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15 clever ways to open a beer without a bottle opener

  Beer Bottle

Pry the lid off with a spoon.

Derek Poore / CNET

You had a long day in this blazing heat and all you want is to make the nice, cold beer or lemonade you just bought. But, oh wait ̵

1; it has no screw cap and you do not have access to a bottle opener. No problem – you can do a lot to separate the lid from your drink. Bottle openers are available in all shapes and sizes, so that everyday objects are well suited for opening the cap. The most important tool in your arsenal is the lever, the force that ultimately releases the bottle cap from your bottle.

Look for items in your environment that are sturdy, that you can grasp easily and that have an edge – these are the best for removing the bottle cap. Often place the edge of the item under the lip of the bottle cap and slowly pry around the cap. At some point, the cap dissolves.

So instead of cracking a stone from the top and hoping for the best, or – God forbid – sticking out the bottle cap with your teeth or another body part, try one of those other methods to get the stubborn clasp if you do not have a special bottle opener at hand.

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Derek Poore / CNET

A worktop or a table

Use a worktop or a table to set off the cap, just not your beautiful granite or marble countertop. You should make sure the edge is sharp and not rounded so you can position the lid just right. Place the lip of the lid on a sharp corner of the counter and push on the top of the lid while gently pulling the bottle down. It's fast, easy and does the job without tools.


You always wear your sunglasses, right? Get a pair that also serves as a bottle opener. William Painter makes great bottle opener sunglasses, or you can opt for a cheaper version to open the lid.

All Metal

Use all the metal you have at hand. If you are outside, remove it with a metal railing or a metal bumper (if available). If you are inside, use a metal handle on your dresser or cupboards. You would remove the top piece in the same way as the countertop – by placing the lip on the edge and clapping the lid as you pull the bottle down.


There are some cool sandals out there is a bottle opener installed. Reef makes sandals with a bottle opener on the bottom of the shoe. All you have to do is remove the flip-flop, remove the cap, and put on the shoe again. Clean it only occasionally, as it can be clogged by sand or dirt.

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A house key

A house key will certainly work. It is usually thin enough to be placed under the lip of the bottle cap. But it's best to leave it on your keychain as the other items attached to your keys give you more support. Grasp the neck of the bottle and place the key sideways under the cap (make sure that the grooved side is under the cap). Move the key up and down until the cap releases. You have to work on it for a minute.


Scissors are usually made of steel and have handles that provide support and leverage. But they are also sharpened. So be careful not to cut or cut your finger when removing the lid from the bottle. There are two ways to do this: open and closed scissors. With the option closed (and probably safer), place the scissors under the cap and pry upwards. With the option open (slightly patchy), place the scissors around the bottom of the cap and jiggle until the top releases.

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A lighter

Do you have a lighter? By holding the neck of the bottle with your non-dominant hand and positioning it over your forefinger ankle and under the edge of the closure, you can easily remove the closure with the lever. With a little practice you can just let the cap fly with a lighter.

A fork

A fork works pretty well too. It's usually easier to get it into the grooves of the cap, and you can solve it with less effort with a single fork.

A spoon

If you are at someone's home and they can & # 39; If you can not find a bottle opener, there is probably at least one spoon nearby that you can use for your thirsty advantage. It may take some practice to get the right grip. Grasp the bottleneck as close to the closure as you can reach it with your non-dominant hand. Position the spoon under the lip of the cap and lift the cap with the thumb base as a lever.

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A butter knife

With the tip of a butter knife only a small part of the lid can be bent away from the bottle. Then position the knife tip under the lip so that it is between the cap and the edge of the glass. Tap the handle of the knife at the counter with a careful and quick motion to remove the cap.

A flat-head screwdriver

A flat-head screwdriver works just as well with the same general instructions. Position the screwdriver head under the lip of the cap and pry it out with the lever. You can also tap the handle of the screwdriver on a countertop to remove the lid.

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Derek Poore / CNET

A claw hammer

A claw hammer can also be used. Turn it over and position the claw end (now pointing upwards) under the lip. Use the extra lever to remove the cap.

Chargers for Smartphones and Tablets

Chargers for smartphones and tablets were also used to open bottles. Place one of the two pins on the end of the wall plug under the cap and pry it up. This method costs more work than others, but who has no charger?

Chargers for MacBook or iPad

A MacBook or iPad charger can be used just like an actual bottle opener. The circular crown, which holds the bipolar adapter or extension cord in place, is shaped so that a cap can be removed with it. Be careful, since the plastic is known to rupture and it is usually cheaper to just buy a bottle opener than to replace a charger. It's probably a better idea to examine other options before resorting to them.

A Ring

This is a little doubtful, because a lot can go wrong to damage you or your ring, but if you are confident, it is an option that supposedly works. Place the rim under the bottle cap while wearing a broadband ring. Grasp the lid firmly by hand and tilt the bottle in the opposite direction until the lid pops off. If you do, please be careful.

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