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4 characters It's time to replace your toaster oven

Sometimes it's difficult to part with our small appliances especially if they were involved in your culinary exploits right from the start. Your Toaster was there for you if it was too hot to turn on the oven if you needed a quick toaster waffler and if you were heating up a meal for one.

There comes a time, though, when you realize that your toaster oven is doing more harm than good. Here are some signs that your brave little toaster should be thrown away or recycled.

The interior rust

A little rust has never hurt anyone, right? Think about it. Corroded metal pieces can fall into your food and suffocate. Or cut your mouth. Or … well, you have the idea. It's time to move on at the first sign of rust

The cable is frayed

When the cable loosens from the device or the plastic on the cable kinks or frayed, it's time to say goodbye. Dirty cables can cause electric shocks and even kitchen fires. Do not just wrap the cable in tape and call it good. Faulty cables are an indication that your toaster is no longer recyclable.

The glass is broken or the door does not close completely

The glass is not just there to look at your food. It also holds in the heat. If you've noticed that your toaster is not getting as warm as it used to, that's probably the reason.

It's not enough anymore

Maybe your toaster oven was perfect for you when you were single, but now you have to feed a family. Or maybe you have gatherings now that require a lot of food. Either way, it's time to upgrade to a larger unit.

Some newer toasters even have extra features your current buddy is unlikely to have, such as multiple racks, convection features and more. One of our favorites, the Breville Smart Oven, adjusts different temperature zones in the oven for even tanning and cooking.

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