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12 Creative Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Cheat On A Test «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

You see, testing is not fun, and messing up is rarely an option. Whether you are eager to learn or lazy, every now and then needs a little buoyancy. While the students have found ways to cheat as long as tests have passed, the invention of smartphones has greatly enhanced the potential to be creative.

Of course every situation is different. Sometimes a smartphone can be used during a test, which opens up many opportunities to cheat. However, many tests completely block smartphones, which means you need to be a little smart with your techniques. Here are twelve ways to test your test using your trusted iPhone or Android device.

Disclaimer: This article is for fun. Gadget Hacks does not encourage its readers to cheat on their tests.

. 1
Lock your settings for "Do Not Disturb"

Especially when testing cheats requires a high level of stealth. Do not steal your cover by turning off your phone in the middle of an exam. To make sure the phone does not inform the entire room that it is being used, make sure all notifications are mute, not just "vibrate". You do not want your professor to hear the distinct sound of a text vibration as he or she walks past your desk.

There are a variety of ways to silence your phone, especially between iPhones and Android devices. The safest way is to use your phone's Do Not Disturb settings. If the Do Not Disturb feature is on, the phone will not vibrate and receive notifications automatically, even without activating the display.

Make sure you immerse yourself in the settings. DND is not idiot-proof, especially on iOS. Pay attention to settings such as "Allow calls from" to initiate calls from specific contacts. If you are not careful, your phone could betray you.

2. Telephone with a Friend

Although it may not be the "most creative" option, this ancient classic looks like a charm (as long as you're not caught). Giving a friend questions on a test is quick, and reduces the risk and time-consuming way to google the answers.

If you want to increase your speed, consider a swipe gesture keyboard like Gboard. You're already familiar to Android users, but if you're an uninitiated on iOS, it may help you avoid detection.

3. Ask Your Digital Assistant

If you think you do not have a friend at your disposal, you're wrong – whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you have a digital assistant to guide you helps to answer your questions may ask. There is a problem – saying "Hey, Siri" or "Okay Google" is a total giveaway you plan to do. What can you do?

Thankfully, you do not have to talk to your digital assistant to talk to your digital assistant. You can always enter either Siri or Google Assistant for a quick response to "What year was Rome founded?" To obtain. or "How many moons does Jupiter have?" Android has this option available by default (just tap the keyboard icon in the wizard interface), but you'll need to change some settings to turn them on in iOS.

A Word of Warning – Your assistant text will be silent, but her answer may not be. Google Assistant responds unattended when you tap it. However, if your iPhone's volume settings are not disabled, Siri will not shy away from screaming the answer to your specific test question. If you do not want the entire room to control you and your phone, make sure Siri mutes before you start the test.

. 4 Take a photo of the question with Sokratic

This is the next thing you can ever experience to experience magic. Socratic, available for iOS and Android, allows you to take a test question and respond in real-time . The app uses machine learning from millions of sources to get the job done, and it really works. Whether it's a math, chemistry or even a history problem, take a photo with Sokratic and you'll have your answer in no time.

PhotoMath works the same way except that the app only works for math problems. If your test is not just math, you should stay with Sokratic.

. 5 Schedule Notifications with Responses

Suppose your professor allows you to use the calculator app on your phone for your test, but nothing more. You may not want to risk switching apps for fear you'll get caught. How can you stay on screen while receiving additional information during the test?

Simple – Schedule alerts with test responses in advance. You can quickly access information from the notification banner without leaving the approved application. If you want to insert a complete cheat sheet, you can preview the notification and quickly close it when prying eyes lurk near your phone.

How to submit this information is entirely up to you – you can use it with something that's built into your device, such as yours. For example, a reminder or a calendar application. If you want to have fun, you can download applications that allow you to schedule emails or texts, such as: For example, Spark for iOS or Do It Later for Android.

. 6 Use a Smart Watch to Your Advantage

While it might be difficult to hide your smartphone during a test, checking your watch may be discreet. Your connected watch can receive scheduled alerts with test responses and store information that you can access manually. It's basically the cheat's dream tool.

Unfortunately, some schools do not play around, ban all watches from exams regardless of their "intelligence". If your school can still handle watches well during the tests, you should do it. All I know is that they might keep an eye on your wrists.

. 7 Listen to recordings with answers

If your professor is "hip" and "with-it", you can listen to music during the exam. Do not be a good person – use your friendliness and listen to recordings with answers to the test.

You can listen to the lectures you have recorded, videos from the topic downloaded from YouTube, or, and probably the best-performing method, an audio recording from you will read answers and tips for the test. Just use a dictation app to read yourself from a cheat sheet, and you'll be fine.

Even better, move the file to your music app and give it the name of an approximately equal song length. That way you can rewind and fast forward the files without worrying about your professor thinking you're doing anything but listening to the same Jethro Tull song over and over again.

If you do not allow headphones during your exam, do not worry – there are many cunning alternatives you can use to sneak under the radar:

8. Hide Test Responses in Disguise

If your professor passes your desk during the exam, you better hope that the only thing open on your phone is what has been approved. However, you can take advantage of this by using an app master to hide the true identity of the content that you want to access during the experiment.

Example: Smart Hide Calculator. The Android App appears at first glance as a standard calculator. If smartphone computers are allowed, your professor should approve this without any problems. What you do not know after entering a password is that "Calculator" will let you access any apps you have hidden there.

Allows you to save cheat sheets and get answers during the entire study period,

Images by Neil Gonzalez / Gadget Hacks

9. Make Your Lock Screen a Cheat Sheet

Whether mobile phones are allowed in the test room or not, no-one will notice a split second on your device. Of course, that's not enough time to unlock your phone to look for answers. So, why unlock your phone at all?

Place your lock screen background image on a picture of your cheat sheet. Formulas, facts, data, tips, tricks, anything you can think of can be readable on your lock screen. The downside here is that if your phone is confiscated, it's a bit difficult to explain why all the answers to your test are just so on your iPhone.

10. Use FaceTime to Collaborate with Classmates in the Room

This may only be possible in a venue, and even then it's incredibly risky. But if you feel like it, grab one or two friends ( or 32, iOS 12 and up) and get your answers. Make sure that you have one or two people in the chat who actually took care of the course.

FaceTime is for iOS only, but you can use any video chat method that works for your group. Alternatively, you can take pictures of your answers and send them to friends to compare and compare results. Again, do so at your own risk – some professors may notice 32 students scanning their tests with their iPhones.

. 11 Tape a cheat sheet to the inside of your phone Case

This is pretty low-tech, but hey, whatever works. Sneaking cheat sheets in tests is an old method, but of course the risk of being caught is relatively high. Given the proliferation of smartphones and their cases the ability to hide a cheat sheet should not be discarded.

How you implement this is up to you and the culture of the test room. If phones are allowed out, it should not be too hard to lift the phone out of the case to reach a peak from time to time. If phones are banned, that gets a bit more complicated. In any case, you might want to look into a phone cover like with a storage compartment on the back. This gives you easy access to your cheat sheet, whether or not you can keep your phone open.


12th Have a plan in case you get caught

Well, I know You will not get caught. You are too smart for that. But even the best ones need a backup plan. You do not want your professor – or a college dean – to look at the damn evidence on your phone. You need a plausible deniability.

If you're using an iPhone X, will teach you how to quickly turn off the face ID so no one can force you to unlock your phone. Even if you do not have a face ID, setting a strong passcode can mean the difference that your professor unlocks all your secrets and that they are unable to prove anything.

At the end of the day, your smartphone is a tool that can help you pass the test that you were "too busy" for. Hey, we do not judge. Just do not tell them where you got the idea.

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