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4 quiet mechanical keyboards that you do not sound like a secretary of Mad Men – Review Geek

  Ducky Shine 7

Mechanical keyboards are loved by many for their pinball experience. However, there is a large group of people who find the loud clicks and clatter of mechanical keyboards annoying. These keyboards aim to solve this problem.

What To Look Out For With A Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

While any mechanical keyboard could be made quieter by using O-ring dampers and swapping key switches, this article focuses solely on the subject on the keyboards like in delivery condition.

  • Key Switch: Switches are located under each keycap and largely dictate what type of noise the keys cause (and how loud these sounds are). Mechanical switches always make a noise, but we've picked those that keep the noise down.
  • Size and Layout: There is a large selection of keyboard sizes today. Many of these alternative sizes require adjustment periods for users who are not used to them, and should be carefully weighed before purchase.
  • Features: RGB lighting, macros, and other customization options may not be directly improved to be useful. As such keyboard she has will be noticed.

Best overall impression: iKBC table E41
2 (with Cherry MX Silent Red switches)

  iKBC table E412

It has a minimalist and elegant design that fits into any setup. The Cherry MX low-noise switches provide a typing experience with the mechanical feel that many people love without this potentially annoying noise.

The simple design has some additional features. At the top of the board is a series of buttons that allow you to lock the keyboard. Unlocking requires a custom password. Deactivate the Windows key (or replace it with the function key) and reset the keyboard. Reset the keyboard to factory settings. Above the number pad are three media buttons and a large scroll wheel. White LED backlight is also included.

At 19.8 x 12.1 inches, the E412 is not a small keyboard. For those who do not mind sacrificing the numpad, a tenkeyless version is available.

Best Overall

Best Bonus: Ducky Shine 7 (with Cherry MX Silent Red Switches)

  Ducky Shine 7

If you're looking for a quality mechanical keyboard, the Shine 7 is just that Right for you. Ducky is a well known and respected brand in the mechanical keyboard community, and the Shine 7 continues that reputation. The keyboard is available with different switches, including the Cherry MX Silent Reds, which, as previously mentioned, are ideal for those looking for a quieter keyboard.

The case of the keyboard is made of zinc alloy, which gives it a durable and solid shape. Following the issue of durability, the key caps consist of a Double Shot PBT plastic, which is more resistant than the usual standard ABT plastic. RGB backlight and macro features are built into the keyboard. Both functions can be controlled either through Ducky's software or through a combination of keystrokes, which are explained in the manual.

The Shine 7 is equipped with a relatively thin frame, which reduces the size (17.7 x 5.1 inches). The case's unique gunmetal coloration gives it a far more industrial look than most keyboards.

Best Premium

Ideal for office workers: CHERRY G80 3000 (With Cherry MX Silent Red Switches)

  CHERRY G80 3000

The keyboards that have been highlighted so far work well in a home office however, may not work for a corporate environment. When you bring a keyboard to your office, you not only want it to be quiet, but not that it attracts much attention. This is where the G80 comes into play.

The design of the G80 is very restrained, with a completely black design, this keyboard is not an eye-catcher. The G80 fits easily into other devices normally used in offices. And thanks to Cherry's quiet red switches, your employees do not lose face every time they press the button. Although there are no additional features, this helps to keep the keyboard design simple. The 18.5 x 7.7 inch size should fit easily on most desks or cabins.

Ideal for office use

Ideal for travel: Vortex POK3R (with Cherry MX Silent Red or Black switches)

  Vortex POK3R

The 60% keyboard POK3R (or Poker 3 ) by Vortex is at first sight unusual for many. 60% of the keyboards cut out a few keys, e.g. As the numeric keypad and the arrow keys, and then compress everything that remains in the smallest space. Remote keys can still be accessed through other key combinations, e.g. By holding FN + I, J, K and L as arrow keys. The alternative function of each key is printed on the side of the keycaps. While fitting to this layout will be helpful, it will take some time.

When you buy the POK3R, you have plenty of buttons to choose from. These include – and especially for quieter typing – the quiet reds and still blacks of the Cherry MX. With these switches, the POK3R is a keyboard that is small enough to fit in a backpack (11.6 x 4 inches) yet provides a satisfying and quiet typing experience. Ideal for users looking for more desk space or an easy-to-carry keyboard.

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