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13 Reasons to Instantly Update Your iPhone on iOS 12 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple officially released iOS 12 for all on September 17, and while the new iPhone X R X S and X S [19659003] Max ships with the software by default, and you can choose to update your current iPhone model from iOS 11 or not. There are many enticing features to be updated right now, but there are some compelling reasons to wait and install them later.

Over the beta of iOS 12, we initially had over 50 serious bugs, and Apple eventually resolved the majority of these issues. However, when the last beta came out before the Golden Master, there were still more than 20 good reasons to avoid iOS 1

2 on your iPhone. Both in the GM build – the last of the beta releases – and the first stable iOS 12 release, Apple has significantly reduced this amount of bugs and issues, but there are still reasons to fall by the wayside.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can go directly into iOS 12 on your iPhone and install it. But if you are a little careful, check the following points to see if you should wait until 12.0.1. or 12.1 release.

. 1 The Shortcuts app is still unavailable

During the beta phase of iOS 12, the new app shortcuts was not available to everyone except a shared list of developers. This was still the case with the iOS 12 GM, essentially the same as the stable iOS 12 release.

The feature could be on its way on Monday, September 17, but we've been waiting long enough, Apple. A sales representative told us that shortcuts are automatically installed as soon as they get into the public scene, replacing workflow if you've already installed it, but it could actually be something you need to download from the App Store. We are not sure yet.

In the meantime, Workflow is still available for download from the App Store, providing almost the same automation experience as shortcuts, except for the ability to set Siri workflow commands.

. 2 Siri Shortcuts may not work when your iPhone is locked

While the Shortcuts app is not yet widely used, Siri Shortcuts still exists. You can add shortcuts that Siri suggests based on your activity in iOS 12 or preset settings in the Settings app. However, this feature also has problems, as it may not work if your iPhone is locked.

. 3 Group FaceTime is not here yet

Speaking of delayed features, let's talk about Group FaceTime. Apple has promised that we can perform group video and audio chats with up to 31 other users, complete with effects and a system to keep all 32 group members on screen. However, the company creepingly announced that Group FaceTime will be part of an update later this fall, but Apple has not yet specified an exact date.

If you make the leap from iOS 11 to native group chat, you might want to wait.

. 4 Traffic data may be missing in maps

One of the most useful features in maps – apart from the turn by turn directions – are traffic data. It's convenient to see the traffic conditions on your route so you can plan accordingly. However, iOS 12 on iOS 12 may not display traffic data in Google Maps, which may blind you from possible constipation conditions.

Apple offers a workaround for the problem in case you find it. Touch the "i" button to view the map settings and make sure "Traffic" is turned on.

. 5 Camera Effects May Not Be Available on Your Device

If you rock a iPhone 5 S iOS 12 is a pretty unexpected extension, all in all. However, the age of this iPhone is displayed because the new iOS 12 camera effects in messages are not available on the device or on the iPad. At least not yet.

. 6 Same goes for effects in FaceTime

Worse, camera effects for FaceTime are currently only available on iPhone 7 and above. Those of you who have an older iPhone or even an iPad can not use camera effects while chatting with your friends.

. 7 Wi-Fi calls may drop when you switch to mobile

If you are using T-Mobile, be aware that Wi-Fi calls may be interrupted when you switch from Wi-Fi to Cellular in iOS 12 This is true iPhones with T-Mobile too, so this problem does not apply to you at another provider.

8. Downtime may not work properly

This option applies only to users with older iOS 12 beta versions. If you set up your downtime settings before iOS 12, beta version 9 (public beta 7), your start and stop times may change unexpectedly if all of your iOS devices are not running the latest version of iOS 12. Afterwards, reset the downtime start and stop times for things to work properly again.

. 9 Your kids might sign you out of screen time

If you're a parent, you know how useful screen time is – you can actively monitor your children's iPhone usage and set their own rules when and where they can use specific apps Not used.

Apple abandons this warning since iOS 12 dev beta 7 (public beta 6); Your children may be able to unsubscribe from the screen time and let them out of the loop with their iPhone habits. You need to change your screen time password if you want to have the upper hand here.

Apple is not clear why or how children can change the PIN code for the screen time. Anyway, it's just another problem with iOS 12.

10. "Picked Up Phone" statistics could be gone

The & # 39; Picked Up Phone & # 39; Statistics in Screen Time is great for keeping track of how often you, well, pick up your iPhone. However, if you have other devices registered in the same iCloud account, your statistics may be completely discarded because data from all connected devices may be merged without your knowledge.

Until further notice, you can not count on these numbers.

11. Inviting Users to HomeKit May Not Work

Do not download iOS 12 if you want HomeKit to stay healthy; If you try to invite iOS 11 users who have multiple email addresses with their Apple IDs via HomeKit at home, it may not work. However, there is a workaround: Send the invitation to another email address or phone number associated with your friend's Apple ID with iOS 11.

12. Third-Party Apps May Be Buggy

Third-party developers have had access to beta versions of iOS 12 since June, but that does not mean their apps are still fully optimized for the new software. There is lot of apps out there, and many will, if anything, not be updated for a while to work with iOS 12. If you have apps that have not explicitly confirmed their optimization for iOS 12, you may want to go a little longer.

. 13 Developers Have Their Own Mistakes

The average user will not experience some of iOS 12's most annoying bugs, as part of it is only for iOS developers. Here is a list of issues that developers should look for, even if they are not a problem in the stable iOS version, or only apply to the actual apps being developed.

Cover Picture and Screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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