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15 useful gifts for avid bakers – LifeSavvy

A woman putting Christmas cookies on a baking sheet.
CokaPoka / Shutterstock

The holiday season is great for bakers as it offers plenty of reasons to prepare delicious treats. Buying a baker is also a great excuse to stock them up so they can keep making delicious desserts for everyone!

A high quality rolling pin

A marble rolling pin on a wooden counter.
Fox Run

A good quality rolling pin is a staple in any baker’s tool kit and makes an excellent Christmas gift as it will be used more often than you can imagine.

Make this holiday season extra special and grab this gorgeous marble rolling pin from Fox Run. It’s long, heavy, and made from 100% polished marble, so it’s completely non-stick. It’s also super easy to clean and the natural patterns make each piece unique so it can serve as a kitchen decor.

Non-slip mixing bowls

Another item that a baker definitely cannot live without (or never have enough of) is mixing bowls. Get the baker in your family with this fantastic stainless steel set from Regiller and add a little color to the kitchen.

This set of 5 all have a non-slip silicone base in different colors, so that wet ingredients can be more easily distinguished from dry ones. They are easy to stack and the perfect addition to any bakery cabinet.

Holiday cookie cutters

Decorated snowflake, holly, santa claus, gingerbread man, snowman, star and cane sugar cookies.

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes, and during the Christmas season they take on familiar designs. A range of Christmas cookie cutters makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves mixing cookie dough and nibbling on delicious flavors. So don’t forget to add these to your shopping list!

Hibery’s fun, affordable 15-piece set includes the most adorned holiday shapes like snowflakes, reindeer, and snowmen. They are made of high quality stainless steel, last a long time and bring joy to the kitchen in every holiday season.

Robust baking trays

High-quality baking trays that do not bend or rust after a cycle in the dishwasher are every baker’s greatest wish! Surprise your favorite goody maker with this set of two professional baking trays from NutriChef. They make creating magic in the kitchen so much easier.

These are made of non-stick carbon steel, durable and made from completely non-toxic materials. The carbon steel handles heat up pretty well, so the trays can be used for a variety of goodies that require high oven temperatures of up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

A hand mixer

Any baker will be very grateful to unbox this Cuisinart Electric Hand Mixer this Christmas season. It has six speeds for the ultimate mixing experience.

It makes it super easy to meet any recipe requirements and comes with a built-in bowl rest to prevent dripping. The various attachments are neatly stored in an attachable storage case. If you are looking for that perfect gift, this is it!

A mixer

NutriBullet mixers have long been a staple for bakers. So you can’t go wrong giving one to the baker in your life.

This new model has an impressive 1,200 watt motor and an easily rotatable stainless steel extraction blade. It’s long-lasting and can do even the toughest of tasks like grinding nuts into nut butter.

Unlike a normal food processor, a mixer works better with liquids. This makes it handy for making sauces, smoothies, dressings, smoothie bowls, creams, and much more.

A nice cake stand

Three cake stands with various desserts sit on a counter surrounded by food.

Every cake deserves to be properly presented, and that’s why every baker needs a cake stand to show off her skills. It also prevents cakes from drying out.

This beautiful wooden stand from Libbey is the perfect gift and can also serve as a centerpiece, which makes dessert time very special this Christmas season. Propped up and covered with the heavy glass dome, this delightful cake will be just as fresh the next day (if not extinguished in one sitting).

A cake decoration set

Just as a cake needs to be displayed, it also deserves appropriate decoration. A baker cannot do anything with this 150-piece set from Rfaqk!

It’s the perfect Christmas present for anyone looking to improve their cake decorating game. It will make your loved one feel like the next candidate The Great British Baking Show.

A silicone spatula set

Silicone spatulas are great for a variety of kitchen functions, but most of all for baking! They are the ultimate kitchen appliance.

This fantastic five-piece set is the perfect Christmas present. They are ideal for scraping, mixing, stirring, or folding all types of food without worrying about scraping mixing bowls or pots. They are also extremely durable and heat-resistant, so they won’t be damaged even at 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

A baking brush

OXO is known for its high quality products and this staple brush is no exception! Every cook or baker would be happy to have it in their toolbox.

It has a special silicone bristle design that holds the liquid more efficiently than others. It’s also extremely heat-resistant (up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit) and won’t hold back odors or bacteria. The brush also has a soft, comfortable handle, which makes it easy to use.

It makes a fantastic gift for every baker in your life.

A bulletproof cake pan

An apple pie that cools down on a counter in the Camp Chef's cast iron cake pan.
Chef Camp

Cake lovers know the importance of a good cake pan in order to get the ultimate sprinkles and perfect crust while keeping the filling rich and full of fruity flavors.

This amazing cast iron cake pan from Camp Chef fulfills the needs of every baker, making any cake recipe the most delicious dessert. It also prevents it from drying out or getting a damp soil.

If there is a cake lover in your family, wrap them up and put them under the tree for them. You will definitely love it!

A non-stick muffin tin

Muffins aren’t just for the holidays! For this reason the Wilton Nonstick Muffin Tin is suitable for both family celebrations and Sunday breakfasts.

Every baker you know would love to have one of these this Christmas season. So look no further for the perfect gift! It comes with a 10 year guarantee and is made of steel. The non-stick surface makes cleaning easy, even if someone forgets to use the liner.

A bread loaf pan

Whether the baker in your life loves to make sourdough or banana bread, this USA Pan Bread Loaf Pan is the ultimate Christmas present. USA Pan’s one-pound aluminized steel pan has been known for its high quality standards for over 50 years. It is coated with Americoat silicone and free of all toxic materials.

It’s the perfect bread-making tool that every chef would love to have in their kitchen.

A dessert server

An apple pie on a counter with the OXO Steel Pie Server next to it.

There’s nothing worse than taking out a nice dessert only to mess up while transferring it from the stand to the plate. It is every baker’s worst nightmare!

Eliminate this problem by getting this amazing OXO Steel Pie Server to your favorite baker. It is serrated on both sides and has a slim, flexible handle that makes serving easier.

Oven protective gloves

Last but not least, pot holders are a must as they protect your friend’s hands from high temperatures and slippery pans.

Protect the hands (and forearms) of your friend or family member with these extra long HOMWE silicone gloves. The quilted cotton lining offers additional comfort. They’re also steam-resistant, waterproof and have a textured, non-slip handle for an extra dose of stability and security.

This Christmas season, treat your favorite bakers to gifts that they can use all year round!

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