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16 Ways To Destroy Competition In The Call Of Duty Mobile «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

So you've been playing Call of Duty Mobile for some time, but you can not seem to get a MVP at the end of the fight. Now that the game is a competition of players and bots, you are in a tough fight. But you do not have to languish downstairs. These tips may help you get your first MVP.

These tips are divided into two categories: gameplay and non-gameplay factors. To dominate the competition, there are things you can do in the game settings to improve your fighting chances, and there are also hardware that you can use. Then there are things to focus on, if you play properly you will win more fights than lose. These tips are mainly focused on multiplayer, but also work in Battle Royale mode.

Tip # 1
: Maximum Performance

For games, there are some things that are more important than the frame rate. One of the first things console users notice throughout their lives when switching to PC games is the smoothness. We even see that smartphones are heading this way with devices like Razer Phone 2, OnePlus 7 Pro, and Pixel 4, which use refresh rates of over 90 frames per second.

Call of Duty Mobile does not support this 90 fps, Android is aiming for 60 fps (and we believe that the same frame rate will be targeted on iOS devices). This does not mean that the game runs at 60 fps all the time . Instead, it depends on SoC, throttling, and other factors that control performance. However, you can do your part to achieve the highest possible frame rate.

In CoD Mobile, tap the setting wheel, select "Audio and Graphics", and under "Frame Rate" (iOS), choose "Very High", check "High"). When this option is enabled, the highest frame rate is aimed at, ensuring that you get a fluent 60 fps throughout the game in most sessions.

If you notice that the frame rates are dropping sharply, we recommend reducing the graphics quality. If you enable any of the visual features such as Depth of Field, Real-time Shadow, or Anti-aliasing, turn them off to get a higher frame rate. Although a good looking game is great, a fluid experience will help you perform better on the battlefield.

Tip # 2: Clear Background Activities

You can not get kills without the game running smoothly, and nothing dries up a system like background activity. Just like playing games on the PC, running apps in the background limits only available memory.

To avoid triggering, degrading graphics quality, or slowing down the frame rate, we recommend that you disable all apps in your phone's multitasking view. On Android, this process is even faster thanks to the "clear all" button at the bottom of the list.

Image of Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

Tip 3: Use a Strong Wi-Fi Fi connection (5 GHz)

Since Call of Duty Mobile supports online multiplayer, your data connection is important. While Wi-Fi may not always be available, it's usually a better connection than mobile data. Even though your data rates are not higher, the latency is generally lower, which means that your input will be registered faster. The last thing you want to do is tap the "Fire" button just to prevent a delay.

For Wi-Fi, the 5 GHz frequency is the best option. This frequency is available on 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ax routers (also known as Wi-Fi 6). Thanks to its higher frequency, it is able to achieve much faster speeds than 2.4 GHz. The trade-off is shorter, but since bandwidth and latency are important, we recommend using this connection.

For the very best experience, you can opt for a wired connection (with a USB-OTG adapter and an Ethernet cable) to eliminate the potential interference of a wireless connection.

Tip # 4: Customizing the Screen Keys

While we're waiting for the controller to support, a good thing is that the Tencent In Call of Duty Mobile has added an adjustable screen control. All controls that occupy your hub can be moved and resized (or reduced in size). You can even adjust the opacity to see more of the screen.

Tap the gear icon at the top of the game's main screen and choose Custom Layout under the highlighted control scheme. You'll see all controls on the screen, including the controls that appear for specific targets and objects. Tap the button you want to change and drag it to the desired location. In the menu you can adjust the size with "Scale" and the transparency with "Opacity". You can even hide a button by selecting the Hide Button option. When you have made your changes, select "Confirm".

I recommend moving the controls to the desired location. Do not follow what you see from your favorite streamer – if you miss the fire button, enlarge it. If you accidentally press on it, make it smaller or remove it from your hand. Remember that you have enough space to aim with your right thumb. You can even use our guide to more precisely control some of the shoulder buttons with these custom controls.

Tip # 5: Use a Controller (When Support Is Added)

For games, a mouse and keyboard provides unsurpassed precision, control, and customization. A clear step below is the controller. At the foot of the mountain are touchscreen controls.

Call of Duty Mobile currently does not support controllers. It was previously included, so we will guess it will come back. In this case, the use is strongly recommended.

A controller hides all the buttons on the screen and lets you see more of the screen. Thanks to the physical buttons, you get improved precision and can change your firing rate with different pressures on the triggers (which directly affects your ammunition consumption). Thanks to the controller's joystick or D-pad, you no longer have to worry about accidentally pressing the wrong buttons when aiming.

Both Android and iPhone now support Xbox One and PS4 controllers. If you own one of these consoles, you can save money. You can also opt for a controller like the Razer Raiju Mobile, which, in some ways, is better than a console controller, thanks to additional paddles.

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Tip 6: Get a Gaming Phone

I do not advise you to use your phone for to sell a gaming phone. But if you're in the market for a new phone and are open to using Android, I would consider a gaming phone. Finally, in an article about Call of Duty Mobile you will find six tips at the moment. Therefore, playing smartphones obviously has priority.

This is a new subgenre of phones that has come on the market lately. Gaming phones have special features for gamers who start with the specifications. The memory is usually very high (Tip 2 is not required), the cooling is better, the refresh rate is higher, the audio playback is better, and the game mode limits the distraction of notifications and calls. 19659032] 16 Ways to Destroy Competitors in Call of Duty Mobile ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

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If you want to play Call of Duty Mobile extensively and upgrade your phone, there are some great options to choose from outside. Since we've been in the second generation of gaming phones, improvements have been made to make sure you get a great phone overall. Each of these phones gives you a better overall experience and a competitive edge – especially if you use all the features and all the accessories (see ASUS ROG Phone II).

Tip # 7: Use Headphones [19659004] Steps offer a great advantage with Call of Duty Mobile. Since users appear on the radar only when a UAV is active or when they take a shot (and not at all when they have a suppressor), hearing their motion can make the difference between an early death and another kill. While your phone's speakers do a good job of producing the shots, music and dialogues of the characters, they help you recognize steps. For this you need a headphone.

I recommend buying a wireless headset for two reasons. The first is that most high-end phones no longer have a headphone jack. Secondly, cables interfere and that is a more pronounced problem when playing games. Who wants a plug to be plugged into the palm of the hand while playing CoD?

There are some really good wireless headphones on the market. Check out the Bluetooth Headphone section in our Gift Guide for gamers, which offers some great options, ranging from a little budget to expensive, depending on how much you want to spend.

Tip # 8: Download After Battle

I learned this after years of playing FPS games on console and PC. Reload after fighting. If you moor with an enemy and the fight ends (whether you kill him or one of you runs away), reload your weapon immediately. You'll probably be in for about half a journal, depending on the weapon. They do not want to enter a new battle with less than a full magazine. So remember, always download directly after .

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Tip 9: Learn to Punish

How Almost All FPS Games Are Strafing a great tool in CoD Mobile. You will always find new players fighting. The thing is, a stagnant target is easy to hit compared to a moving target.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, the punishment just moves sideways while playing. You can stretch from left to right, stretch in one direction, drive backwards and then return in the same direction. You can add a jump or a duck … that's up to you. The tricky part is learning to shoot precisely while you're on the move, but that will go along with the practice.

Picture of Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

Tip # 10: Learn the Battlefield

This tip may seem obvious, but will teach you every level. Call of Duty Mobile consists of five phases (to start), each with different layouts and vertical levels. Knowing how to reach each point quickly can help you avenge your death or give your teammate much help.

Pay attention to the layout while playing and use the practice mode (more on this in the next tip). , Knowing where to go on stage always gives you an edge over someone unfamiliar with the stage.

Tip # 11: Practice

Call of Duty Mobile may be difficult at the start of the game. Players come in at different levels, and if you are a beginner, this can be a very frustrating experience. You have to practice, and in Call of Duty Mobile, Tencent has done it pretty simply.

Under Multiplayer, select the gray box in the lower-right corner to display a prompt for the various game modes available. Select "Practice against AI", select "Confirm" and then "Start" on the main page.

In this mode you can play along with four other human players, against bots. Here you can practice your punishment, learn the battlegrounds, and find the best weapon combination while playing lighter opponents. If you can master these bots, you should be ready to take on human players.

Tip # 12: Take Headshots

If you've just started playing I suspect you'll usually lose more battles than you would like. This is because many beginners (and even experienced players) seek most of their enemy: their torso and their legs. But, as you know from any Hollywood movie, if you want to kill someone faster, you should aim your head upside down.

Head shots cause significantly more damage than body shots and significantly improve the number of battles won. These are not just for sniper rifles. If you enter a fight, raise your vision higher and shoot. Not every shot is a headshot, but any shot that inflicts more damage than the body shots your enemy hits you with, and allows you to win this fight. Combine that with Strafing, and you'll never lose.

Image of Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

Tip # 13: Target Visors [19659004] One way to improve your accuracy is through it to use the rifle scope (ADS). I know that hip-fire is easier, but it's less accurate. The slower movement of the weapon with the ADS, the zoom (depending on the riflescope) and the crosshairs help you hit your target more often than miss.

One strategy I recommend is to execute ads around corners and aim upwards for headshots. When you hit an enemy, you can already shoot and have a leg free before being shot down for the first time.

Tip # 14: Adjust Your Weapon

As with any Call of Duty game You can search YouTube for the best weapon combination and find hundreds of videos with the best streamer loading. But here's the thing: while some loadouts are better (until patched), the attachments that work for your style of play are even better.

For example, if you're someone who fires fast, press the trigger until the clip is over. For each battle, you want an expanded magazine and maybe a fast magazine. If you like Hip Fire (ignore our previous tip), use the laser sight. If you want a high damage per second (DPS), you need FMJ. Find the best combination for your style of play by practicing (see Tip # 11).

Also, look for the weapon that is right for you. Next to the category, find the best combination of magazine size, rate of fire, damage, accuracy, and more, to match your playing style. Do not just use shotguns because you've seen some twitch streamer, but also because you prefer to be very close.

Tip # 15: Choose Scorestreaks You Can Get

I know we all want to use the Tactical Nuke. But if you can not score 25 kills without dying, you've wasted only one in three scorestreaks slots that could otherwise be used by someone you could get.

I know the others are not as sexy as those with higher scores, but they help. UAV is a must for all players as it helps both you and your teammates. Airdrop is great for beginners because it gives you the ability to earn higher scores without the daunting task of getting a higher score. Just be honest with your abilities to score in every game.

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Tip 16: Take Advantage of Operator Skill

Approximately in the middle of the Most games should have access to your operator skill (after unlocking the ability). This weapon is a unique skill and weapon that you can access for a short time. The thing is, I hardly see anyone using them.

The "Purifier" (the first operator you unlock) can kill you several times if you get close enough to use the Flamethrower. Think of them as free scorestreaks and use them. But like scorestreaks, use them at the right moment. You do not need to use any operator knowledge as soon as you receive it. You can reserve it for the right moment, for example, when you run out of ammunition or when several enemies are nearby.

I'm sure I missed more tips. Whether you are new to Call of Duty Mobile or an experienced Call of Duty veteran, share your tips in the comments section below and increase the competitiveness of the game.

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