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22 New iOS 12.2 Features for the iPhone You Should Not Miss «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

A few months ago, iOS 12.1 released a handful of useful innovations, and the upcoming iOS 12.2 will go even further when released as a stable build to the public. While some of the new features of iOS 12.2 for iPhone are very welcome, there are some we could do without.

Apple's iOS 12.2 started beta testing on January 4, 2019, and since then all of the items listed below have been found in the beta versions, it's possible that not all will achieve the stable build. However, there is also a chance that all will appear officially. In any case, if you want to try it on your iPhone now, you can either do it as a registered developer or as a public beta tester.

However, before we get to the actual functions, you should emphasize that there is some guidance iOS 1

2.2 Beta for the coming things. First, there is a new AirPods setup screen with "Hey Siri", which indicates that AirPods 2 may be released very soon. Second, there was a new Apple News user interface that highlighted the upcoming "Apple News Magazines" subscription option includes magazines like Shape, Vogue, Bon Appétit, and ESPN.

It is believed that this is part of a larger Apple subscription service for magazines, Apple Music and TV broadcasts.

. 1 There are new Animoji to play

If you have an iPhone X, X S X S Max or X R is there four new Animoji characters to use in Messages and FaceTime, increasing the total number of Animoji to 24, but not the customizable Memoji. New animated AR Emoji characters include a giraffe, a shark, a boar and an owl.

2. You can view the air quality in Apple Maps

If you're viewing a city or city on Apple Maps in iOS 12.2, you can view the AQI for the region. The AQI (Air Quality Index) is a set of numbers and colors that describes how clean or polluted the air is. Apple has added AQI data to the Weather app in iOS 12.0, which is now available for Maps.

Whenever you see the current weather in the lower right corner of a map, you can see the AQI value. from 0 to 500, least polluted – and the associated color directly below it. However, it is an opt-in, so you need to enable the setting before it works. In our guide you will learn how and what meaning these values ​​have.

3. You can disable weather forecasts in maps

Before introducing the AQI values ​​into Apple Maps, you were busy displaying the current weather for an area displayed on the screen. However, since the addition, there is a new section in the map settings where you can disable the weather icon at the bottom right. I never found the weather information in Maps as annoying or inappropriate. However, if you do, you now have the option to remove this information. If you are only interested in the AQI conditions, you can make this visible.

4. Device details are clearer

A tiny but very popular feature is a reordered "Info" screen in the "General" settings. Instead of just having the name of your device itself, the software version, model name, model number, and serial number are added. All of these were previously available in the large section of information, with the exception of the model name, which shows "iPhone X S Max" or whatever type is completely new here. There is now a separate section for the memory information.

The About page (left) and after ( right) the update.

. 5 You can adjust your downtime every day.

Previously you could set the [Ausfallzeit] function for Screentime only for every day for a certain period of time. In iOS 12.2, however, you can choose a specific option days with specific times for each. You can even turn it off for a few days and turn it on for others.

6. Safari prevents sites from gathering movement data

There is a new Safari setting named " Motion & Orientation Access" By default, web apps had access to accelerometers and gyroscope sensor data, but opt-in is now enabled because they could be used for tracking, analytics, and audience detection, according to The Verge.

This can prevent the virtual system Reality and augmented reality content on websites are not working properly, although Apple's A R Quick Look feature seems to work properly. However, when visiting Experience's Apple iPhone website, it was clear that motion data was disabled with the toggle switch disabled.

When setting (left) vs. vs (right) is set (right).

. 7 Easier Safari Search with Arrows

Web browsing in Safari displays blur arrows next to the suggested searches that appear below the search bar. If you tap on an arrow, this suggestion will automatically be filled in the search bar, but you will not be directed there automatically. You can still tap the actual words next to the arrow to open the search immediately, the arrow will help narrow down your search and get more referrals.

8. Safari endangers unsecured ones Even more sites

Safari already warns you if a site's certificate is expired or inadmissible, and alerts you if a website was unsure during a sign-in or check-out process. Safari dwarfs websites even more because HTTPS is not implemented, an application protocol that encrypts data that you send to and from a site. So, if you're landing on a web page that uses only HTTP, the address bar says "Not Safe." This also applies to the Safari browser when used in apps.

9. There is no "Do not track" option

The "Do not track" option was not more than one Security blanket for Safari, but there was still room for hope that some sites and advertisers would agree to your request not to be tracked while browsing. Apple finally gives in to defeat, essentially saying it was never really important in the beginning.

10. Wallet received an optimized user interface

Apple has slightly updated the user interface of the Wallet app in iOS 12.2. In some aspects, it definitely looks slimmer, but it's really only visual changes.

For example, if you display a card or pass, your additional cards and passports hidden at the bottom are completely gone. Now you have to press "Done" instead of just tapping on another card. However, you can also drag the map down to view all maps and passes. The button with the ellipses (•••) has also been moved from bottom to top, where you can access more details for the map or pass. Instead of square menu fields, these are now rounded.

11. With Apple Pay Cash You Add Money Immediately (For Now)

Speaking of Wallet, the look of your Apple Pay Cash card is also being revised. If you access the card, you will still see your last transaction, but you will also see all the transactions of the last year. There is also an abbreviation for adding money (usually you would need to type in the ellipses (•••) and you can still see more options) and notifications from Apple. The latest beta build removed the "Add Money" series and the annual review, but we hope it will come back.

Apple Pay Cash Card in iOS 12.1.4 (left) vs. iOS 12 (right).

12. There's a Color Picker Keyboard

One of the more interesting additions is a color-based keyboard, a measure that benefits developers more than anyone else. The keyboard color selection layout can only be invoked online with an HTML5 color picker tool that is activated with the element input type = "color" . In standard hexadecimal format, only simple colors are displayed so that RGB alpha colors that appear in different opacities will not work.

It looks much the same as the color selection tool in the Notes app and the markup tool in Photos, Email, et. al., it's just a custom keyboard, no pop-up selection. You can test it in W3Schools' HTML5 Color Picker or Mozilla's Tool.

The color picker in Apple apps (left) and the new color keyboard (right).

. 13 New Third-Party TVs Get Support for AirPlay 2 & HomeKit

Apple announced earlier this year that third-party TVs will be supported by manufacturers such as Sony, LG and Vizio AirPlay 2, and HomeKit support. Samsung's televisions will also get the AirPlay 2 functionality, but they choose to include the iTunes Movies and TV Shows app instead of the HomeKit support.

The update has shown signs of this support, with TV options displayed in the Home app, z new "Allow Loudspeaker and TV access" to select exactly who is viewing content, and AirPlay 2 devices can send. Before, it said only "allow speaker access". A developer has also found a way to access hidden controls in iOS 12.2 to integrate televisions into home automation, e.g. B. dim the lights when playing a movie.

Siri is also an exception because you can tell Siri about it Open an app or play content on your TV and turn the TV off and on again. You can also transfer content from your iPhone to your TV, just like on an Apple TV.

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14. The Apple TV Remote has a New Icon

Since Apple TV is not the only TV that can be controlled with AirPlay 2 on your iPhone, it's time to update the Apple TV remote with those other TVs works. Instead of the Apple TV picture, the picture is now a remote control. This icon will be displayed in the Control Center for its control tile as well as for other areas of iOS, eg. For example, on the Video Now Playing screen in Siri, the lock screen, and so on.

The old icon in iOS 12.1.4 (left). iOS 12.2 (right).

15. The Apple TV Remote looks better

When you use the Apple TV remote in the Control Center, it expands to a larger card that allows you to access the menu, play / pause, Siri, AirPlay content, rewind , Fast forward and use the touchpad. If you now tap the control or press it for a long time, the entire screen will be enlarged. The Rewind and Fast Forward buttons appear only when content is playing and everything else is there, as well as a new Find button.

The TV remote control in iOS 12.1.4 (left) vs. iOS 12.2 (right).

16. There is a new icon for screen mirroring

The icon for "Screen Mirroring" has now been shown in more detail, which is actually the screen reflection. The former symbol was very confusing, only a triangle pointed to a screen. The enhanced icon shows two displays:

The Screen Mirroring Control in iOS 12.1.4 (left) vs. iOS 12.2 (right).

17. And a new AirPlay icon

Do you see this old screen mirroring icon above? Welp, this is your new AirPlay icon now. Previously, the AirPlay icon was a circular tower with circular airwaves, which could be confused with Wi-Fi or a personal hotspot. The triangle, which is essentially a side play button, points up towards the display (or device) of your AirPlaying.

In our tests, however, the new icon and icon sometimes appear, sometimes in the same scenario, when playing the same content from the same app (see screenshot below), but it is likely that it only needs to be more specific.

18. Apple News is Now Available in Canada

If you're in North America, you do not need Apple's messaging platform miss more because iOS 12.2 includes the news support for Canada. The number of sources available in the Apple News App is initially limited, but will continue to increase for Canadians over time. However, you can view news sources in either English or French, a nice addition.

19th Apple News got a slight facelift

Also new to news are small visual changes. First, the "Apple" in "Apple News", which is up to this date, is replaced by the Apple icon, similar to Apple Pay. The news logo and the current temperature have been removed at the top right. Why did Apple remove this? Who knows. I can not understand why the temperature had to go down (except that it was occasionally faulty), but the news icon was not needed.

The Today view in iOS 12.1 .4 (left) vs. iOS 12.2 (right).

20. Apple News has a new home screen icon

The new home screen app icon for news is different. While the "N" part only looks almost identical for a few more turns, the focus is now on the icon. Basically, it's like zooming in on the "N" of the old symbol and cutting out everything else, just leaving a white border and adding curves to the inner part of the letter.

The old icon in iOS 12.1.4 (left). iOS 12.2 (right).

21. Siri May Suggest "Today at Apple" Sessions

If you live near an Apple store that has " Today at Apple" mini-classes, you may be able to make recommendations received from Siri on upcoming events. In the "Siri & Search" settings for the Apple Store app, there is a new button "Search interests in other apps". By default, this option is enabled, ie disabled, but if enabled, it indicates that "Siri Today can propose at Apple sessions based on your Safari and App usage."

22. AT & T is displayed as "5G E" for some users

When using AT & T as the carrier, the status bar may display a new "5G E" icon instead of the normal "LTE". The new symbol stands for " 5G Evolution", which is not to be confused with "5G" at all. Currently, there are no iPhone models that can support 5G speeds, so for those who see it on an iPhone X S X S Max or ] X R it just means that you have advanced 4G LTE speeds, a small step from 4G.

Siddavarapu's picture / Twitter

Stay tuned for more updates

We will continue to delve into the iOS 12.2 betas to find more interesting features for the iPhone. Here and there we have already discovered some minor behind-the-scenes features that we'll add up once we've learned everything about them.

Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIFs by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks (unless stated otherwise)

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