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28 Reasons Why You Should Not Install iOS 12 Beta on Your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

This year's big iPhone iOS 12 update aims to solve many of the issues that cropped up during iOS 11's controversial, flawed tenure. In this sense, it may be tempting to immediately jump to the new software and finally put iOS 11 in the dust. Here are some reasons why you might want to rethink your participation in iOS 12 beta.

If you switch to the beta version of iOS 12, which is available to developers and public beta testers, you may have more problems than iOS 11 whole – bugs, glitches, compatibility issues and other disadvantages. That's because we're still in the early days of the beta program, which is why iOS 1

2 has a lot to do to meet Apple's hopes for a smooth, mobile operating system, as it did then.

Well, these concerns are not to say that iOS 12 is necessarily bad or that it will not surpass iOS 11 as the superior operating system. However, updating your iPhone can be a big change, and it can be tedious to undo it if you have not taken the proper precautions. Before you decide to bite into the bullet and update your iPhone, first read all the problems listed below.

Note: The latest versions include developer Beta 4 and public beta 3.

1. The Volume HUD is still garbage

We are upset too. While we all hoped that Apple would work to simplify and minimize the volume HUD, the classic big box is still here to block our screens, while in some cases changing the volume of our iPhone. (Affects all betas.)

2. Notifications are Hit & Miss

The iOS community held a collective celebration when it became known that iOS 12 would bring the notification grouping back to iPhones and iPads. When it does, the new system really cleans up the notification center and allows you to focus on individual messages and alerts.

The problem is that it does not always work. We've had conflicting experiences here, especially with third-party apps. Apple's native apps seem to work more often than, say, Facebook Messenger, but both suffer from grouping errors. When and why it works is a secret that will hopefully be solved and smoothed out in future betas. (Applies to all betas.)

3. The Siri Shortcuts app is for developers only

Siri Shortcuts is arguably one of the most exciting new features that iOS devices will hit this year. However, beta testers will not be able to handle the customized fun with the Shortcuts App, unless they are randomly licensed developers. (Applies to all betas.)

If you're interested in Siri Shortcuts and you're not a developer with access, you should consider checking Workflow in the meantime, which is basically the same, with no Siri compatibility.

. 4 Siri Shortcuts May Not Work While Using CarPlay

If you want to use Siri Shortcuts, either suggestions or those from the Shortcuts app, you may not succeed if you use CarPlay while driving. (39882673, 41652481: Applies to Dev Beta 4 and Public Beta 3.)

5. Siri Shortcuts on HomePod May Cause an Error Message

Even if you use custom shortcuts from the shortcut app or suggested by Siri, they may not work on the HomePod. (40834728: Applies to Dev Beta 4 and Public Beta 3.)

6. Siri shortcuts may not be restored by iCloud Backup

If you have Siri shortcuts either in the shortcut or in the shortcuts suggested by Siri enabled, they may not be available if you need to restore your device as a backup to start over. (40899084: Applies to Dev Beta 4 and Public Beta 3.)

7. Siri Shortcuts may not work when a device is locked

While it may be more difficult to enable Siri Shortcuts from the lock screen, they may not run when the iPhone is locked. (41307405: Applies to Dev Beta 4 and Public Beta 3.)

8. Your iPhone may freeze at any time

In our short beta experience, we've already seen three iPhones freeze without warning. Your iPhone may hang on the rotating wheel's screen for more than 10 minutes before it fixes itself. We are not sure what this is causing, but in two cases AirDropping documents have caused the freeze. (Applies to all betas.)

9. Group FaceTime Does Not Work For Everyone

Although Group FaceTime can be one of the most exciting features of iOS 12, it does not work on all devices running the beta properly. Apparently only the video calls and will work for the iPhone 6 and newer, while the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus as well as the iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad Air will only support audio at that time. Let's hope that this will be ironed out in future betas. (Applies to all betas.)

10. Group FaceTime does not work between different betas

When you are in beta beta or public beta, you can not call group facetime with users on the beta Start beta version of beta 1 and vice versa. To fix this, make sure they are all in the latest version of Betas. (39873802: Applies to all betas.)

11. Camera effects in messages do not work for everyone

While more iPhones get access to camera effects in messages, the list is still limited. Only iPhone SE and iPhone 6S and higher can use the new effects, while again no iPad can. (Affects all betas.)

12. Camera Effects in FaceTime Do Not Work for Everyone

It only works for iPhone 7 and above when using camera effects in FaceTime. No iPads too. (Affects all betas.)

13. T-Mobile may decline your call

If you're calling Wi-Fi via T-Mobile, you should be careful. Apple claims that your call could be deleted when you switch from a Wi-Fi connection to a cellular connection. Why this problem only concerns T-Mobile is not known. (39251828: Applies to all betas.)

14. Screen Time Settings Are Reset When Updated

If you run the development program beta 1 and upgrade to beta version 2 or public beta, all screen timeout settings will be reset. This means that you need to re-enable and reconfigure the screen time, which can be very tedious depending on your needs. (Applies to Dev Beta 2-4 and Public Beta 1-3.)

15. "Picked Up iPhone" data may be corrupted by other devices

If you have multiple iPhones in an iCloud account, Your "Picked Up iPhone" data may be distorted as you confuse the screen time that data from any device counts as an iPhone. No word on how this will affect future updates if this issue is resolved. (39917173: Applies to all betas.)

16. Voice Memos May Not Sync Between Devices

As if syncing with iTunes is not enough when multiple devices are connected to your iCloud account, the voice memos do not synchronized. Even if you go under Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> voice memos and activate it, it still does not work. (39701488: Applies to Dev Beta 2-4 and Public Beta 1-3.)

17. The Measure app might be in a random folder

Measure is a fantastic new tool that AR used to measure real objects. However, you may have trouble finding the app because iOS occasionally hides it in a random folder. If Measure does not appear on the Home screen for you, swipe down and search for it. (Affects all betas.)

18. Dictionary Is Not Available to Some Users

If you try to find the definition of a word, either in a search or by using Look Up for the selected text, you may not find one from Apple. While Siri Suggestions offers you websites and other content related to your search, the dictionary may not be available on iOS 12. Not all users will find out. (Applies to all betas.)

19. Inviting iOS 11 Users to a Home May Not Work

When you try to invite someone to HomeKit who uses iOS 11 to their homes and E several Mail addresses are associated with its Apple ID, it may not work. In this case, you can try sending the invitation to one of your other email addresses or to your phone number. (41033550: Applies to Dev Beta 2-4 and Public Beta 1-3.)

20. The Gmail notification icon remains after checking the email

Notification badges let us know quickly have unread or unattended content in certain apps. Once you see this content, the badge disappears intuitively. This is not the case for Gmail in iOS 12 because the notification flag is retained after new emails are displayed. According to a MacRumors thread, the only way to remove the notification flag at this moment is to force and restart Gmail. (Affects all betas.)

21. Low-brightness Clash Royale lags (iPhone X only)

The iPhone X Clash Royale does not yet seem to be running on the iOS 12 beta, at least with the brightness all the way down. If you need to play the game in the dark, you should only keep the brightness close to zero, otherwise you will give your opponent a big, laggy advantage. (Affects all betas.)

22. You may not be able to download apps from the App Store

Beginning with Developer Beta 4 and Public Beta 3, when you download an app from the App Store, you may receive an error message. If this happens to you, Apple says that you should simply try to download the app again. So it does not seem to be a life changing problem. (41858048: Applies to Dev Beta 4 and Public Beta 3.)

23. Your iPhone X's Cell Signal Bars May Be Out of Balance

Apple warns iPhone X beta testers that their signal bars may not work exactly. If you are often reliant on these bars to alert you to your cell service level, this bug might prevent iOS 12 from your iPhone X (for the time being). (41909622: Affects dev beta 4 and pubic beta 3.)

24. The Cellular Data Settings section can be constantly updated

This is a curious bug in which the Cellular Data section under Settings -> Cellular constantly updated. If you rely on the information here, it can quickly become annoying. (41587310: Applies to Dev Beta 3-4 and Public Beta 2-3.)

25. Screen time usage data and settings can not be synchronized

Screen time has more than its fair share of errors on iOS 12. The screen time data of your devices may not synchronize properly between all your devices. Apple suggests restarting affected devices as a workaround. However, it may be better to wait for the company to fix the issue with an official release. (41259736: Applies to Dev Beta 4 and Public Beta 3.)

26. Wallet may unexpectedly start

Bad news for iOS Wallet users – the app may only stop when you start it in iOS 12. Apple suggests to quit User Wallet via the Application Switcher, then try restarting the app. However, the company does not indicate how often users might encounter this problem. (41603255: Applies to Dev Beta 3-4 and Public Beta 2-3.)

27. Not all apps are yet optimized

App developers design their apps to work with the system your iPhone is running. With a new, important update, these apps need to be tweaked to run on the new software, otherwise the performance is less than ideal, to say the least.

While developers are gaining access to the beta version of iOS 12, not all of their favorite apps can be timely-optimized, as you may already notice by some issues in some of the most popular apps. You can almost be sure that there are problems with third-party apps, in addition to problems that you will experience through the beta itself. (Applies to all betas.)

28. A Laundry List of Developer Issues

The iOS 12 Release Notes for the beta include an abundant compendium of developer issues. While developing apps for iOS 12 is a good way to fix these errors, but you should know what's in your way:

  • SiriKit queries may be delayed or cause an error message – Workaround: Start the affected device is new. (41759318: Applies to Dev Beta 4 and Public Beta 3.)
  • Various CoreGraphics calls have been hardened against invalidating invalid parameters. In iOS 12 Beta, these calls can now return NULL or return early. (38344690: Applies to all dev betas.)
  • Models with flexible input sizes can unexpectedly reject input with the default size displayed in the xcode type field. Workaround : Enter a non-standard size entry at the first prediction call. (40632323: Applies to all developer betas.)
  • Certain languages ​​may have a cropped or misaligned layout. (40420329: Applies to all developer betas.)
  • Certain languages ​​may display unlocated text. (40420422: Applies to all dev betas.)
  • If a queueTransaction on applicationQueuePlayer is executed to change the position of a song, the queue is returned unchanged. (39401344: Applies to all developer betas.)
  • A title can not be added to a playlist using the addItemWithProductID API. (40508800: Applies to all dev betas.)
  • In Swift, the linking property of INVOiceShortcut must be accessed as _ _shortcut. (40418400: Applies to all developer betas.)

Resolved Issues

Apple has resolved many issues that were included in the first three beta releases (and the first two public beta releases) and they will continue to do so Fix bugs and other issues until release in September. Some of the issues listed above will continue in this section, some already. In a perfect world, the only thing left over in this article would be this resolved section, but we would be happy if it were half and half.

1. Fortnite Crashes When Starting a New Game (41617672)

Fortnite crashed when launching a new game for some users. Not anymore – dev Beta 4 and Public Beta 3 have fixed this issue for players.

. 1 Maps Near Widget Broken (40099072)

According to Apple's release notes for iOS 12 for Developer Beta 1, "the Google Maps app does not launch using the Maps Nearby Widget buttons." This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

2. iWork Documents Crash Devices (40338520, 40694399)

iWork documents in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers did not mix well with iOS 12 developer beta 1. Apple told developers that releasing these documents via AirDrop or the app files could cause the device to become unresponsive. The "workaround" was to restart the device. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

3. Time Zones Not Updated Automatically (40499996)

If you wanted your time zones to travel exactly during beta phase 1, you had to manually change the time zone under Settings -> General -> Date and Time to adjust. Auto-Tuning "disabled This has been fixed in beta version 2 and public beta version.

4. Vibrating Alerts Have Been Loud To Some (40524982)

If you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, dev beta has 1 Probably made your vibrational alerts very loud.This has been fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

5. VoiceOver Not Playing Well With Calendar (40555552)

Newly created calendar events are for VoiceOver according to Apple's developer -Beta 1 not available This is certainly a consideration when relying on VoiceOver in the Calendar app, which was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

6. Apple Pay on Mac What Whack (40384791)

If you have a Mac with a Touch Bar, and therefore a Touch ID Mac, this problem did not apply to you, but all other Mac users had a problem with Ent winder-beta 1. If an Apple Pay payment form was displayed in Safari on a non-Touch ID Mac, they could not confirm the payment if their iPhone or Apple Watch display was turned off. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

7. There were no alarms with Carplay (39159434)

Apple made it clear in the release notes for dev beta 1 that the alarms of iOS 12 did not work on CarPlay. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

8. The Keyboard Had Overlapping Suggestions (40231537)

Some apps may have overlapping keyboard suggestions. Whether you've used these suggestions or not, this bug has overloaded your keyboard and made it ugly. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

9. Personal hotspots would not work (40379017)

Apple warned users that Personal Hotspot might not be available on iOS 12 Beta 1. That was bad news for anyone (like me) who regularly relies on his personal internet hotspot device. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

10. Calls on other devices did not work (40180205)

Calls on other devices with your mobile carrier account feature was not available with the iOS 12 developer beta 1. Handoff calls, however, still worked, too with devices that were not running Beta. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

11. Call Forwarding May Not Be Available (40362744)

Apple claims that users may not be able to configure call forwarding while they are running iOS 12 Developer Beta 1. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

12th Text Overlays Invisible in Group FaceTime (40395097)

If you wanted to try FaceTime in beta 1, there could have been invisible text overlays. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

13. Adding to the FaceTime group did not always work (40433480)

Apple boasts that you can have . Up to 32 people can join a FaceTime call at the same time. However, in the iOS 12 developer beta 1, adding new participants did not always work. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

fourteenth Wi-Fi Calls Disabled (40467667)

Wi-Fi Calling may have been disabled after updating to iOS 12 dev beta 1. This was fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.

15. iPads have not sent video in FaceTime calls (40725406, 40873560)

This issue has been addressed only to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro second generation and the iPad of the sixth generation fixed. However, if you use a receiving iPhone, you will not see video from these users in FaceTime calls. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

16. Search Results in Photos Were Buggy (39781553)

If you do not use English as the language for your iPhone, the search results may not be available to you in the photos in dev beta 1. This was in devela 2 and in the. Fixed public beta.

17. PDFs in Safari were Whacky (39794462)

If you viewed a PDF in Safari in beta version 1 and then rotated your device, the PDF could be prevented from working in the layout to scroll or to maximize. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

18. App usage in screen time remained after deleting the app (39428587)

iOS 12 Developer Beta 1 did not let you forget apps that you wanted to delete. The logs of these apps stayed in the screen time so that your usage data was also displayed days after deleting the app. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

19th Screen time settings were not synchronized between devices (39660477)

In developer beta 1, your screen time settings did not change on your iPad just because you had changed them on your iPhone. However, the usage data is still synchronized. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

20. There were no App Lapses in the screen time (39697268)

The usage breakdown by app was not available for the screen time in iOS 12 dev beta 1. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

21. There were several weekly screen time reports (40401895)

Your weekly reports should appear once a week, but iOS 12 dev beta 1 found it necessary to send you multiple notifications when it did. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

22. Screen Time May Lead to Deactivated Apps and Websites (40656766)

Screen Time allows you to lock certain apps and websites for you and your child. Unfortunately, a bug in iOS 12 dev beta 1 blocked apps and websites even after the screen time was disabled altogether. This was fixed in beta 2 and public beta.

23. Your child's screen time data would be inaccessible (40749009)

Apple warned in beta version 1 that your child's iCloud account might not be able to report usage data back to your device, thereby causing the entire purpose the screen time for the parents has been thwarted. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

24. Siri ask where your material did not work (39531873)

Apple warns users that Siri in iOS 12 dev beta 1 "unexpected answers" to "Where is my …?" Ask. "Power" did not mean that the problem would happen each time. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

25. Some EA games did not work well (39847417)

Some EA games may have been unexpected on devices ended with iOS 12 dev beta 1. Apple called " Real Racing 3" and "Sims Free Play" as two examples, the problem may not have been so widespread. This was fixed in beta version 2 and in public beta.

26th Bank of America Users Can not Check Accounts (39975169)

The iOS 1 Release Notes for Developer 1 claimed that some users might not be able to log in to [Bank of America App] or view account information. "This has been fixed in beta version 2 and public beta version.

27 Citi Mobile's app was also broken (40205739)

Citibank customers would have wanted to avoid beta version 1 because the app was Citi Mobile crashed when launching the game, which was fixed in Developer Beta 2 and the public beta version.

28 The weather widget did not work (41096139)

If you look at the weather in your Today view -Widget or rely on the icon of the app on a 3D touch icon, you may have noticed that it works in beta 2 version and public beta 1. Fortunately, this problem was quickly dev through beta 3 and public Fixed Beta 2.

29. Custom Shortcuts Are Not Always Saved (40862775)

While the shortcut is not available to all users, you can still use custom shortcuts he will create the Siri settings. However, if you record a custom abbreviation phrase, you may not be able to tap Done to save it until the issue is resolved in Beta 3 and Public Beta 2.

30. "Hey Siri" would not work for all languages ​​(41188020)

While English users would not have any problems here if you changed the default language of Siri to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, that would be you not been able to set up "Hey Siri" on the device. Apple suggested installing "Hey Siri" before it was upgraded to dev beta 2 or the public beta because these versions were the problem. You also suggested using another device that is signed in to the same iCloud account. This issue has been fixed in Developer Beta 3 and Public Beta 2.

31. Siri Shortcuts May Not Work on PDFs (40395673)

Siri Shortcuts are an exciting new iOS 12 feature. However, you may not have worked for PDF images. Apple's "workaround" was to use a different image format, but now the problem has been fixed, both in beta version 4 and public beta 3.

32. Skype May Have Crashed After Logging In (39666451)

Apple said Skype might quit unexpectedly after signing in on iOS 12 beta. Since dev beta 3 and public beta 2 this is no longer a problem.

33. Workout routes may not be available (40008565)

Checking your route for a walk or jogging is a fulfilling way to track your fitness. Unfortunately, your card may not have featured in the iOS 12 Activity App. This issue has been fixed in Beta 4 and Public Beta 3 versions.

34. Loudspeaker Tiles in Group FaceTime Calls Are Not Enlarged (40615683)

When in a Group FaceTime call with other users the tile of the current speaker is to be enlarged, it visually highlights who she speaks. While this worked in most cases, Apple said that auto-enlarging this tile might not work when using external headphones. The company has fixed this issue in beta version 3 and public beta version 2.

35. FaceTime Calls May Have Bad Connections (41033989)

If you make many FaceTime video calls, you may have been interrupted by a "bad connection" message. You will not notice, however, because Apple has fixed the problem with dev beta 3 and the public beta 2.

36. FaceTime May Be Exited After Opening (41189126)

If you have tried to make a call directly from the FaceTime app, the app may have crashed directly on you. This issue has been fixed in Developer Beta 3 and Public Beta 2.

37. Voicemail-Benachrichtigungen waren nicht zuverlässig (39826861)

Apple warnte Voicemail-Benachrichtigungen möglicherweise inkonsistent und möglicherweise nicht angezeigt, wenn Ihr iPhone gesperrt ist. Dieser Voicemail-Bug wurde in Entwickler Beta 3 und öffentlicher Beta 2 behoben.

38. Das Aktivieren von SIM-PINs würde zu keinem Dienst führen (40958280)

Wenn Sie versucht haben, eine SIM-PIN auf Ihrem iPhone zu aktivieren, verliert das Gerät den Mobilfunkdienst. Ab Version Beta 3 und öffentlicher Beta 2 stellt dieser Fehler kein Problem mehr dar.

39. Es gab zu viele Benachrichtigungen über mehr Zeit

Wenn Sie als Elternteil oder Erziehungsberechtigter an einem Gerät eines Kindes mehr Zeit für eine bestimmte App benötigen, selbst wenn Sie den Passcode auf dem Gerät des Kindes zur Genehmigung eingegeben haben mehr Zeit, Sie würden immer noch eine Benachrichtigung auf Ihrem eigenen iPhone erhalten. Das könnte ziemlich nervig sein. In Entwicklung Beta 3 und öffentliche Beta 2 behoben.

40. In Ihrem Bildschirmzeitbericht wird keine kindliche Webnutzung angezeigt (40218447)

Während die Bildschirmzeit die iPhone-Aktivität Ihres Kindes anzeigt, wurde die Betaversion von iOS 12 mit einem Fehler ausgeliefert, der Sie daran hindert, die Website-Nutzung anzuzeigen. Dieses Problem wurde in Entwickler-Beta 4 und öffentlicher Beta 3 behoben.

41. Downtime's Always-Allowed Defaults wären nicht erlaubt (40320173)

Das klingt vielleicht etwas verwirrend – Downtime ist eine neue Funktion, die Ihr gesamtes iPhone nicht für Sie "stört". Sie können wählen, welche Apps Sie während der Downtime verwenden dürfen, die als "Immer erlaubt" bezeichnet wird, wobei iOS am Anfang eine Reihe von Standard-Apps anbietet. Diese Standardeinstellungen waren in der Betaversion von iOS 12 solange nicht erlaubt, bis Sie auf Einstellungen -> Uhrzeit -> Immer erlaubt geklickt hatten, um die Liste der Apps zu aktualisieren, aber seit der Betaversion 4 und der öffentlichen Beta 3 diesen Fehler behoben haben, gibt es dieses Problem nicht mehr

42. Alphanumerische Passwörter könnten eine defekte Bildschirmzeit haben (40671666)

Beim Festlegen eines Passcodes für die Bildschirmzeit hat Apple angegeben, nur Nummern zu verwenden. Andernfalls könnte es unmöglich sein, den Zugangscode einzugeben, wenn Sie versuchen, auf das Merkmal zuzugreifen. Dies ist nicht mehr der Fall, wie bei dev beta 4 und der öffentlichen Beta 3.

43. Nachrichten werden möglicherweise nicht von Siris Bildschirm gestartet (39941268)

Wenn Sie einen Text an einen Freund mit Siri senden, können Sie die Nachrichtenbenutzeroberfläche auf dem Bildschirm berühren, um in die Unterhaltung in Nachrichten zu gelangen. Das funktioniert möglicherweise nicht in der Betaversion von iOS 12, zumindest nicht in einer Version vor der Betaversion von Beta 3 und in der öffentlichen Betaversion 2. Wenn Sie jedoch auf mindestens eine dieser Versionen aktualisiert haben, geht es Ihnen gut.

44. Sprachmemos wurden nicht mit iTunes synchronisiert (40346169)

Für das ganze Getöse über Sprachmemos, die auf den Mac kommen, wollte die Betaversion von iOS 12 nicht mit Ihrem MacBook oder iMac zusammenarbeiten. Ab de Beta 4 und der öffentlichen Beta 3 arbeiten sie jedoch so, wie sie sollten.

45. Aktionsschaltflächen in Benachrichtigungen waren schwer zu sehen (41050794)

Ab iOS 12 Beta 2 und der öffentlichen Betaversion wurden Aktionsschaltflächen, die in interaktiven Benachrichtigungen angezeigt wurden, möglicherweise unlesbar, wenn die Einstellungen für erhöhten Kontrast aktiviert waren. Behoben ab Version Beta 3 und öffentlicher Beta 2.

46. Es gab Probleme mit AirPods zu pausieren (40824029)

Wenn Sie Ihre AirPods in relativer Art und Weise verwendet haben, war es möglicherweise nur möglich, die Audiowiedergabe anzuhalten, indem Sie beide AirPods aus Ihren Ohren entfernten, nicht nur eines. Mach dir jetzt keine Sorgen, da Apple dieses Problem mit Beta 3 und Beta 2 behoben hat.

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47. CallKit Extensions wurden möglicherweise deaktiviert (39548788, 39885031)

Wenn Sie auf Ihrem iPhone CallKit-Erweiterungen wie Hiya Caller ID und Blockieren verwendet haben, mussten Sie das Telefon, die Nachrichten oder Einstellungen möglicherweise beenden und neu starten App, um sie wieder arbeiten zu lassen. Dieses Problem wurde in Entwickler Beta 3 und öffentlicher Beta 2 behoben.

48. Spam-Nachrichten wurden möglicherweise nicht angezeigt (41018290)

Wenn Sie eine CallKit-Erweiterung auf Ihrem iPhone verwendet haben, um potenzielle Spam-Anrufer und -Texter anzuzeigen, wurden die SMS- und Telefonanruf-Spamklassifizierungserweiterungen nicht geladen und würden einen schwarzen Bildschirm anzeigen. Dieses Problem ist ab dev beta 3 und pubic beta 2 kein Problem mehr.

49. CarPlay hat möglicherweise nicht funktioniert (40494430)

CarPlay ist möglicherweise nicht mit bestimmten Fahrzeugen verbunden. Wenn Sie die Betaversion installiert haben, besteht die Gefahr, dass Sie Ihr iPhone nicht mit CarPlay in Ihrem Auto oder LKW verwenden können. Dieses Problem wurde in Entwickler-Beta 3 und öffentlicher Beta 2 behoben.

50. Keine Navigationsschaltfläche in iWorks Freigabeblatt (40368764)

Immer wenn Sie versuchten, eine Person zu einem iWork-Dokument hinzuzufügen (Seiten, Zahlen, Keynote), fehlte die Navigationsschaltfläche, die im Blatt "Freigaben" angezeigt wird. In Entwicklung Beta 3 und öffentliche Beta 2 behoben.

51. Artwork wurde möglicherweise nicht auf der Media Player-Benutzeroberfläche angezeigt (40989415)

Wenn Sie bei Verwendung einer Anwendung eines Drittanbieters einen Kopfhörer an Ihr iPhone anschlossen, zeigte Ihnen die Media Player-Benutzeroberfläche möglicherweise nicht das Artwork für den Song oder Video. Dieses Problem wurde in Entwickler Beta 3 und öffentlicher Beta 2 behoben.

52. Netflix kann beim Herunterladen von Videos Abstürze verursachen (40653033)

Wenn Sie Netflix-Videos zur Offline-Anzeige in der Beta-Version von Beta 2 und der öffentlichen Betaversion 1 heruntergeladen haben, wird Netflix unerwartet beendet. Dieses Problem wurde in der Beta-Version 4 und der öffentlichen Beta 3 behoben.

53. You Might Not Have Been Able to Log into Twitter (40910390)

While not an issue in dev beta 1, if you were running iOS 12 dev beta 2 or public beta 1, when you went to log into the Twitter app, you may have been presented with a blank screen. This issue was solved in dev beta 3 and public beta 2.

54. Taobao Might Have Crashed at Launch (40958373)

If you tried to open the Taobao app, it might have quit right away. This issue was fixed in dev beta 3 and public beta 2.

55. Modifying Time for App Limits Would Overwrite Customized Days (40668188)

With Screen Time and App Limits, iOS lets you set different time limits for each day. If you want to give more app time to Instagram on Saturdays, for example, you can set that here.

Unfortunately, this bug would wipe out those customized days once you modify time for an app or category. Apple has dropped this bug from its release notes as of dev beta 3 and public beta 2, so, more than likely, the issue doesn't exist anymore.

56. Developer Issues That Were Fixed

  • When deploying apps to iOS 11 or earlier, JPEG image assets were not included in the compiled .car file. (40507731: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • Platform Switching for Switch Control was unavailable in iOS 12 beta. (40035312: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • Sysdiagnose initiation via the Analytics menu item in AssistiveTouch and Switch Control was unavailable. (40504710: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • Signing into a previously-used sandbox account during the In-App Purchase flow could produce unexpected results. (40639792: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • In .obj models, the bump semantics in .mtl files don't map to MDLMaterialSemanticTangentSpaceNormal. (40665817: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • There was no default icon for RPBroadcastPickerView. (38813581: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • Assigning a value to a parameter which began with a capital letter threw NSUnknownKeyException. (40464710: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • When performing a shortcut in Siri, custom responses wouldn't be included in the confirmation dialog text which Siri reads. (40562557: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • Presenting a UIImagePickerController might have caused the app to be terminated with a privacy violation if the app did not include the NSMicrophoneUsageDescription key in its Info.plist. (40490417: Fixed in dev beta 2 and in the public beta.)
  • Universal Links might not open the expected target app. Please submit a bug report if you experience this problem. (40568385: Fixed in dev beta 3 and public beta 2.)
  • Certain USDZ models loaded in Safari might not render thumbnail images. (40252307: Fixed in dev beta 3 and public beta 2.)
  • When layers are quantized <8-bits or with a lookup-table, users may encounter issues in deconvolution and recurrent layers. Workaround: Use only linear 8-bit quantization on these layers. (40632252: Fixed in dev beta 4 and public beta 3.)
  • ReplayKit broadcasting will be enabled in a future release. (40342264: Fixed in dev beta 3 and public beta 2.)
  • Viewing Wallet passes in SFSafariViewController might be unavailable. Workaround: View the pass in Safari. (40415649: Fixed in dev beta 4 and public beta 3.)
  • Shortcuts donated with images created using the +[INImage imageWithURL:] API won&#39;t display an image. Workaround: Use +[INImage imageWithImageData:] (40623457: Fixed in dev beta 3 and public beta 2.)

So, Should You Download iOS 12?

Look, hopping on any beta is a gamble, and iOS 12 is no exception. While this initial release is littered with bugs, it has plenty of upsides as well. You might think the new features are the main attraction here, but many simply praise Apple for iOS 12&#39;s speediness, especially on older hardware. If you&#39;re prepared to face a few bugs, you might end up liking your beta experience this go around.

Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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