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20 Annoying Things iOS 12 Fails to Fix or Can not Fix «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

While there are over 100 cool features that iOS 12 has to offer, there are a few things that Apple has annoyed on iPhones or has not yet addressed.

While the main issues below are direct changes to iOS for iPhone The latest 12 updates, some of the minor issues at the bottom of this article are things we also wanted to see in iOS 11, iOS 10 and so on. Yes, Apple added a few things from our iOS wish lists here and there, but they did not fix everything.

. 1 Sending photos in messages is annoying, period

If you are the type of person who publishes images and videos from your photo gallery directly from the News app, you should prepare for an annoying change. Instead of tapping the camera icon as in a news thread, you need to tap on the photo icon in the app tray. It's really hard to get used to, and if you want to hide the app drawer, you'll have more problems with it.

Say goodbye to this and hello in a more frustrating way to access images.

. 2 Saved messages and history are buried in messages

Since iOS 9 we could tap the "Saved" tab in the "Apple News" app to view all the news articles that we have saved because we did not do this time have read completely when we saw them the first time. It also showed us our reading history. I save a lot of articles in news, I admit, so I've used this tab a lot to quickly go back and read content. Also, I want to go back and share things I've read about the fact of my story.

Now, in iOS 12, the Saved tab is no longer available. Instead, you have to go to "Channels" (which was called "Browse" during the Betas). After that you have to scroll all the way down, past search, followed, and suggestions to see "Stored Stories" and "History." Pooh. It's as if Apple does not want us to read anything other than new content.

Before iOS 12 (left) and after (right)

3. You can not add camera effects to your library

Tapping the camera icon in Messages takes you straight to the built-in Camera app, so you can start taking a selfie, landscape photo, or whatever. Whether you are taking a picture or shooting a video – or about to – you can tap the New Effects button to access animoji and memoji, filters, text overlays, and shapes that you can throw on top of a photo or video , 19659002] While this is great, Apple is limiting these new tools to the camera icon in messages. This means that you can not add these effects to photos or videos that are already in your Photos library, nor can you find the effects in the regular Camera app. Disappointing, to say the least.

New effects in news camera (left) not in photos or Camera (right)

4. They are named & # 39; Accounts & Passwords & # 39; changed

To … wait for … "Passwords & Accounts." What the hell was going on with how it was ?! It's a subtle change most people will not even notice, but it's still annoying.

Before (left) and after the iOS 12 update (right)

5. The Shortcuts App Is Not a Stock App

When iOS 12 was released, we hoped that the new Shortcuts app would be preinstalled on all iOS devices, which would open the automation world to the masses, but that was not the case. If you already have a workflow installed, it will be updated on shortcuts, but if not, you'll need to install shortcuts from the App Store – if you even knew it existed. There will be a lot of users who do not care, but that's just because they have not played with it yet.

You need to download it from the App Store.

6. Group FaceTime was a no-show

At least for now. Apple has removed Group FaceTime since iOS 12 dev Beta 7 and has not been around since. Now it's not supposed to be released in a later "fall" update, possibly iOS 12.1 since the iOS 12.1 beta has again shown some signs of Group FaceTime.

. 7 Apple's forcing iCloud Photo Library

Down our throats. Yes. I do not like using iCloud Photos because there are a lot of problems with it. I'll save it for another day, but when it comes to iOS 12, there's a useful feature in photos that you can only use if iCloud Photos is turned on: share suggestions. I'd like to use this feature, but I do not want to pay for more than 5GB of online storage, nor do I want to get rid of my @ Mac email addresses, which occupy most of my iCloud storage. [19659033] 20+ Annoying Things iOS 12 Misleading or Not Addressing ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

  20+ Annoying Things iOS 12 Misleading or Not Addressing
Sharing suggestions can only be used after iCloud enabled photos.

8. Faceplate camera slip is hidden

If you're using someone on iOS 11.4.1 or lower FaceTiming, if you want to switch between the selfie camera and the rear camera, simply use the Press the camera key. Now in iOS 12 you have to hit the ellipse (•••) and then select "Flip" to do the same. So it's essentially a two-step process instead of just typing.

When you use FaceTiming in landscape mode, the new hidden menu always becomes still in portrait view, so you'll have to pan your head to read the button names.

More Gripes About iOS 12

There are many things that are wrong in iOS, in general, which I may have mentioned before, so be I just list them here quickly instead of

  1. The " Wishlist" in the App Store has still not returned.
  2. Still no third-party app support in the Control Center.
  3. There is still no quick setting in the Control Center to customize the controls
  4. And still no way to enter detailed settings from any control
  5. The intrusive volume HUD is still in certain areas of iOS too find like photos.
  6. No way to rate tracks from Control Center or lock the screen.
  7. Deleting multiple e-mails at the same time is still a pain in the ass.
  8. Still no "junk" option for swipe options in mail.
  9. Screenshot thumbnail still can not be disabled.
  10. Game Center is still useless.
  11. Still no universal Dark mode
  12. No dual-screen mode for iPhones yet.
  13. No dual-user support for iPhones yet.
  14. Voice transcriptions for iMessage audio are still missing.
  15. No halide-like controls in the camera app Still.
  16. Apple still does not use its own biometric platforms in stick apps.
  17. Still no numbers or swiping in Apple's standard keyboard.
  18. Not a good way to turn off flashlight on lock screen (older iPhones
  19. Grouped pictures sent to messages from photos are still being turned on to iCloud albums (with iCloud Ph otos) rather than individual picture files See Immediately.

Are you experiencing any serious issues with iOS 12 not listed above? Share in the comments below, I'm sure there's something we did not talk about that makes you crazy, so read However, as annoying as some of the above issues are, it's just a small portion of iOS 12. Slightly over 20 annoying features compared to over 100 cool features? At this point, it may just be fussy, but one perfect iOS is the dream.

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Cover image and screenshots by Justin Meyers / Ga dget hacks

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