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17 gripping True Crime podcasts to immerse in this Halloween – LifeSavvy

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The scary season is upon us. That said, it's the perfect time to immerse yourself in creepy stories that make your skin crawl. Give your shuttle traffic even more excitement with these fascinating, criminal podcasts.

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

If you do not need Happy-Ever-After to enjoy a story, you can enjoy this podcast. Former case investigator Paul Holes and investigative journalist Billy Jensen discuss unresolved murders, unidentified remains and missing persons every week.

What makes this podcast so unique is that the listeners can go along with the two experts on their way to solving crime. You can also help them with tips or new information. Although this does not always succeed, storytelling is always engaging and easily distorted.

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The Clearing

This brand new podcast features April Balascio, a woman who noticed at the age of 40 that her father Edward Wayne Edwards was a serial killer. With her host John Dean, she delves into her past and gives insights into her father's strange psyche. She also tells how her suspicions led her to contact the police, which led to his arrest and conviction. It's an enthralling and emotional journey that you should not miss.

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 Episode 124 of

Crime is not just about murder – it's a function of our society, our homes, our system and our history. Sometimes it's about blood, misinformation or helplessness. With their hypnotic sound design and captivating words, criminals share stories that are far more complex than they seem at first glance. In this award-winning podcast, the engaging voice of presenter Phoebe Judge objectively explores various crime stories that will satisfy the most analytical and curious minds.

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When it comes to criminal, long-format podcasts, Serial is the G.O.A.T. With Sarah Koeing's impressive investigative skills as a journalist, the thrilling storytelling, and the excellent production included in each episode, this podcast sets a new standard in the genre.

The first season deals with the murder of Baltimore High School's 1999 student Hae Min Lee and the questionable belief of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. The team presents the facts of the case, discovers new evidence, and even has a discussion with Syed.

The podcast was viralized and has won several major radio awards. Be sure to listen to it.

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While Serial played a large role in Adnan Syed's case (see above), Undisclosed performed more. Originally, this podcast was a sort of spin-off from Serial. It should penetrate deeper into the case and bring to light new information about judicial misconduct, police corruption and undeniable prejudice. The podcast continues to investigate unlawful convictions and the associated shortcomings in the US criminal justice system, which often leaves marginalized persons with their own devices.

Through their stories, the producers have helped raise money for defense teams and channel the Innocence Project at its best – uncovered new evidence that has led to the relief of the unlawfully convicted.

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Similar to Criminal Crimetown goes beyond the serial killer's tale. From Rhode Island to Detroit, this podcast examines the culture of crime in America through stories told by the citizens. From War on Drugs and Political Corruption to Racism and Poverty Crimetown deals in depth with the critical issues that still affect major cities in the US

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Real Crime Profile

What do a former FBI profiler, a former criminal behavior analyst at New Scotland Yard, and the Casting Director of CBS Criminal Minds have in common? The Real Crime Profile podcast and the love of Netflix. If it's not enough for you to see all the popular documentaries about true crime, this dynamic trio offers interesting perspectives and professional insights that you did not know you needed. This weekly podcast focuses on one element of each story per show.

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The Last Podcast on the Left

If you enjoy true mystery stories, but also like to sleep at night, this is the podcast for you. A group of comedians moderated The Last Podcast on the Left. They treat a new theme every week, be it a product of the evil human mind or the imagination. This podcast offers discussions about demons and serial killer with a page of jokes and giggles.

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My Favorite Murder

This is another podcast for those who want to quench their greed for horror while keeping it easy. Comedian friends Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark meet twice a week. They discuss strange murders and crimes committed in their hometown by their listeners and perfectly match the cruel with a bit of healthy humor. From the moment they created this audio series, their friendly approach to crime testing took the world by storm, creating a community of fans known as Murderinos.

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In the Dark

 The Dark Interior of a Prison Cell and the

This award-winning podcast, moderated by reporter Madeline Bala, is a unique example of investigative journalism at its best. Through convincing storytelling that highlights misconduct and a serious commitment to finding the missing piece of the puzzle, In the Dark draws attention to cases that never got enough of it.

In the first season they report the disappearance of young Jacob Wetterling, who remained unresolved for 27 years. In the current season, they discuss the case of Curtis Flowers, who was convicted six times for four murders he has not committed and is still on death row.

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Bear Brook

It all began in 1985, when two bodies were found in a wooden barrel in a New Hampshire State Park. The investigations were carried out tirelessly for years until two more bodies were discovered in another barrel in 2000. For years, the case remained unresolved until the team behind the podcast Bear Brook unearthed new revelations that changed the course of this famous case.

The team believes its cold-cold analysis style will last forever Change the way murders are investigated.

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Missing & Murdering: Finding Cleo

After the success of his first season ( Who killed Alberta Williams?) Missing & murdering: finding Cleo sets out to find what happened with Cleo Nicotine Semaganis. This young girl from Saskatchewan was taken along by her Cree family in the 1970s to join a horrible program called Sixties Scoop.

Connie Walker highlights the systemic repression that indigenous peoples – especially women – have experienced in Canada for years. It is an amazing series of events that will engage you from the first minute.

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Atlanta Monster

If the second season of Mindhunter is not enough, try Atlanta Monster. This criminal podcast delves deep into the controversial case of Atlanta's child murders that took place nearly 40 years ago, terrorizing the citizens.

Despite the extensive investigation and convicted murderer, there are still many unanswered questions and missing African-American children and young adults who deserve our attention.

If you want more after the first season, check out the second season, Monster: The Zodiac Killer .

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Darknet Diaries


This indie podcast, which is particularly relevant in today's Wi-Fi culture, explores the dark side of the Internet. Experienced hackers tell you how vulnerable your digital identity is. From privacy hacks and cybercrime to ransomware to leaked nude selfies Darknet Diaries deals with real-life stories that will erase all your social media accounts and bury your electronic devices in the ground ,

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Up and Vanished

In 2005, Tara Grinstead, a high school teacher and former beauty queen in Georgia, disappeared and left the state with its biggest story ever. After learning of the case, filmmaker Payne Lindsey decided to take action and find out what had happened to Grinstead. While professionals could not agree with his amateur methods, Lindsey managed to make a significant impact – forcing the then-alleged murderer inadvertently to confess. Since then, Payne is a legend among investigative amateurs.

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This investigative series from CBC Radio tells a criminal story per episode and in any case brings a new perspective with a respectful and honest touch. From the cruel assassination of 15-year-old Sharmini Anandavel in 1999 to the serial killer who petrified the LGBTQ community in Toronto over the last 12 years, each case will captivate you until the end.

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Serial Killer

This podcast takes you on a deep, dark journey into the psyche of serial killers, who left cruel, painful traces in the story. By researching their psychological backgrounds and education, the show thoroughly investigates the criminal behavior of the perpetrators. It also goes into the graphic details of their crimes and reveals how vicious and vicious their mind really was. The stories are as gripping as they are stomach-sapping.

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Surrender to the spirit of Halloween by listening to the many dark stories about "the evil that men do". With these podcasts, you can even make the best documentation about true crime on Netflix in no time.

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