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3 reasons you should always wear gloves during cleaning

Whether you wash your plates by hand or not, you should own a pair of plate gloves.

These durable, waterproof miracles are your first line of defense against dry, chapped skin, uncomfortable diseases and even chemical burns.

I was too lazy to grab them when I started with the dishes, but now I do not want to clean them without them. Here is why.

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1. Hot water is terrible for your skin

Remember the last time you did the dishes and how your hands felt afterwards. For me they are dry, rough and dirty.

The reason why? The hot water you and I use to melt all the junk from your dishes is not good for your skin.


For quick cleaning, you can get away without using gloves. But you should always use it for a sink full of dishes.

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Hot water is more effective at flushing oil and fat from your food, so imagine what it does to the natural oils on your skin that form a waterproof barrier.

Dermatologists point out that hot water can ignite the skin and free it from the oils that make it soft and supple.

With dish gloves you can wash your dishes in hot water and protect your hands. In addition, you can rinse your dishes in a lot of hot water than your bare hands can handle, which speeds up the whole process.

Need more persuasion? Gloves prevent your manicure from being destroyed.

. 2 Gloves protect against chemical burns

Whether you make or buy your cleaning products yourself, exposing your skin to chemicals such as dish soap and solvents (in all-purpose cleaners) and vinegar, ammonia, and bleach is a bad idea.

Just like hot water, these chemicals will remove the oil barrier of your skin while removing the dirt. At best, this can lead to dermatitis (the medical term for skin rashes) and, in the worst case, to chemical burns.

Your best line of defense is a pair of gloves.

. 3 You Can Prevent Sickness

If nothing else, you should wear gloves to protect against bacteria during cleaning.

Think of the places you regularly clean – the sink, the toilet, the sink. All three are places teeming with salmonella and E. coli bacteria. Oh, and you use that sponge to clean the dishes? It is one of the most contaminated things in your house.

Clean these places with your bare hands and you run the risk of infecting yourself with unpleasant pathogens.

Even if you wash your hands after cleaning, you have to do it right to actually protect yourself from these germs. Save yourself the risk and only wear gloves.

Need a pair? The bright yellow you can find in a grocery store is fine for the job. Or you have the option of a nicer pair, like these gloves that prevent water from running down your arms.

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