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13 comics that will take you to Comic-Con 2018

It's summer. The school is outside, work has (hopefully) slowed down and even on the weekends you can not hang out on the beach all day. If you're like many other comic book fans, the Comic-Con of San Diego comes first, and you may end up with a new tablet ( Thank You, Prime Day ) or an excuse to check out a stack of paperbacks for the trade.

To guide you through the endless selection of comics available through physical copies, digital versions and subscription services, this list ranges from superheroes to old classics and fresh series that may have flown under yours Radar

So sit back, watch comic-con news (yes, there are still some comics) and enjoy these fantastic comics.

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  Infinity Gauntlet Comic

One can already say that the Infinity War takes a different direction


Infinity Gauntlet

You've seen the Infinity War unfold on the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – why not go back and read the comic that inspired it? Just imagine: Thano's motivation in the original story is a bit … different. Like the narrative-intensive storytelling that Starlin applies throughout the series. It was the standard of its time, but could be an interesting surprise for readers accustomed to the deconstructed storytelling of modern superhero series.

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American-Born Chinese

Today's Gene Yang is known for He wrote the excellent New Super-Man (which unfortunately ended with issue 18), directed the story of the series Avatar: The Last Airbender and served as National Ambassador for Youth Literature in 2016. But if you only read one of Yang's books, read American Born Chinese. It's a great story and a candid, insightful look at the Asian-American experience.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

If you talk about it, check out the avatar: The Last Airbender Comics. With the demise of the Legendary Nickelodeon TV series, there are even more adventures to come, especially if the fans miss the show after the sequel to The Legend of Korra is complete.

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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

Yes, it's more of a comic strip than a comic book, but admit it – you can not say the biggest newspaper strip ever written has been. Whether it's a present for yourself or a present for a younger relative, the timelessness of Bill Watterson's masterpiece makes it an ideal comic for fans of all ages.

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  walkingdead3.jpg "data-original =" https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/uCqnSvR27imtzxOjfz7OrnOgfRc=/620x0/2016/10/20/f1b83893-5a8b-4bcd- 825c-047b37c5502b / walkingdead3.jpg

Yes, Negans better in the comics too.


The Walking Dead

Still watches AMC's adaptation of The Walking Dead? Turn it off and go back to the source. Robert Kirkman's original zombie epic series envisioned the zombie apocalypse in a whole new way – endless. Unlike most tales of the undead, Kirkman's characters had to live with the consequences of the outbreak in the long run – leading them to realize that zombies were not the most frightening threat they would face.

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The Walking Dead could be Robert Kirkman's most famous work, but for superhero fans there is a better option. Imagine that the DC and Marvel universes had never bounced back and restarted, instead allowing time to move forward, while at the same time enjoying a brutality that would definitely put future problems out of the hands of younger readers. This is Invincible – and now, with the release of the 144 series, you can finally immerse yourself and follow the story from start to finish.

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The Adventure Zone: Here's Where Gerblins Are

If you have ever spent a summer with Dungeons and Dragons, you know that tabletop games are a wonderfully funny, adventurous, and fun connection to be with your friends. But you also know that you have to fold character sheets and calculating THACO is a lot of work. Skip the job and read the adventure of the McElroy brothers instead: The comical adaptation of the first arc of the popular Adventure Zone podcast debuts on Tuesday.

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  Godzilla Half-Century War "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/jT3txJ2YpmG5u4RPNBKHm09RZ7g=/620x0/2018/07/ 15 / 698b903d-d731-452d-9944-6cc640bfa362 / godzilla-half-century-war.jpg [19659022] Godzilla Half-Century War

IDW Publishing

Godzilla: War of the Half Century

The author and artist James Stokoe has made a name for himself with his meticulous storytelling and absurdly detailed panels. Seriously, just look at a few of the artworks for Godzilla in Hell. And while Stokoe's recent acquisition of the Aliens franchise has been warmly welcomed, the Godzilla: Half-Century War series remains the best place to summarize decades of Gozilla stories by focusing on those left behind by the radioactive dinosaur Destruction

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Want an epic adventure in a Tolkien-like world filled with kings, dragons, monsters and war? How about a trio of funny-looking cartoon people in a semi-realistic world? While lengthy, interrelated storytelling is the latest craze, you should make Bone available to find a sharp balance between fantastic accessibility and complexity.

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Watch this:

The Best Streaming Service for anime


Death Note

A boy finds a mysterious notebook that gives him the power to kill anyone whose name and face he knows – and the story just gets darker from there. Pretend that the last Netflix adaptation never happens and read the original manga.

Buy Death Note: All-in-One Edition

  My-Hero-Academia-Manga "Data-Original =" https: //cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/ RH3cmpVS4M_Pe1F1-qKgPfgADTY = / 620x0 / 2018 / 07/15 / 71643708-4a16-4804-a3c6-48614aecfe37 / screen-shot-2018-07-15-at-2-22-59-pm.png [19659035] my-hero-academia-manga

VIZ media

My Hero Academia

The most refreshing interpretation of superhero tropics comes not from DC or Marvel, but from the mind of Kouhei Horikoshi and the Japanese manga base Shonen Jump. While the solid anime adaptation of My Hero Academia is available on numerous streaming platforms, it still plays with the story of the manga. Or you can read the first 30 chapters of the manga for free through the US distributor VIZ Media by the end of July.

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The chilling adventures of Sabrina

No, here's neither Melissa Joan Heart nor an amusing snarky-talking cat. The Chilling Adventures by Sabrina presents itself as a horror series, and it's more than delivering on that promise. Think of the witch's line rather than the evil witch of the West. In addition, Sabrina will soon give her Neflix debut:

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  watchmen.jpg "data-original =" https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/sowuI-pBV6mMBzntyrW2IZiyZDg=/620x0 / 2017/01/23 / db1b0ce0-83e8-472c-8199-96869d36be5d / watchmen.jpg

Screenshot by Bonnie Burton / CNET


You thought this list could exist without mentioning Watchmen? It was a turning point for the comics industry, both the mainstream perception of what comics could be, and how writers and artists sharpened their craft. And if you have not been able to make a copy for so long, there's no better time to familiarize yourself with Alan Moore's masterpiece before watching his HBO adaptation .

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