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20 Free Games That You Can Play on Android Without Internet «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Whether you're on your way home from work on the subway or on a long road trip in the back seat of the car, there are times when You need to do this without a mobile data connection. A good mobile game would pass the time perfectly, but not every game works without an internet connection.

To keep you at rest, we've tested dozens of great user ratings games to find the best that work, even in airplane mode. Apart from that, our only criterion was that the game can be downloaded for free from Google Play, so anyone can use the following list to find the perfect time wasting.

Action Games

For the times you want Free to be at your ease Also, a lot, these action games will get your blood flowing while keeping your eye open. Test hand coordination and help break the idle time at a fast pace.

GT Racing 2 is a classic street racing game for mobile phones that gives you gyroscope-based controls and solid graphics. But one factor that sets this game apart from other similar games is its customizable touch control, which you can use to slow down, accelerate, or boost your Turbo Boost.

Unicorn Attack 2

My personal favorite game series is the Robot Unicorn Attack by Adult Swim. The second installation, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, improves on almost every aspect of the first installation, while preserving the lateral scrolling, double jump and radiant fun. The challenge is mainly to make leaps in timing and avoid obstacles with eye-hand coordination, so the gameplay has a strong super Mario character.

Angry Birds 2 [19659007] You can not make a list of smartphone games without putting Angry Birds in there, right? Angry Birds 2 is the latest addition to Rovio's ultra-popular franchise, and it will not disappoint, with new characters and power-ups that will scare the annoying pigs and their poorly-built structures.

Puzzle games

If you need to give your brain some exercise, you can stay focused with these puzzles and provide an entertainment factor that entertains your funny side [19659018] Solitaire: Decked Out

As for puzzles, it does not become more classic than the famous single-player card game everyone played at any one time in their lives. Solitaire: Decked Out is a no-frills version of Solitaire for Android that keeps things simple and focuses on gameplay, so you'll lose time in any scenario.

Simon Tathams Puzzles

Simon Tathams Puzzles is actually not a single game but a game huge collection of puzzles. With options ranging from a minesweeper clone to an interesting domino game, you'll have hours of fun and mental stimulation.

Unblock Me FREE

Some of the best puzzles are those in which the Premise is simple, but finding the solution is still a challenge. Unblock Me FREE falls into this category because you just have to move the red block from one side of the screen to the other, but that's a lot easier said than done.

SimCity BuildIt

For the architect of us all, SimCity BuildIt brings the popular Sim desktop and console franchise with simple and intuitive controls on your mobile device. As the mayor of a virtual city, you have the opportunity to build every aspect of your city from scratch to your own image as you take care of the needs of your citizens and hope that everything goes according to plan.

Adventure games

If you just want to hide in a game and explore the virtual world, you should definitely try these adventure games.

If you were a fan of Legend of Zelda in the '80s, you'll love the Shattered Pixel Dungeon. The overall aesthetics of the game are strikingly similar to the adventures of Link on the old NES console, right down to the real 8-bit graphics. Although it is based in a sewage system, Zelda's gameplay is quite similar, making it an adventure-fantasy game that trickles with nostalgia.

Kingdom Rush

Tower defense games are nowadays one of the most popular genres for mobile games , And for a good reason. You create a perfect balance between strategy and action by building obstacles, then sitting back and hoping that your efforts will be enough to fend off an enemy attack. Kingdom Rush is at the top of the genre and is considered one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store.

Survive: Wilderness Survival [19659007] Did you play the Oregon Trail as a kid? If not, excuse me for missing it, but a game called Survive: Wilderness Survival has captured the essence of this classic computer game and brought it into this decade. The game simulates a situation where you are stranded with limited resources in the wild. Then you can choose an approach from there – but be careful, a misstep and you could not survive … er,

The Silent Age

For some games, aesthetics are half the fun. This is definitely the case with The Silent Age, as it artistically depicts style, fashion and modern design from the 70s, making a flat, almost two-dimensional impression. This mesmerizing backdrop provides a great backdrop for a classic adventure-genre gameplay where you explore your surroundings and try to put together clues.

Roleplaying Games

If you've been able to deal with epic quests, stories, monsters, magic, and more things than just possible, a role-playing game is just what You need. This list should fuel your need for new worlds and help take your characters to the next level.

Who does not like killing epic bosses with incredible abilities while looking cool at the same time? With Tap Titans 2 you can experience what it's like to be a legendary Swordmaster killing Titans as if they were no big deal. You need to tap the screen as fast as possible to damage the enemies in front of you to earn some coins. Save your gold to upgrade your equipment, learn new skills, hire mercenaries to help you with your quest, and even reborn as a new hero to gain new special powers.

NOTE: Make sure that the game files are present updated before you play offline.


If you have died for something 2D side scrolling fight then the award-winning RPG as Postknight could be your answer. You play as a knight who has been given the dangerous task of delivering letters throughout the kingdom to different people. You'll have to fight your way through various monsters and bosses and use your weapons and abilities to deliver those important letters. If you defeat more enemies, you can upgrade your gear to take your character to new heights.

Word Games

There is nothing like training your brain with good old puns to keep your mind sharp. Not only can they be entertaining, they can also take different forms. These puns should keep you busy whenever you feel like thinking outside the box.

Are you looking for a clean and well-presented word search puzzle game? Properly named, word search could be exactly what you were looking for to complete this crossword puzzle. You get a lot of classic puzzles that you have to solve as you get more challenging with each new challenge you solve. Better than a good, classic word search game to pass the time.


If you feel like being challenged, could Pictoword be the right thing for you. If you only provide two images, you must use your mind and find out what the word or phrase is based on these references. They start in simple mode to warm you up, but after some time, they may make you think outside the box. Maybe you have discovered that in record time you are quite natural to find out? Make a fuss and see how far you can do it.


Fascinating Record a pun, Linguinis offers you an experience you've never had before in terms of the word genre. It combines the idea of ​​a pattern matching game with a word structure similar to Scrabble or Boggle. There are many challenges to master and a lot of crazy characters to see in every world. You also have a set number of turns to find words per level, so you can think carefully while speaking your chosen words on Android without the Internet ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>


A refreshing and modern version of the classic crossword puzzle, Wordscapes a new level of fun. You can expect all the usual activities from such a game, but with an excellent soundtrack, great animations and soothing scenery. You can occasionally play or go to see how many challenges you can master. It's a fun, relaxing and entertaining word game that should keep your mind busy for a while with its large number of riddles to clear.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list. So if you know of great games that do not require an internet connection, we would appreciate your suggestions in the comment section.

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