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16 New iOS 12.2 Features for iPhone You Do not Want to Miss «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

A few months ago, iOS 12.1 came out with a handful of useful new features, and the upcoming iOS 12.2 will go even further when it's released as a stable build. While some of iOS 12.2's new features for iPhone are much appreciated, there are some that would not be better.

Apple's iOS 12.2 started beta testing on Jan. 4, 2019, and since all items below were it's possible not all of them will make it to the stable build. However, there's a chance they will all be officially appear. Either way, if you want to try it right now on your iPhone, you can either use it as a registered developer or as a public beta tester.

But before we get to the actual features, it's worth highlighting that there are some hints in iOS 1

2.2 beta for things to come. First, there's an AirPods setup screen that includes "Hey Siri," which indicates that AirPods 2 might be coming soon.

Second, there's a new Apple News interface that highlighted the upcoming "Apple News Magazines" subscription option that includes magazines such as Shape, Vogue, Bon Appétit, and ESPN. This is thought to be one of the biggest all-in-one Apple subscription service for magazines, Apple Music, and TV shows.

1. [194559009] X S S S Max, or X R there are four new characters to use in Messages and FaceTime, bringing the total number of Animoji to 24, not including customizable memoji. The new animated AR emoji characters include a giraffe, shark, boar, and owl.

. 2 You Can View Air Quality on Apple Maps

Whenever you look at a city in Apple Maps on iOS 12.2, you can see the AQI for the area. The AQI, or air quality index, is a set of numbers and colors that describe how clean or polluted the air is. Apple added AQI data to the Weather app in iOS 12.0, but it's just now making it to Maps.

Whenever you see the current weather from 0 to 500, least to most polluted – and its associated color right below it. However, it's opt-in, so you need to toggle the setting.

. 3 You Can Toggle Off Weather Forecasts in Maps

Before the introduction of AQI values ​​in Apple Maps, you were stuck watching the current weather for an area on the screen. But since its addition, there's a new section in the map that lets you toggle off the bottom-right weather conditions icon. I've never found the weather information annoying or unuseful in Maps, but now you have the option to get rid of it.

4. You Can Customize Your Downtime Each Day

Screen Time's "Downtime" feature for a specific amount of time every day, but in iOS 12.2, you can choose specific days with specific times for each.

6. Searching Easier in Safari with Arrows

When performing a search in Safari, there are now blur arrows. Tapping on an arrow wants to autofill that suggestion into the search bar, but it does not take you there automatically.

7. Safari Shames Unsecured Sites Even More

Safari would like to see if it is a legitimate or illegal website. Now, Safari shames websites even more for not implementing HTTPS, an application protocol that encrypts you to send and receive from a site. So whenever you land on a webpage that only uses HTTP, it will say "Not Secure" in the address bar.

8. There's No More 'Do Not Track' Option

While the "Do Not Track" option is not what you are looking for when browsing. Apple's finally admitting defeat, essentially saying that it never really matters to begin with.

9. Wallet Received a Streamlined Interface

Apple updated its Wallet app's user interface a little bit in iOS 12.2.

For instance, when you're viewing a card or passport, instead of seeing your extra cards and passes hidden at the bottom, they're entirely gone. So now you have to hit "Done" instead of just tapping another card, though, so you can still swipe down on the card to see all the cards and passes. The ellipsis (•••) button has now moved from the bottom to top, which is where you access more details for the card or pass, and instead of square menu boxes, they're now rounded.

10. Apple Pay Cash Card Lets You Add Money Right Away

Speaking of Wallet, your Apple Pay Cash card's look is so revamped. When accessing the card, you still see your last transaction, but you see all the transactions for the last year. Additionally, there's a shortcut to adding money.

Apple Pay Cash Card in iOS 12.1.3 (left) Vs. iOS 12 (right).

11. New Third-Party TVs Get AirPlay 2 & Home Kit Support

Sony announced that it would be getting support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. Samsung's TVs also want to get AirPlay 2's functionality and it's ready to include the iTunes Movies and TV Shows app instead of having HomeKit support.

The update has shown signs of that support, where TV options show up in the Home app, such as a new "Allow Speaker & TV Access" to choose exactly who can view and send content to AirPlay 2 devices. Before, it just said "Allow Speaker Access." One developer is iOS 12.2 for including TVs in home automation, as well as dimming the lights when playing a movie.

Siri is apart from this, as you'll be able to tell Siri to open an app or play content on your TV, as well as turn the TV off and on. Plus, you'll be able to download AirPlay content from your iPhone to your TV.

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12th The Apple TV Remote Control Uses the Whole Screen

When using the Apple TV Remote Control Center, it would expand the menu, play / pause, use Siri, AirPlay content, rewind, fast -forward, and use the touchpad. Now, when you tap or long-press on the control, it expands full screen.

13. There's a New Screen Mirroring Icon

The icon for "Screen Mirroring" has actually changed. The former icon was very confusing, with just a triangle pointing up to a screen. The improved icon shows two displays.

The Screen Mirroring Control in iOS 12.1.3 (left). iOS 12.2 (right).

14. And a New AirPlay Icon

See that old Screen Mirroring icon up above? Welp, that's your new AirPlay icon now. Previously, the AirPlay icon what a triangle tower with circular airwaves being emitted, something that could be confused with wi-fi or using a personal hotspot.

However, in our tests, the new icon and old icon both appear at times, sometimes in the Same Exact Scenarios When the Same App (see image below), it is likely it just needs to be fleshed out more

15th Apple News Is Now Available in Canada

If you're in the northern section of North America, you do not have to miss Apple's news platform since iOS 12.2 includes News support for Canada. At first, the number of sources available in the Apple News app is limited, but it wants to continue to grow for Canadians as time goes on.

sixteenth AT & T Shows Up as '5G E' for Some Users

If you have AT & T as your carrier, you might see a new "5G E" symbol instead of the normal "LTE" in the status bar. Currently, there are no iPhone models that can support 5G speeds. 5G Evolution, which is not compatible with "5G" at all X S X S Max, or X R It just means you've got Advanced 4G LTE speeds, a small step up from regular 4G.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

We'll continue to dive into the iOS 12.2. We've already spotted some smaller, behind-the-scenes features here and there, and we'll add them above.

Cover photo, screenshots, and gifs by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks (unless otherwise noted)

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