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27 tips for your new Google Home speaker

You have a Google homepage ($ 99 at Walmart) This holiday season? You are well on the way to making your home intelligent.

Google's intelligent speaker lets you see the weather, control your other smart home devices, and more with a simple voice command. If you are a proud owner of one, here are the tips you need to know.

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Automate your life with Google routines


Where should you place your Google homepage?

Google Home speakers are small enough to fit in most areas of the house, but they can serve specific purposes in different rooms.

If you spend a lot of time preparing each morning, there are nine reasons to use your Google Home . Maybe you like to cook or your family usually gathers in the kitchen. In that case, your Google Home should live there where you can set timers, answer cooking questions and control smart devices.

Need more decision support? This guide will help you to find out where your intelligent speaker should live .

Google Home Speakers look the same as they are, but if you'd like them to blend into your decor, there are ways to customize their look .

Mastering the basics

Your new Google Home has many interesting features and can perform many actions. However, before diving into all, start with the Basic Settings .

How to Speak to Google Assistant

You usually communicate with your Google Home using spoken commands. You can ask your new speaker for anything you enter in Google and much more.

The full list of Google Home Voice Commands is long and growing, but there are some that you will actually use on a regular basis:


Google's great speakers Home Max can fill your home with music.

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Rocking to Music

Playing music will probably be one of your favorite pastimes for your Google homepage. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Control Your Smart Home Devices

Google Home Speakers can serve as a central hub for all your smart devices. For the most part, it can control any smart home product you already have.

To begin with, we have seven ways to build your smart home around the Google Home . Then learn how to control your lights and the thermostat with Google Home.

How to troubleshoot common issues

After setting up your Google Home, do not mess with settings or troubleshoot problems. But no software or hardware is perfect. Therefore, you should know the four most common problems of [Startseite] and how to fix them.

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