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4 Great Tools to Include Resistance Training in Your Training Routine – Review Geek

  Man Strikes Resistance Training
Unlimited Potential

Looking for something more dynamic than simple weights? These tools allow you to integrate dynamic resistance training into your routines.

Resistance training is any workout in which your limbs move against resistance (such as body weight, gravity, extra weights, ligaments, etc.), making the movement more difficult to accomplish. The resistance to contracting your muscles not only makes the exercises more difficult, it also helps your body build more strength.

Resistance tools include body weight trainers, resistance bungees, speed slides and weight sleds, with a special focus on keeping things interesting with dynamic resistance tools.

Best Body Weight Resistance Trainer: Ultimate Body Press ($ 50)

  Exercise Band with Handle, Carrying Pouch and Posters
Ultimate Body Press

Our first resistance training tool uses your own body weight for resistance. The Ultimate Body Press consists of two straps with handles and foot straps to give you upper body workout and . These straps hang vertically. This prevents your skin from rubbing against the skin when you push, dip or fly. When your feet are in the straps, they stop at your exercise.

You can use the Ultimate Body Press anywhere – attach it over a door or on a sturdy branch with the strap or strap it over a chin-up bar. Depending on the length of the straps and the positioning of your body, you can adapt your training to the resistance of your choice. So if you want to work out more intensively, lengthen the straps. If you want more stamina, shorten the straps. The durable straps and buckles adapt quickly when you need them.

This trainer can be used anywhere where there is a stable hanging space. In addition, it is even equipped with a carrying case for easy portability. However, if you decide to place this resistance trainer in your home, you can hang the large wall poster next to the straps to view the 26 exercises and 3 example trainings.

Best Resistance Bungee: SKLZ Dynamic Resistance Assistant Trainer ($ 30)

  Two Men Who Train With a Bungee Resistance Rope

With resistance bungees, you can use it for every sport from football through football Basketball train even swim. Use the SKLZ Dynamic Resistance Assistant Trainer solo by attaching the Velcro end to a pole or stable base or with a partner holding the end. The person performing the exercise straps in and gets to work.

You can position the belt (which is attached to the bungee cord with a ring) in any orientation around your body to provide a 360-degree workout that supports your balance, speed, power, and even vertical jump. The sheathed cord of this bungee stretches from 8 to 22 feet, so you can exercise with all the exercises or movements required to improve your physical fitness.

If you want more resistance, you can double these bungees according to the intensity you're looking for in your workout. The possibilities are endless when you train with this tool. You can attach this to your ceiling to resist the burpees. Attach it to the side of the pool when you swim. Wear it during agility work with ladders and ladders. As long as the bungee cord can move in the room you work in, you can add it as an extra layer of workouts.

Best Resistance Parachute: Unlimited Potential Speed ​​Shaft ($ 20)

  Resistance Training Chute Opened Next to Storage Bag
Unlimited Potential

Sprinting is a great way to increase your speed and improve explosive power and endurance. Add a resistance parachute like this Unlimited Potential Speed ​​Chute and you already have a challenging workout built in!

Simply place the belt around your waist, and this chute, available in sizes of 40 or 56 inches, adds intensity to your sprints – producing 11 to 33 pounds of resistance. This slide also has a carabiner attached to an O-ring, allowing the sprinter to move 360 ​​degrees. Most slides allow only forward movement, but with this option the sprinter can train in any direction to improve the performance and speed of the athlete.

The Unlimited Potential Speed ​​Chute is suitable for group sports as well as individual training. In addition, the velcro on the belt can be adjusted between 20 and 42 inches, making this slide suitable for both children and adults. Finally, this lightweight slide has its own portable carrying case that you can easily fit in and take anywhere you like to sprint.

Best Resistance Sled: Rep Fitness Fitness Sled ($ 259)

  Weight Sled Sitting on Astro-turf
Rep Fitness

Resistance sledges like the Rep Fitness weight sled are helpful in building up performance, speed and speed of endurance, regardless You have loaded weight on the sled or not. Place weighted panels in the center post of the carriage and either slide it with the two removable / repositionable posts or pull it with a wire harness (eg the ComCor Pro Sled Harness ).

Loading the Rep Fitness Weightlifting weights train the muscle groups along the back and glutes, while less weight training improves speed and conditioning. Similar to a Resistance parachute, this sled increases the power through weights and sprints. However, adding more weight resistance will result in more intense cardio workouts. Note that this sled should only be used for optimal training on grass or lawn.

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