Apple is pleased to announce that we have optimized the display calibration for your iPhone September 17, 3D Touch Calibration Fixtures are no longer needed to complete display repairs for iPhone 6 S and later. We have optimized the calibration process with software. This means that we can now calibrate a repaired iPhone by simply connecting (editing) the instrument to our calibrations and diagnostics without running it through a separate mix …… Above all, it saves time for you and our customers.

– iMore

7. You do not have to go to Apple to buy AppleCare +

You do not have to go to an Apple store to get the plan, and you can either get online or by phone. To purchase AppleCare + in both ways, you need to have Apple run a remote diagnostics on your iPhone to make sure it's working properly. You will also need to provide either the serial number of your iPhone or a proof of purchase for verification purposes.

. 8 You can still use AppleCare + if your iPhone is broken

Although a bit sketchy, it is still worth noting that you can still get AppleCare + online or over the phone, even if your iPhone is physically damaged. For example, if your iPhone's screen has cracked, there is a chance that the damage will go unnoticed during Apple's remote diagnostics.

And if that's the case, you can immediately buy AppleCare + and make an appointment. Repair your device at the nearest Apple location for a substantial discount – minus the original price for AppleCare + itself. In addition, your device is now complete and you can claim up to two claims per year to make sure your iPhone will never be in a bad condition for long.

9. You do not need to buy AppleCare + right away

As mentioned earlier, Apple gives you time to decide whether to get AppleCare + for your iPhone, even after you've purchased the device. The company grants you up to 60 days to receive the protection plan if you choose the right one. So, if you bought an iPhone X S Max on December 1, you either have AppleCare + or AppleCare + with theft and loss by January 30 of the following year to protect your device ,

10th AppleCare + is transferable

AppleCare + can be transferred, not as you had imagined. Unfortunately, you can not transfer an existing AppleCare + plan from one iPhone to another, which means that if you choose an iPhone X S you'll have to buy a whole new plan how the existing cover on your iPhone X is not transferred.

Instead, the transfer process is essentially ownership, with Apple giving you the ability to sell or give away your device with its intact protection plan. So if you're sharing or selling your device to someone else, you have the option to transfer the AppleCare + plan to the new owner or cancel it altogether and get a partial refund (more on that below)

If you Pay for AppleCare + on a monthly basis and transfer the plan to someone else, they need to pick up the tab to get the remaining coverage. It's worth noting that in order to get started with the transfer process, you'll need to hand over paperwork like your AppleCare + service contract, proof of purchase and plan confirmation, among other things, to the new owner. Of course, you must also contact Apple and inform the company about the change of ownership.

Pursuant to Section 9 of the Terms of Service for AppleCare +, your rescheduled service plan will be canceled immediately if the owner fails to make a monthly payment. What is unclear, however, is who would receive the partial refund, if given at all. We've contacted Apple to resolve this issue and are waiting for an answer. Once we have a concrete answer, we will check it again. So check back regularly.

. 11 You can stop AppleCare + at any time

Apple gives you the flexibility to charge your AppleCare + or AppleCare + with theft and loss at any time without penalties. On the contrary, Apple grants you a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your coverage, provided you have paid the full amount. For example, if you cancel your plan after exactly one year, Apple will provide you with a refund of approximately $ 100 (plus or minus fees) for the remaining time.

If you pay monthly, you can simply cancel your AppleCare + by not paying the monthly amount to automatically remove it, or contact Apple directly to cancel your plan in advance. If you choose the latter, your plan ends on the last day of the month for which you paid. According to section 8.2 of the General Terms and Conditions for AppleCare +:

Unless local law provides otherwise, the cancellation will be made by midnight of the last day of the month to which the last month applies, if you have paid in advance. reset payment was paid. Your failure to make a monthly payment on time and in full will be considered an expression of your intention to cancel your plan according to the schedule described in this section.

– Apple

Please note that you are on the Apple iPhone upgrade program and pay extra to have AppleCare + with theft and loss in addition to your free AppleCare +. If you cancel the previous program, Apple will issue refunds (if any) to the bank that gave you the loan as described in Section 8. iPhone Upgrade Program Terms and Conditions

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