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15 Tips on Getting the Most from Samsung Health «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Samsung Health has become one of the most comprehensive wellness apps in the world, with everything from counting your steps, tracking your diet, and diagnosing your symptoms , However, since the app has so much to offer, it can be easy to overlook some smaller but useful features.

With advanced tools like heart rate and oxygen saturation monitors that are attracting everyone's attention, a number of minor features found in Samsung Health have been disguised. But do not be fooled, as many of these supposedly smaller features are way above their weight and can significantly improve the app overall.

Tip 1
: Tweak Your Active Time Target [19659005] Samsung Health's "Active Time" tracker monitors your physical activity throughout the day and is pre-set for a specific period of time based on your profile information. This default setting may not exactly reflect your fitness needs, and if that turns out to be the case, you can easily change your overall activity time goals, regardless of your profile.

Open Samsung to change your active time targets Health and touch the Active Time tile at the top of the page. From there, press the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner of the screen, followed by "Set Destination". Then use the number pad to swipe left or right until you reach the desired minutes.

Image by Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks

Tip # 2: Optimize Your Pedometer Target

Similar to Active Time above, the pedometer goal is Samsung optimized fitness profile for you. If you find the target too light or too heavy, you can change it by tapping the "Step Count" tile in the app. From there, press the Menu key followed by "Set Destination," and then swipe either left or right of the number bar to increase or decrease your pedometer goal.

Tip # 3: Stop the number of steps

Accurately record the steps Doing it throughout the day is an integral part of your progress to stay fit, but the app can be tempted to think that you're walking or running when you're cycling or driving at a slower speed For this reason, we recommend that you disable Samsung Health's pacing feature while driving in a vehicle.

To temporarily stop Samsung Health, go to the steps page in the app, tap the menu icon and select "Stop Counting. "Then, you'll see a toast message informing you that the feature has stopped. Repeat the same steps if you want to get out of the car.

Tip # 4: Add steps to your phone's notification panel

You do not need to be a master to appreciate the skills To quickly see your current pace without having to open Samsung Health To open your steps in the notification panel of your phone, open Samsung Health, tap the menu button in the top right corner and select From there, touch "Show steps on the notification panel" and you're done.

Tip # 5: Challenge a friend to a duel with step count

Motivation is a key factor to getting around Stay fit and be friendly Competition can contribute to a positive attitude Samsung has Integrate with a feature in Samsung Health that will allow you to challenge friends, family, or even strangers to one-man competitions to make your workout routine exciting.

Starting with a single combination is pretty easy. You need to take on a new challenge on Samsung Health's "Together" page, name the challenge and then invite a friend to the match. For more information on how to do this, visit the following link:

Tip # 7: Save battery while you workout [19659005] If you use the device for extended periods Keep training sessions awake, this can be the ac ku exhaust. It is therefore natural that you should put your phone to sleep as long as possible to extend the life of the battery.

Fortunately, Samsung Health gives you a brilliant idea. Compromise: You can keep track of your exercise time by displaying it on an OLED-friendly black screen. To activate, just tap the padlock button in the lower right corner of the workout page.

Tip # 8: Add your favorite foods manually

The database of foods, which are found in Samsung Health, is one of the most extensive that apps like MyFitnessPal provide for their money. That being said, any food tracking database will always miss meals. Fortunately, you can save custom foods with Samsung Health.

To manually enter a specific meal, first tap on the meal time on Samsung Health's main page (eg, breakfast or lunch). Select the My Food tab and tap Add New Food. Finally, enter the food to be stored (along with its calorie count and nutritional value) and tap "Save" to add it to your list.

Tip 9: Tweak Portions for Accurate Recording

When When you sign up for a meal in Samsung Health, it's not enough to save your food in the app. In most cases, you'll also need to enter the number of servings you needed to more accurately measure your calorie and nutrient intake.

To optimize the portion of the meal you want to record, swipe the side of the Food Side page on the numeric bar until you hit your target portion, and tap Done on the top right to record. Thereafter, the total calorie count along with fat, carbohydrates and protein consumption will be displayed correctly on the Log Meal page.

Tip 10: Add a Picture of Your Meal

From time to time you'll become & # 39; I will have a meal that is so delicious and delicious that you feel the urge to take a picture of it as a visual reminder. These days, with Samsung Health, you can not only track your meal and its associated calorie and nutritional values, but also save a picture of it for posterity.

Saving an image of your meal could not be easier – just tap the add images icon on the Log Meals page and either take a photo of the meal or select it from your gallery.

Tip # 11: Track your intake of caffeine

A cup of coffee is an important part of almost any morning routine, but while you can keep track of how much coffee you drink in the "Food intake" section of Samsung Health no caffeine values ​​displayed by default.

Fortunately, you can add an extra feature You can set Samsung Health to record the amount of caffeine you consume during the day. To add the feature, scroll down to the main page of the app and tap Manage Items. From there, tap the toggle switch in the "Caffeine" section to activate the function.

Tip # 12: Measure Your Stress Level by Yourself

By default, Samsung Health is set to measure your stress level in addition to your heart rate and oxygen saturation. However, if you want to measure your load level yourself, you can do so by tapping the menu button in the top right corner and switching to "Multi-measurement". Just tap the top switch to turn off heart rate and oxygen saturation measurements.

Tip # 13: Rearrange the Function Tiles

We All Have Different Health and Fitness Data Priorities We want to stay at the top of Samsung Health's main page and scroll down to access a feature where water intake becomes boring after a while, especially if you use this feature frequently.

Remedy With Samsung Health, you can reorganize the feature tiles to match your needs. Just click on a tile and drag it up or down the list, depending on its importance. Just let go when you're done and repeat the process until you're satisfied.

Image by Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks

Tip # 14: Diagnosing Unusual Symptoms

In addition to fitness and nutrition tracking, Samsung Health has a handy feature that allows you to diagnose unusual health symptoms conveniently and privately at home. With the appropriate name "Symptom Checker", you can access the feature by navigating to the "Expert" tab in the app. From there, the Symptom Checker diagnoses possible conditions for your symptom based on a series of detailed questions.

Tip # 15: Delete Your Samsung Health Information

If you ever opt for another fitness app, you should know you can erase your Samsung Health information to keep your fitness and health information secret. Unlike a hardware-based data erase, deleting personal data in conjunction with Samsung Health deletes not only sensitive information from your device, but also completely from Samsung's servers.

If you decide to delete your personal information with Samsung Health, tap the menu button in the top right corner and select "Settings." Tap on "Clear personal data" and follow the instructions to delete your user information.

This article was created during the annual Health & Fitness Special Cover by Gadget Hacks. Read all Health & Fitness series.

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