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15 Awesome 'Reminders' Features in iOS 13 That Will Make You Actually Want to Use the App for iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

While the Reminders app has been largely ignored by Apple for years, iOS 13 finally makes it a force to be reckoned with. The app has been completely redesigned with easier navigation and more useful features that can compete with other task managers.

The iOS 13 update gives a decent amount of love to Apple Maps, Safari, and more, but The Reminders update is the best of all the new features for iPhone. IOS mainstays such as Siri and Messages.

Feature 1: Redesigned User Interface

Over the last few years iOS 5 and Siri back when the iPhone 4 S What's Released. In iOS 7, its user interface received an update that was pretty much unchanged until iOS 1

3's revamping. Now it looks and acts like a 2019 app.

The huge cascading cards have been replaced. Below that, there is a neatly organized, compact list of all your accounts and lists below it.

Reminders' main screen in iOS 12 (left). iOS 13 (right).

Feature 2: Easy Account Navigation

Everyone is talking about these organized lists on the main screen Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo want so those listed too. Previously, there was no way to tell which reminders went with what account, so it's fixed this time around. So, you can view or hide their contents whenever you want.

Feature 3: Smart Lists

Those are smart lists. As mentioned above, they appear at the top of the Reminders app. Inside each of these lists, you can see them today, reminders that are scheduled, all reminders (all), and flagged reminders (flagged).

Feature 4: Improved List Customization [19659004] Each and every one of them has different colors and 60 different symbols to make it better at a glance. Whether you are creating a list for school, the gym, vacation, the doctor, or a birthday, there's a symbol for you. However, these options are only for iCloud lists. Third-party lists only

Feature 5: Grouped Lists

One of Reminders' best new features, you can now list them into a folder that can not be hidden and expanded. All it takes is some dragging and dropping. However, like customizable icons, list groups only apply to your iCloud account. At least, for now.

Feature 6: Subtasks

Subtasks, or sub-reminders, is another under-the-radar feature that helps keep the clutter down in lists. You can create them from the reminder's Details view, but the easiest way is by dragging and dropping by indenting items already there. For example, if you have several reminders about cleaning the house, you can create a parent reminder and add all of them as child tasks.

Feature 7: Image Attachments

Reminders had always been barebones in terms of what you could do, but iOS 13 has another goodie for the app: attachments. In the moment, you can take a photo or scan a document with your camera, but you can also choose a photo from your library. You can not import documents, but since Reminders supports scanning, we're hoping it'll happen one day. You can see them in big thumbnails, by default, but you can change them to small thumbnails if you do not like them. Tap on them to view them.

Feature 8: Web Link Previews

Just like you, you can now attach web link previews to each reminder, and they can be big or small thumbnails. While you can add a URL link to any reminder, it's most helpful if the task is online-oriented.

Feature 9: Flagging System

In previous Reminders versions, you could only give low, medium, or high priority to tasks, which pretty much just puts little exclamation marks next to the reminder. Not super helpful. Well, you can still do that, but there's a better option: flags. Feature list: Quick Toolbar

In previous iterations of Reminders, you could be reminders to leave you at a particular time or when you arrive or leave a location. You can still do that, but now it's much easier to set up with the new quick toolbar that appears above the keyboard. Plus, you can flag items quickly and insert images via the toolbar.

  • Time :
  • Flag : Places the reminder in the flagged "smart list and adds a flag icon next to it.
  • Camera : Let's you add an image (take a new photo, choose one from your library, or scan a PDF-style document).

Feature 11: Smart Suggestions

Aside from the quick toolbar keyboard so you do not have to do more work. For example, if you add "leaving home" to a reminder, it will suggest your home address so that you're notified of the reminder when you leave the house. If you type in a date and time (e.g., every Wednesday at 6pm), a suggestion for that will appear.

Feature 12: Tagging Contacts for Messages

The Reminders app has a special bond with the Messages app in iOS 13. One thing you can do is a contact in a particular reminder if the task relies on them or is somewhat related to them.

Feature 13: Siri Suggestions from Messages

The other thing you can do in Reminders involves both Siri and messages. [SiriwantstoremindyoulaterrightinsidetheRemindersapp

You may not get a notification in Messages like you would when tagging contacts, but there is a "Siri Suggestions Reminders screen. In that, you'll be able to add the Reminder Siri found, and you can even tap the Messages icon to see it in context. You can also dismiss it by swiping left.

Feature 14: Daily Notifications

By default, whenever you have any reminders that you need a notification at 9 am detailing all of those tasks. The notification can not be opened on the "Today" folder in Reminders.

You can change that 9 a.m. to a custom time or toggle the option off so you never get daily alerts.

Feature 15: Dark Mode

While not a Reminders-specific feature, Dark Mode helps out when you don It would not be displayed.

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Cover photo, screenshots, and gifs by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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