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3 simple tips for speeding up the dryer

If you're in a hurry, you do not have time to wait for the Dryer to do its job once the washing machine is done. There are several ways to speed up the drying process, so you can move on to something more important.

Here are some quick tips that anyone can use for emergencies.

Throw Towel

Take a dry bath towel with the garments that you have quickly dried. The towel will absorb some moisture and allow your items to dry faster.

Remember to remove the towel after about 5 minutes if you are drying only a few items or 1

5 minutes at full load. Let the towel dry in the air while your clothes are in the dryer.

Turn it again.

The less water in your garment, the faster it dries, right? Instead of removing the items from the washing machine and throwing them into the dryer, re-run them through the spin cycle.

The spin cycle only takes a few minutes. It can make your clothes much drier than the same time in the tumble dryer, but simply by wringing out the water.

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Eliminate the trap

The moist air from the dryer passes through the lint trap, and when it's clogged with lint, the damp air stays in your clothes. As a result, the drying time is significantly longer.

Therefore, you should clean the lint trap before each load. If your dryer works as desired, it dries faster.

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