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15 hidden Instagram features you do not want to miss «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

At first glance, Instagram is pretty intuitive, so you might think that you already know everything you know about using on your iPhone or Android phone need to know. However, this photo and video sharing app is constantly adding new features, some of which do not release the press releases. Even if you're an Instagram guru, chances are you've missed one of those hidden treats.

We scoured our vault of Instagram hacks and found that there are a lot of unknown secret features hiding in the app. From creating custom background colors in Instagram stories to displaying all the posts you've ever liked, these are the Instagram tricks, settings, and options you want to know, whether you're using iOS or Android. [1

9659004] Feature 1: Creating Rainbow Text in Stories

Creating multicolored text in an Instagram story is no secret; Select the Text tool, enter all the characters in your word or phrase, then select each letter in turn and change the color. However, creating rainbow text is much easier than that.

Until make it quick, enter the text, and then select everything. Next, press and hold a color option to the right of the left side with a thumb until the Gradient tool appears. Then take your other thumb and hold down one of the endcursors of the selected text. Slowly move both thumbs away to automatically change the color of each character.

Feature 2: Upload Long Videos into Stories

Instagram only accepts 15-second video clips stories. Historically, it has been a nuisance to upload longer videos because you had to split into shorter clips using third-party apps, but a recent Instagram update added the ability to automatically segment clips.

To upload long videos, select a video that's longer than 15 seconds in your story. Several clips appear at the bottom of the editor. Select and edit these clips separately. Then tap Next to add it to your story. They play seamlessly without interruption – making it seem like a long video.

Function 3: View all posts you liked [19659005] You can tap the bookmark icon in another user's posts to save it for later, either in the Generic "All" collection or in your own custom folder that you can view in the three-line folder using the "Saved" option menu on your profile page.

If you'd like to review another user's video or picture but forget the bookmark, you may find it in your ad history. While you can not see every single post you've viewed, you can see your likes, and there's a chance you'll make the post you want to review twice or savory.

Tap the three-stroke menu of your profile and choose Settings. On Android, under Accounts touch "Posts you liked". For iOS, select "Accounts," then "Posts you liked." Now you can see all the pictures and videos you like in the grid or list view.

Function 4: Keeping Photos in Stories Longer

If five seconds for a photo in your story are not long, Add a title to reach a duration of up to 15 seconds – the same amount of time as for video clips.

With the photo open, in the story editor, tap the sticker button and then the Music option. Next, select a song from Instagram (unfortunately you can not use your own music collection). A song can take anywhere from five to fifteen seconds, and you can choose the exact spot and crop the time accordingly.

Function 5: Do not follow users without actually following them

Tired of seeing a user's posts and stories, but do not you want them to follow or block them? You must not. Instead of aborting your Instagram relationship, you only have to mute .

The easiest way to do this is to hold your finger on the user's photo in the Stories bar at the top of your feed until a pop-up window appears with the Mute option you tap can. After tapping on "Mute" you can either mute their stories or posts and stories.

Feature 6: Upload live photos into stories (iOS only)

If you like owning an iPhone, you probably played with the Live Photos feature in the camera, which captures 1.5 seconds of video and audio before and after you take a picture. What you may not know is that Instagram has a built-in method for uploading these three-second clips to your story.

Select the live photo in the story editor like any other photo. Then hold down the image until the word "Boomerang" appears. When you add the edited product to your story, it plays as a boomerang and jumps back and forth a few times.

Feature 7: Prevent Users from Knowing When You Are Online

When a user views their direct messages or the Send To screen while sending a story, a list of users is displayed. the status "Now active" or the time when they were last active on Instagram. If it is currently active, a green dot is also displayed to highlight these users.

If you do not want people to know when you're using Instagram, tap the three-line menu in your profile, then tap Settings. On Android, tap on Privacy and Security on "Activity Status." For iOS, select "Privacy and Security," then "Activity Status." Turn it off to complete the process. If you do, You also can not see when other users are using Instagram Remember.

Feature 8: Add pictures to photos and videos in stories (iOS only)

Why this is not true for Android We have no idea, but on an iPhone, you can add a letter using the standard text tool – any letter that makes sense – and then magnify it until it makes a good frame for the image or video in your story.All letters and characters will work as long as they are part of the content Fit photos or videos to show off.

Pictures by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

Feature 9: Creating Monochrome Backgrounds in Stories

The option " Type" of Instagram allows writing text over colored Gradient background. However, there are no options for monochrome backgrounds. However, the restriction can be bypassed.

Upload a photo or video to Story Editor, open the drawing tools, and select the market. Then select a color from the color picker or the color options shown below. When you have selected a color, press the image or video for a few seconds, and the screen will fill with the color of your choice.

Feature 10: Create translucent colored overlays in stories

You can also create a semi-transparent overlay for Create any picture or video in your story by doing almost exactly the same as the spot color Background tip above.

In the drawing tools, select the Highlighter tool, and then choose a color from the Color Picker or the color options shown below. When you have selected a color, press the image or video for a few seconds, and the screen will display 75% opacity over the media.

Feature 11: Show Alternative Sticker Designs in Stories

Stickers in Instagram Can Stories Make your photos and videos more vivid. While they are easily accessible, there is a helpful feature that you may have overlooked.

When you add a sticker to a photo or video in Story Editor, "Tap for more" (example: "Weather") appears. , you can tap on the embedded sticker to change the design. The changes range from color shifts and colored backgrounds to completely different symbols. Even if a sticker does not display "Tap for more", you can tap the embedded sticker to rotate it horizontally.

Feature 12: Super Zoom in / off story videos with one hand [19659005] Undoubtedly, when capturing a story video, you tried to pinch and zoom on the screen to get a close-up of something, but it did In fact, there is an easier way to do that – with just one hand. In Story Editor, select one of the video capture modes. Then hold down the record button, then slide your thumb up to zoom in and then down to zoom out.

This feature is great for creating the chaotic effect of fast zooming in and out Your heart pauses If you want to draw attention to a specific subject in front of the camera, you can zoom in and out. The latter has made Instagram super easy (and somewhat cheesy) with its "Superzoom" video option, which makes zooming and adding effects for you.

Pictures by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

Feature 13: Share Your archived stories

If you do not disable this feature, the entire content of your Instagram stories will be displayed in an archive of your account. If you want to access and share these photos and videos, you can do so easily.

Open your profile, tap the Archive icon (Invert button), then make Stories Archie or Stories. is selected on Android or iOS. Here you can view your archived stories, download them to your device, share them again, or use them to create highlights.

Feature 14: Stop Instagram from Wasting Power & Data

Instagram can quickly drain your battery and consume wireless data, which may be costly depending on your specific operator plan. If you want to reduce battery and data drain, you can tell Instagram to use less data.

Tap the three-stroke menu in your profile and go to "Settings". On Android, under Account tap on "Cellular Data Use." For iOS, tap Account, then Cellular Data Use. Next, simply turn on "Use less data". Keep in mind that your Instagram experience may be sluggish afterwards if there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Function 15: There Are More Post-Filters Than You Think

When it comes to regular Instagram imagery and videos, there are a lot of filters to choose from – Crema, Ludwig, Gingham, Valencia, Inkwell, Yeast, Sierra and so on. However, you will miss a few if you have never clicked the "Manage" button at the bottom of the filter list. There are currently 40 filters in total, and you can turn filters on or off at any time in the main filter list.

Pictures by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

These are just some of the features on Instagram you may not know. There are many more that came from that, including beta features that were not previously known in the mass. More information can be found in our Instagram collection.

This article was produced during the special coverage of Gadget Hacks as you become a social media expert for your phone. Take a look at the entire social media series.

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Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIFs by Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks (unless stated otherwise)

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