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17 Worth knowing about Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is far more than a free two-day shipping. Here you will find everything you need to know about the signature service of Amazon.

Amazon is already a treasure trove of great prizes and undercuts many other e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. The savings will only be better if you are one of over 1

00 million subscribers to Amazon Prime. Thanks to the most basic and best feature of the service, it is ideal for shopping benders: Free two-day shipping – one-day standard shipping soon! – for eligible products. In addition, you will be granted access to all streaming content created and licensed by Prime Video and Amazon for Netflix.

If Prime is still expensive for $ 119 a year, there is a $ 12.99 monthly option. If you keep this option for a year or more, obviously you do not save much. But if you need a free delivery during the holidays or want to do a binge watch The wonderful Mrs. Maisel or The Man in the High Castle for a month or two, then this is a good one Option.

Medicaid recipients and low-income families with a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card will receive Prime at $ 5.99 per month even cheaper (although you can not use the EBT card to pay for Prime).

Of course, if you're a Prime Member you can use Amazon's annual Prime Day, the company's attempt to lift e-commerce to the level of Black Friday Mania in the summer. And it seems to work.

Since the Prime Days on the 15./16. It's time to start using the free Prime trial for 30 days. It's worth it, even if you do not go shopping, because Prime offers a range of other services beyond just shipping and delivering videos. Here are some of the special things you can get.

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