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12 "MacBook for $ 400 from B & H – Review Geek

If you've come up with the idea of ​​buying a new MacBook, but not the idea of ​​earning all those dollars, B & H has a solid deal for you today. You can purchase a mid-2017 12 "Macbook for only $ 800.

Granted, is a base model for specification Macbooks ̵

1; it includes a 1.2GHz Core M3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD. No speed daemon, but macOS is incredibly efficient, so it should still work well on this hardware, especially for those who do not really need much of their computer. Otherwise, you should know that this deal is good only for the gold or rose gold models. So if you're hoping for Silver or Space Gray, you're out of luck – you'll need to buy an extra $ 400 Smackaroos to paint another (so to speak).

But if you're cool, you can press the button below to get one. Hurry, however, this deal ends in 14 hours (at the time of writing).

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