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15 meals prepare the Sunday products you need for easy cooking – Review Geek

  A person prepares a fresh meal on a counter filled with fruits, vegetables and a tablet containing a recipe.
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It's hard to spend 1

2 or 15 dollars a day on a meal, but it's possible Be even more difficult to prepare and pack your lunches. Why not make the preparation of meals painless with these great products?

Taking some of your Sunday downtime to prepare meals for your work week can help you save money and eat healthier food. But cooking food for a week can be a bit complicated, and you can spend hours cooking and cleaning your day.

Therefore, you should arm yourself with products that make preparing meals on Sundays as easy and painless as possible. If you want to cook food in bulk with minimal effort, you need to invest in a few cooking, measuring and storage solutions.

Many of these products will pay for themselves and they can also be used for cooking projects, not just for preparing meals on Sundays.

Cook Food In Bulk ($ 22 +)

If you want to make Sunday meal preparation as quick and painless as possible, you need to cook your food in bulk. Fortunately, there are a variety of products that make cooking in large quantities easy and delicious. Keep in mind that an expensive food preparation product will almost certainly pay for itself after one to two weeks.

Mass cooking is not only easy, it's also a great way to prepare healthy, tasty food. You do not need to use a lot of cooking oil, and you generally do not have to worry about undercooking meat or vegetables.

Even crock pots and instant pots are relatively easy to clean. Since you cook everything in a single container, you will not get a stack of dirty pots and pans. You also have time to clean up your utensils and cutting boards while cooking your food, which is a great benefit. Crock pots are inexpensive, simple and durable. A quick Google search can help you find thousands of recipients. If you want to take a few different meals during your workweek, you can buy two crock pots and spend the Sunday preparing two separate meals.

  • Pressure Cooker ($ 100) : We spent a lot of time picking up the Instant Pot, and with good reason. It's a cheap, popular pressure cooker that can do almost anything. Instant pots are great for cooking healthy meals quickly or for slow cooking of clutter.
  • Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker ($ 100) : We love the Anova Precision Cooker. It is a cost effective way to prepare large meals with a lot of flavor and is relatively easy to use. You can also operate the Anova with your mobile phone, so you do not have to float in your kitchen on Sunday mornings.
  • Prepare and Measure Ingredients (from $ 11)

    When you cook food If you work in large quantities, you should make sure that your preparation work is done properly. But you do not necessarily have to look at the ingredients or chop onions for an hour, there are many products that make it easier to prepare.

    Measuring tools such as kitchen scales and cups are an easy way to make sure you have the perfect balance of ingredients for your meal. After all, you do not want your chicken soup to be overstrained or over-flavored with carrots.

    Food processors and slicers can reduce the time you spend chopping ingredients, and they make cleaning easy. Imagine preparing healthy meals for your work week without ever using a chopping board!

    Here are our preferred preparation tools:

    • Accmor 11-Piece Measurement Kit ($ 15) : A detailed, stainless-steel measurement kit is a must-have any kitchen. You can measure vegetables, spices and liquids without any guesswork.
    • Ozeri Digital Kitchen and Food Scale ($ 11) : You can find recipes that require weighted measurements of ingredients, such as half a pound of onions or a pound of chicken. This makes it easier to follow recipes, as are vegetables and meats of various sizes are available.
    • Hamilton Beach Mini Food Processor ($ 25) : You can save a lot of preparation time by using a cheap food processor. They also make cleaning easier as they can reduce the number of cutting surfaces used and keep messy ingredients away from your counter.
    • Spiralizer Veggie Slicer ($ 30) : Spiralizers have become a popular solution for gluten-free pasta, but for just about any meal. They are particularly suitable for Asian-style or potato dishes.

    Store Your Food ($ 13 +)

    Where will you keep all the food you prepare? Keeping your groceries in special containers will help you keep the fridge in order and make packing lunch especially easy.

    There are many ways to store food, but you will generally want to keep things in containers that are durable and easy to clean. Some of these containers seem to be a small investment, but they last for years and should pay for themselves after a week or two.

    Here are our preferred solutions for preparing meals:

    • Hefty Freezer Bags ($ 14) : Freezer bags are great for storing meat, rice, beans and other foods that last longer than one want to keep for a few days. They are also great for storing leftover ingredients so you do not waste any of the groceries you buy.
    • Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers ($ 25) : – These oven-proof containers are useful for all meals you need to bake, and they do not give any plastic flavor to your food. Moreover, they are all the same size, so the fridge can stay organized.
    • Pyrex Bakeware Set ($ 30): – These containers are great for any food that needs to go straight out of the oven in the fridge (or vice versa). They are also useful if you want to eat a lot or take meals in containers on the way.

    Take your food! ($ 13 +)

    What's the point on Sunday meal preparation if you can not take your meal to work on Monday? If you want to take your delicious food to work, you will need some takeaway containers.

    There are many different ways to get your food out of the house. You can use a lunch bag, a thermos or a bento box. In general, keep things isolated, and a container that's easy to clean will pay off in the long run. If you have a microwave at work, a microwaveable container can make life a lot easier.

    If you plan to eat a dish everyday, you probably do not need a compartmentalized bin, such as a lunch box or bento box. However, if you want to bring along a few separate dishes or snacks, you should be able to separate them.

    These are our preferred takeaway containers for prepared food:

    Freshware Compartmented Containers ($ 16) : These containers are a bit cheap, but they are microwaveable and subdividable. You do not have to worry about these containers being lost or broken, but they are great for keeping your various foods isolated from each other.

    OSPARD Stackable Bento Lunch Box ($ 18) : This insulated bento box is cute and easy to clean. It's great to keep food separate, and it even has a container designed specifically for soups. Unfortunately, none of these compartments are microwaveable, but the insulation should keep your food hot (or cool) until lunchtime.

    MAZFORCE Insulated Lunch Bag ($ 14) : Traditional lunch bags are versatile and easy to carry and relatively cheap to carry. And this bag is insulated, but you can still wash in the microwave if you pack a small microwaveable container. This is a great option for people who store their pre-prepared meals in small containers because you can put the container in the lunch bag before leaving the house.

    Thermos 12 oz. Microwave Food ($ 25) ]: Insulated food glasses are a great way to keep your food hot or cold all day long, and this special food container has an inner container that holds can be microwaveable in a pinch. This is a great way to bring lunch to court with a meal, especially liquid meals like soup.

    Zojirushi Bento Lunch Jar ($ 36) : – This lunch glass is vacuum sealed and divided. It's a premium container on the go that offers a lot of flexibility. Easy to clean, it's a great way to bring a multi-meal meal on the go, with no need to heat up. It's easy to fill up with good meals. Skipping the long line in the deli at lunchtime and fast food every night on the way home will be easier than ever. more-info-hover ") [0]; t && (t.addEventListener (" mouseenter ", function (s) {document.querySelectorAll (". rating-info ") [0] .style.display =" block "} ) t.addEventListener ("mouseleave", function (s) {document.querySelectorAll (". rating-info") [0] .style.display = "none"}), t.addEventListener ("click", function (e ) {"block" == document.querySelectorAll (". rating-info") [0] .style.display? document.querySelectorAll (". rating-info") [0] .style.display = "none": document .querySelectorAll (". rating-info") [0] .style.display = "block"})), window.addEventListener ("scroll", function () {(void 0! == window.pageYOffset? window.pageYOffset .): (document.documentElement || document.body.parentNode || document.body) .scrollTop <= 20? document.querySelectorAll ("# masthead") [0] .classList.remove ("stu ck"): document.querySelectorAll ("# masthead") [0] .classList.contains ("stuck") || document.querySelectorAll ("# masthead") [0] .classList.add ("stuck")},! 1); var n = document.querySelectorAll (".hamburger-menu") [0] l = document.querySelectorAll ("# icon-close") [0]; n.addEventListener ("click", function () {var e = document.querySelectorAll (".full-nav-menu") [0] t = document.querySelectorAll (".hamburger-menu") [0] n = document .querySelectorAll ("# icon-close")) [0]; e.classList.add ("open"), t.style.display = "none", n.style.display = "block"},! 1), l.addEventListener ("click", function () {var e = document.querySelectorAll (".full-nav-menu") [0] t = document.querySelectorAll (".hamburger-menu") [0] n = document.querySelectorAll ("# icon- close") [0]; e.classList.remove ("open"), t.style.display = "block", n.style.display = "none"},! 1), document.querySelectorAll ("body")) [0] .classList.contains ("single-post") && window.addEventListener ("scroll", function e () {var t = document.querySelectorAl.) L ( ".fb-comments") [0] .getBoundingClientRect (); t.top <window.innerHeight && ((n = document.createElement ("script")). src = "http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.10&appId=1206958639448107 ", document.body.appendChild (n), window.removeEventListener (" scroll ", e,! 1)); var n},! 1); var o = document.querySelectorAll ("# light-slider img") [0] c = o.getAttribute ("data-src"); o.src = c});
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