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18 Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips for Successful Nintendo Switch Game (Updated)

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Tom Nook, Blathers and all other residents of your island community celebrate all of your key milestones. How to get to these milestones even faster.

Screenshot from David Priest / CNET

Bunny Day is less than a week away in Animal Crossing: New Horizons the popular island life simulator for the Nintendo Switch . Yes, the Animal Crossing analogue for Easter arrives on April 12th, and the next six days will basically be a huge egg hunt for most of us, adding to our existing obsession with the rare fish Beetles and plants to find that populate the beloved franchise. It turns out that revealing colored eggs is the perfect antidote to the realities of social detachment and quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic – especially when you do it online with friends .

Together with the eggs, I dug out a few nuggets of wisdom to make the game smoother and more rewarding as you build your life on the island, and I added more than I explore every day. If you're not familiar with the series, a little direction can help you navigate the game so you don't just collect everything you see – there is more structure than you think.

Here are some tips and tricks for all types of players, regardless of whether you're already tough. The job of finding eggs for Zipper T. Bunny or buying the game is still in your personal horizons. I will update this post as more tips follow.

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Maximize your time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Travel back in time before moving forward.

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

Time travel is an important and controversial topic in the animal crossing community. Since the game takes place in real time, you actually have to wait a real day for buildings to be built and plants to grow. And Animal Crossing: New Horizons begins slowly . So if you suspect you want a faster start, you should reset your Nintendo Switch's clock to seven to 10 days. This way, you can crank up a day every few hours while playing to cover some of the early, slower developing parts of the game faster.

By resetting the clock before starting instead of zooming forward afterwards, you also give yourself the opportunity to work again in real time. This way, you can pretend you've never cheated (and you don't have to have a shaky watch forever).

Don't postpone paying your debts.

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET.

Tom Nook, the wealthy business raccoon who finances your adventure and constantly pressures you to spend more money than you do, makes you feel like you have deep debts on your first day. It takes a little while for Nook Miles – a performance-based currency – to build up at the start of the game, but work to earn it quickly and pay off your first debt as soon as possible. The faster you pay off your first loan, the faster Tom builds a house for you and, above all, offers you the additional storage space you need for everything you want to collect.

Find any kind of fruit

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

The first fruit you find on your island – I found pears – is sold for 100 bells each. However, if you get more "foreign fruits", you can sell them for up to 500 bells at a time. The problem is that finding these annoying fruit trees can be a challenge, even if you spend all of your Nook Miles traveling to other islands.

Since every player starts with different fruits on their island, this is one of the easiest ways to grow all six tree species at home, you have to divide them. If you have friends who play the game, you can travel to their island. If not, you can always look for strangers in Reddit who share public codes so you can grow some new fruits. And remember, if you don't have a Nintendo Switch online subscription, you can always get a free 7-day trial to find what you need and then cancel before being charged.

Collect all six types of eggs.

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET.

On April 1, you may have been surprised (or sneaked out) by the yellow rabbit hopping in front of your house in Animal Crossing. He asks the players to find six types of eggs scattered across the island. These eggs can be a little hard to hunt for, but we've covered them. Here are the six types of eggs and how to find them:

  • Earth Eggs: Dig out cracked pieces of ground like the ones you find fossils in.
  • Leaf eggs: Shake the pink trees with eggs in their branches.
  • Stone Eggs: Hit the island like you were looking for iron or clay.
  • Wooden eggs: Felling trees with your ax.
  • Sky Eggs: Shoot down the rainbow-colored balloons with your slingshot. [19659029] Aquatic Eggs: Go Fishing!

If you have any further questions about Bunny Day, please read our full guide.

Invite new city dwellers to your island.

Scott Stein / CNET

There are hundreds of potential villagers – all with their own personality and unique design – who can move to your island, but your small piece of land can only hold 10 at a time. As you build the barren island at the start of the game, your roommate's hand selection increases your personal utopia.

To attract the first three city dwellers, simply buy Nook Miles tickets to other islands on the Nook Stop machine in Resident Services. The first three islands you visit will have a character that is excited to join your community. As soon as you have greeted the first three newcomers, Tom Nook will ask you to build a campsite where tourists stay one day at a time. Invite campers and they'll move to your island too.

As a bonus, you can buy collectible Amiibo characters or cards of your favorite Nintendo characters online and invite unique villagers with special attributes to your island. As those who have used Amiibo in other Nintendo games know, they are not essential for the core game, but add small elements to further personalize your experience and sometimes even switch characters between Nintendo properties.

Plant a lot of fruit (and even money).

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET.

Fruit trees are a great way to earn income early in the game. When you get a shovel, plant a pear or an apple tree is easy and pays off quickly. Another semi-secret form of income: money trees!

Golden rays occasionally shine from the ground around the island. If you dig them out, you'll find a bag of bells (the island's main currency). Instead of pocketing the bells and covering the hole, you can plant the bag to grow a money tree. If you select the bells in your inventory and portion a bag of 10,000 bells, you can grow a tree that will drop bags of 10,000 bells as you grow up. But be careful. I have tested planting up to 50,000 bells at a time and the return is still only three bags of 10,000.

Benefit from special visitors

Screenshot from David

In the first few days of your island adventure, you will probably encounter a unique visitor – like Gulliver, the seagull sleeping on the beach, or Wisp, the slightly frightened ghost. Each of these visitors will teach you something, sell you something, or send you on a short mission. These missions bring you unique item rewards.

My personal favorite visitor so far is C.J., a beaver blogger who enjoys fishing. He will ask you to catch special fish for him, order fish decorations for you (from another unique visitor) and pay you extra for each fish you sell him. In a single day with C.J. I ordered a handful of fish decorations on my walls and just let almost 60,000 bells fish. It was a good day.

Play the stalk market (as soon as it's worth the time)

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

Playing the stalk market is a fairly reliable way to increase your weekly sales. On Sundays you can buy beets from Daisy Mae at prices that are usually around 100 bells. For the rest of the week, check out the Nook & # 39; s Cranny Store in the mornings and afternoons to find out about beet prices. The goal is to buy cheap and sell expensive.

A few important tips: Beets rot after a week, so you can't just hoard them and wait for a huge payday. Checking prices twice a day takes time, so you may not want to invest in beets until the time has paid off. I only invest when I have at least 50,000 bells. Then even a small price increase can lead to a clear return. If you want to get into it intensively, you can even visit websites that fans have created to calculate the development of the stalk market over the week.

Organize your island

As you settle into island life, you develop a daily routine: exploring, collecting, and building. However, your routine can be much easier – and requires fewer round trips from your home to store what you find – if you organize efficiently from the start. The easiest way to do this is to plant your fruit trees in deforested orchards. You can even label these orchards with custom signs created using the design app on your Nook Phone, as one reader highlighted in the comments below. Once you get organized, harvesting fruit in the morning is quick and profitable, and you can spend all of the time saved exploring, fishing, and collecting any way you want.

Use a stone ax, not an iron one.

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

If we've learned anything in the past millennia, iron trees fall better than stone, right? Well, in Animal Crossing you might not want that your trees fall; Maybe you just want wood, softwood, or hardwood for crafting. Fortunately, the stone ax extracts these types of wood without cutting down the tree .

Making and Using Fishing Lures

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

If you take long, peaceful walks on the beach, you may notice small jets of water spraying out of the sand. When you see them, get your shovel out and dig! Manila shells hide under the sand and you can use them to bait fish. If you are fishing for rare fish, you can use this bait to give yourself a better chance and attract more fish to certain places such as mountain streams and at the end of the pier.

Catch all fish and beetles

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

Another early tip: Catch every animal you see – which is pretty much made up of fish and beetles. Keep an eye on flowers for stinkbugs and mantises, grab butterflies in the woods, and shake trees and rocks to find pill bugs and spiders. That's how my colleague caught the elusive Stringfish.

As soon as you have made your first beetle net and your first fishing rod, hand over your collected animals to Tom Nook. Sure, you could sell these creatures to Timmy and Tommy, the island's traders, but Tom Nook will send every unique discovery to his friend Blathers, the owl, who lives outside the island.

Long story short, after enough donations, Blathers The owl will build a museum on the island and lead you to a much larger collection project that will open up the game considerably.

Learning to crawl

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

Catching fish takes a bit of practice, but it wasn't until a few days after the game started that I noticed that I had caught errors incorrectly. Instead of swinging the net wildly, you can sneak forward by holding the A button when the net is in your hand. As you approach, some beetles – such as tarantulas and praying mantises – will adopt a defensive stance. Wait a few moments for them to calm down, then sneak forward. This brings you close enough to find a mistake before trying to escape.

Always keep a net while shaking trees.

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET.

During your first or second day on the island, when you run around shaking trees to get sticks (how else are you going to build this ax?), Wasp nests occasionally fall off the branches. If you are on the wrong side of a stinger without medication, you will pass out. Once you've set up the beetle net, a good rule of thumb is to keep it always while shaking trees. Not only can they catch vengeful wasps, they can also catch spiders and other creepy crawlers that have moved away from their homes above them.

Fruit gives you super powers

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

When you eat fruit, you see a counter in the top left corner of the screen. This indicator shows how many pieces of fruit you have eaten (up to 10) and for each piece you can do a great job, e.g. B. break a stone or dig a full tree. Digging trees makes it easier to pick forests. If you visit other islands, you can transplant new fruit trees without having to wait for regrowth. Everything that was said, DON'T BREAK ROCKS! Actually…


Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

Iron, clay and stone are useful resources at the beginning of the game, but are difficult to obtain. When you hit a stone with an ax or shovel, it spits out one of these three resources. But you only get a handful. "So," you think, "let me eat some fruit and hit a stone. Then I get ALL resources, right?" NOT CORRECT! If you break a stone, you get a single resource and have to wait for another stone to appear elsewhere on the island (which, as you remember, takes days in real time). The two exceptions are when you try to make room for another construction or when you destroy stones so that they appear closer to your house and are easier to harvest.

Keep an eye on the sky

Screenshot by David Priest / CNET

Falling stars occasionally flash across the sky at night. If you look up and see one, you can press the A button to wish it. The next day, if you want stars, star fragments are washed up on the beach, allowing you to craft unique items such as wands.

Pay attention to morning announcements, as Isabelle occasionally mentions night-time meteor showers that are the perfect time to scoop a dozen stars or more. Falling stars also seem to move in packs. So if you see one in the sky, look up for a few seconds – you may get another handful of free wishes. Depending on when you want stars, you may get unique Zodiac fragments. Only time will tell if these fragments together make special items, but I can tell you that I want this with every shooting star.

Craft is king (especially on the go)

Making tools and objects out of the garbage you discover on the island is a big element in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you often want to do it while you are crafting far away from home. If you have a workbench in your inventory at all times, you can simply put it anywhere and do your craft without the uncomfortable way back to your tent or house.

Once you've done these tricks, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will really open up to you. Discover and continue to tinker, continue to talk to your island friends and above all undress while doing this.

Now that you know how to boost your Island Crossing vacation, read some other tips for to get the most out of your Nintendo Switch and seven other Switch games, you need to play .

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