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4 of the best silicone wedding rings to protect your fingers and keep your spouse in a good mood – Review Geek

  A man holding a child in his hand while wearing a black silicone ring.

Traditionally we buy wedding rings (or any rings) from metals like silver or gold. Carbide rings, however, are uncomfortable during exercise and can be dangerous in a shop or fall. Here are the best alternatives for silicone rings.

If you often wear metal rings on your fingers, you can remember how unpleasant and noticeable these were when you first wore them. Rings can be cumbersome and constricting and cause allergic reactions in some people.

Worse, metal rings carry dangers, especially when you fall or work with your hands in a gym or shop. Just ask Jimmy Fallon, who had to take a two-week break from the Tonight Show after stumbling on a rug.

When he fell, he tried to catch himself and pulled his finger away from his hand. It is an injury called the ring rupture. In many cases, the only option is to cut off your finger.

As terrible as that is, rings can cause an even more cruel injury. In some cases, all skin layers are removed from the finger and only bones, muscles and connective tissue remain. This is called finger detox, and unless you want nightmare fuel, you better not google it.

Silicone rings are an excellent alternative to metal rings for several reasons. They are far cheaper than a silver or gold ring and will break under a pressure of 40 pounds (in some cases less). This breaking point makes them safer than metal rings (though no ring is still the safest option).

If you suffer from skin allergies, silicone rings are hypoallergenic and should not cause any problems, unless you are allergic to silicone. They are also very light and flexible, which means that they can be very comfortable. If you know what you're looking for, you'll find silicone rings so comfortable you'll forget they're there.

What You Need to Look For in a Silicone Ring

Enter Silicone Ring on an Amazon Search, and you I get dozens and dozens of results. You may even be surprised at how diverse the prices are, from $ 1

5 for a multi-pack to $ 30 for a single ring.

But they are not all the same. If you are looking for a high quality silicone ring, you should consider the following:

  • Lifetime Warranty: The best silicone rings have a lifetime warranty. Bonus points, if the company covers not only defective rings but also loss and theft (no questions asked), such as: Eg our premium selection.
  • Ring size: Most manufacturers of silicone rings adhere to standard ring sizes. However, some do not. Look for instructions to measure your finger before ordering.
  • Thickness: Some silicone rings are narrower and lighter, while others are thicker and heavier. What you get is mostly a matter of preference, but you'll want to watch out so you will not be surprised by a huge ring for your little fingers. You have to judge this from pictures. only a few manufacturers list dimensions.

I had problems with striped rings that fell apart at the seams in less than a year. These rings are composed of several parts to form the strip, and the adhesive that holds them fails. For this reason, all rings in this list are available as individual pieces.

Overall, the best: Enso rings Ultralite silicone ring for women and men

  The Enso Ultralite ring in gray.
Enso Ultralite Rings

are, as the name implies, lightweight rings that are pleasant to the touch. These rings followed the standard size. So if you know your ring size, it should be easy to get a good fit. Enso gives its rings a lifetime warranty covering cracks, breaks and even discoloration. They also offer the exchange of rings if they are not the right size. Best Price Ring: ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring

  A set of ROQ rings for men and women in different colors.
ROQ [19659003] ROQ silicone rings are slightly wider and sharper than our other picks. You will notice these on your finger more and you may want to sand the edges a bit to make you feel good. But they are incredibly cheap.

You will spend ROQ rings less on a seven-pack than on a single Enso ring. So, if you inevitably break one, just grab another one. The company offers a lifetime warranty, but you may be willing to find a better ring after working through it.

Best Budget for Men

ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men Affordable Silicone Rubber Band, 7 Pack – Black, Gray, Silver, Light Gray, Dark Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Olive Green – Size 7

Slightly wider and thicker, these rings are not quite as convenient as more expensive options. But they are cheap and come in multipacks so you will not feel bad if you break them.

Best Budget for Women

Best Premium Ring: Groove Life for Men and Women

  A Groove Life ring with a black outside and a red inside.
Groove + Life

Some silicone rings can feel hot on the finger and trap moisture from a tight fit. Groove Life rings avoid this by inserting recessed grooves (as mentioned in the name) at the edges of the rings. These rings are very durable and the company offers a very generous lifetime warranty, with no questions asked.

This also applies in the event that you lose the ring. Grooved rings follow the standard size, but the company also offers a handy measurement chart that you want to print out to make sure you get the right size.

Best Bounty

Customizable: Enso Rings Pyramid Silicone Rings

  Ensos stackable rings in a stacked pattern of black, gray and white.

If you want something that fits your tastes, Ensos stackable rings are an entertaining solution. These rings are very narrow and cheaper than other Enso rings (ranging from 5 to 11 USD). Instead of buying one, buy two or three. However, do not buy the same ring – mix and combine it to get a pattern that you like.

Each ring comes with Enso's lifetime warranty and promise of easy replacement for the ring size. If you know your ring size, you should start there.

Best customizable

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