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& # 39; For you & # 39; Suggestions: How to Share iCloud Photo Albums in iOS 12 with Family and Friends «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

While there are not that many improvements compared to iOS 11 photos, the tab menu in Apple's updated iOS 12 Photos app has been redesigned to include "reminders" in a new "For You" tab contain effects suggestions. Here are suggestions for sharing and all the albums others shared with you.

This new tab groups images of a specific location, date or event and displays them as collections that you can easily share with others in the photos or just someone in your Contacts. If the recipient is also on iOS 12 and you are in the photos, you will be asked to also share photos of the event for you.

Photos and videos are shared through iCloud, so you'll have to turn around on iCloud Photos, otherwise the suggestions will not be displayed. Since they are stored in iCloud, your friends must also have an iCloud account with iCloud Photos and enabled on either an iOS device or a Mac computer, as web-only accounts will not allow them on the photos -App access.

Recipients of your shared iCloud albums can view them in iOS 1

1, not only in iOS 12, but also in the latest version of macOS. If you're using a Mac, all you need to do is click the Subscribe link in the Mail app, which opens the Photos desktop app. And while your family and friends do not need to be on iOS 12 or macOS 10.14 to view the pictures, they need iOS 12 to share albums with them.

View settings for a proposed collection

To share collections, open the For You tab in photos on your iPhone. Some "sharing suggestions" are displayed, broken down by location, date, and more. Swipe horizontally to see all the suggestions photos have in store for you.

Tap the collection you want to share and tap the ellipsis button (•••) in the upper-right corner to see more settings. In the pop-up menu you can "Add to reminders", "Play movie" or "Remove sharing suggestion"

Share a suggested collection with family and friends

To actually share an album with another iCloud Photos user, After the first tap on the suggested collection, tap the Select button on the right to select the individual images and videos you want to send.

By default, each entry is selected, but you can tap each one individually to deselect it. If you prefer to send just a few pictures instead of most of them, tap "Deselect All" and then select only the pictures you want to send.

After you are satisfied with the result, tap Next. Your iPhone will guess who is with you in the pictures and add them as recommended persons. You can add people at any time by tapping Add People. Once all have been added, tap "Share messages" where they will be sent to messages. The collection appears as a small map that you can send by tapping the "Send" arrow.

Creating a New iCloud Albums for Family and Friends Sharing

You not only need to share suggested collections, you can select a group of photos or videos from anywhere in the Photos app. Then touch the "Share" icon to open the sharing sheet. There you will see the new option "Shared albums". Touch it.

A iCloud popup opens where you can instantly "post" to the most recently used shared album. You can also tap "Shared Album" to change it or create a new album. If you select "New shared album", name it and then click "Next". Then enter an e-mail or phone number to send to someone, then click Next again. Back in the pop-up main window, you can add a comment and then click "Submit"

View shared albums that have been received

If you have sent an iMessage to the recipients, they will receive a link to download the collection of iCloud in their news app. When you tap on this link, a mini-gallery opens in the news where you can save / share your photos as you like.

You can also find them in their own photo app in the "For Them" tab at Recently Shared Header. Collections can be viewed for a month after they're sent, so make sure your friends download them right away.

If you send the file using the Share option, you will most likely receive an email from which you need to tap Subscribe. From the Mail App

Revoke access to your shared albums

You can cancel them at any time by scrolling to the bottom of the shared collection and tapping "Revoke Now" and confirming with "confirm" , Undo Now "

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