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41 Cool New Features of iOS 12 You Did not Know «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple's next major iOS release for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch was unveiled at WWDC 2018. While she introduced some new features of iOS 12, below the surface is even more hidden is hidden from view. We've combined all the Big Picture Items and Secrets features and changes so you know exactly what to expect when iOS 12 hits the masses.

According to rumors, Apple would focus more on stability improvements for iOS 12 since iOS 11 was such a mess, with lots of bugs, sloppy updates, and promised features that were at least eight months late. And with the June 4 keynote, it's clear that this was the case because only a few major features, such as group FaceTime video calls, Do Not Disturb additions, and digital health tools, were announced.

This means that Apple is pushing back some of its biggest rumors about iOS 1

2 features that are now earmarked for iOS 13, including a redesigned home screen, side-by-side apps, new Apple Pencil features, and a mute for Email threads, a better CarPlay app, and a redesigned Photos app.

For starters, here's what Apple unveiled in iOS 12 for iPhone – a few features actually came from our wish list – as well as all the little things they've left out that you can expect The stable version will be in September 2018 released. Note, however, that all of the iOS 12 features listed below can be reset to iOS 13 if they are not ready for primetime in fall when iOS 12 comes out.

. 1 You can measure real objects

Apple's new ARKit 2.0 lets you measure real objects such as desks and tables with the camera on your iPhone. With the new built-in Measure app, you can retrieve the dimensions of a 3D object before Augmented Reality. It's not 100% accurate right now (the keyboard below is actually about 17 inches), but hopefully things will get better when it's ready for prime time.

PS: The "level" previously in the compass app was moved to fairs

2. Closing apps is just a blow (iPhone X only)

If you have a iPhone X, you know what a hassle it is to close an app. You had to access the App Switcher first, just like other iPhones (although it's a swipe gesture, not a double-click on the Home button), then press and hold an app card to see the red minus. To call up keys. Then either tap the red minus buttons or swipe up the map.

Now, just like other iPhone models, you can easily access the App Switcher and swipe up the map … stop pushing and hold first! You can even wipe several cards at the same time.

3. Siri will suggest shortcuts for you

Siri suggests shortcut actions for apps on the lock screen and in the search area. For example, if you are late for a scheduled meeting, Siri may suggest that you write a text to the other participants to let them know that you are running late. If you've missed an important call, Siri may suggest that you call her back. When you type "photos" in the search window, you'll be able to see suggestions such as "View Latest Photos" and "View Photos."

4. And you can create your own shortcuts

With the new App "Shortcuts" lets you create your own Siri shortcuts so you can quickly meditate with your favorite app by using only one assigned shortcut. We have not found the app "Shortcuts" yet. However, you can go into the "Siri & Search" settings and choose from a few recommended shortcuts based on your current usage. If you add one, you can enter a new phrase for Siri.

. 5 Your software can be updated automatically

Tired or go to Settings -> General -> Software Update to get new iOS versions? Now, in iOS 12, you can only go there one more time, select "Automatic Updates," then enable the option for iOS to automatically download and install software updates for you.

. 6 You Can Have a Second Face ID Scan (iPhone X Only)

If you wear a lot of sunglasses, have a favorite hat that is always on your head, or have a nice collection of wigs, these are the things that go into the head Face can crash ID and get your password instead. Now, iOS 12, it makes Apple easier to work in these cases by adding an "alternative look". Best of all, this new look does not even have to be you – it could be someone else's face.

7. There's a New "Digital Health" Initiative

Apple has introduced a new suite of tools in iOS 12 that will improve your digital well-being. As a whole, it's called "Digital Health," which allows you to restrict app usage, block notifications, and more.

8th Blocks Do Not Disturb Nocturnal Notifications

If you wake up with a lot of notifications, iOS 12 is no longer a problem. The new "Bedtime Mode" mutes calls and notifications and sends alerts to the notification history so that you can view them when needed. This mode will also gently facilitate you in notifications for the day when the morning comes.

9. Notifications are automatically grouped

Apple has found a way though Group apps by iOS 9, but they were removed in subsequent updates. Well, now it's back and better than before. Now notifications are grouped with the setting "Automatic". However, you can change these for individual apps so that they are "By App" or "Off." You can interact with them individually within the group or select the entire group at once.

10. You can find voting notifications without going to settings

If you are on the lock screen or in the pull-down notifications and you tap a notification or notification group, tap the ellipses Icon (•••). in the upper right corner of the notification to manage notifications for this app.

You can choose Silent Delivery, which means future notifications will not be displayed on the lock screen, no banners will be displayed, or a sound will be displayed. In your Notification Center, display the badge app icon. If you have set to "quiet," you can also go back and select "Prominently deliver" to restore it to normal. If you choose Shut Down, notifications will be completely disabled. Preferences will bring up the notification settings of this app, where you can customize additional items.

11. You can view "screen time" data

As Part of the Digital Health initiative, "Screen Time" displays a daily and weekly summary of your app usage, how often you pick up your device, which apps give you the most alerts, and more.

12. App Limits Leave Enjoy the Real World

As part of Digital Health, you can use the App Limits menu to set time limits for individual apps that you use frequently. Reminders will tell you that you have almost no time left to use the app, though you can ignore it if necessary. This syncs across all your iOS devices, so you can not cheat on a different device by using a time-limited app.

13. Parents Have More Control

Thanks to app restrictions, parents can now set a variety of app restrictions on their children's iOS devices. Parents can schedule downtime, which prevents children from using the iOS device during set times, such as when the iOS device is down. B. at bedtime, fully use. You can also see app limits per app or app categories. There is also the option to configure some apps to work. And as you have done before, you can restrict websites, apps, etc., depending on your age.

14. The Stocks App Got Revamped

The newly updated Stocks app has a different interface that includes Spark times that indicate when large surpluses happen on each of your stock. There are also "Top Stories" of Apple News integrated into the app, and you do not have to leave the app to read the stories. Discounts off hours are also possible, but I am sorry that Altcoin fans … there is no Bitcoin or other Altcoin support.

15. More Animoji Available (iPhone X Only)

The iOS 11.3 update for iPhone X came with four new Animoji characters in addition to the existing 12 ones. These four were designed for international users, and iOS 12 has just released a few more, globally interesting Animoji. Now there are four more: Ghost, Kuala, Tiger and T-Rex.

16. Tongue Detection!

If new Animojis are not enough for you, thanks to Apple's new "tongue detection" feature, you can now rock with your best Gene Simmons imitator, which is what Animojis finally supports.

17. There is an improved Animoji interface (iPhone X only) [19659006] With new Animojis there is a new interface, if you did not notice it from some screenshots above. Instead of having the vertical selector on the page to select your animoji, you can now simply swipe left or right. You can also swipe up to expand the menu and display them all at the same time.

18. You can create your own & # 39; Memoji & # 39; ; have (iPhone X only)

New Animojis are always cool, but Apple has just brought all of Bitmoji over with their version of Snapchat's augmented reality avatars. The version of Apple is called "Memoji" and can be customized at will.

Image via Apple

19. And everyone gets stickers in the news camera

Even if you do not have the iPhone X, you can still use Apple's new sticker support that can be added with iMessage stickers.

20. Everyone Also Receives Filters in the News Camera

Like stickers, anyone can enjoy the new filters Apple has to offer, including comic book and watercolor filters.

21. And there is text support for the news camera

Not only can you write words to people but now you can use animated captions … words, phrases, hashtags, whatever .. Add to photos and videos that you share in messages. 19659005] 22. FaceTime calls have Animojis, Meomjis, Stickers & More

Just as we expected, FaceTime added support to use Animojis while performing video chats in a FaceTime call. Additionally there are stickers and memojis as well as filters and labels.

23. FaceTime finally has group calls

We wanted group video chats in FaceTime for iOS 11, but it just never happened. Now it is finally there for up to 32 users at the same time and it looks pretty cute. In addition, Animojis and stickers work in it.

24th There's a new "For You" tab in photos

Instead of the "Reminders" tab, there's now a "For You" tab where your reminders are stored. It also includes feature photos, effects suggestions, shared album activity, and sharing suggestions.

25. Finding photos is easier

If you search for a photo in the Photos app, Siri will provide suggestions based on previous searches or the current time. Apple says, "Even before you start typing, you'll see suggestions for current events, people, and places, and as you type, the results are smarter and more powerful, and you can refine them by adding multiple keywords." 19659005] 26. The Control Center Received a New Control

The Standard Camera App can already scan QR codes, but now there is a dedicated "Scan QR Code" control available to your control center can add. This is not a new tool, just a "shortcut" to scanning QR codes in the Camera app. Depending on how fast you are opening the app on the lock screen and switching to the "Photo" mode, might prove handy, if necessary.

It also serves as a reminder of the camera The app can actually scan QR codes and makes sure that you always in the "photos" mode instead of the last used mode "video", "pano" or in any other Enter mode.

27th ARKit 2.0 Makes Augmented Reality Even Better

While there are already some impressive augmented reality apps for iPhones, ARKit 2.0 will make them even better with improved face recognition, 3D object recognition and more realistic rendering. [19659005] 28. You Can Play Multiplayer AR Games

If you're in the entire AR scene, this might be your favorite feature to watch out for. Sharing experiences for AR games are stored in ARKit 2.0 so that developers can play other games like Pokémon GO directly with each other.

This makes perfect sense because games usually dominate the iOS App Store and multiplayer gameplay is usually a must for them to be successful. There are currently no large numbers of AR games in the iOS App Store, but this feature will likely be released soon. And this could cause augmented reality games to finally reach mainstream status among their non-AR peers.

29th Safari Prevents Data Collection

There are already some tools that can help protect your data from third-party advertisers. However, Safari in iOS 12 goes one step further and prevents Share buttons and comment widgets on Web pages from following you without your permission. In addition, advertisers can not track the unique features of your device. This means that they can not target ads to your device model and can not realign ads on the web.

30. Secure passwords come to Safari & Apps

This is another reason why you want to reject LastPass or another third-party password manager. According to Apple: "Unique, complex passwords for all your apps and websites are automatically created and stored in Safari and apps – so you can use more secure passwords without having to remember anything."

31. Student IDs Now Working in the Wallet App

As long as you have your physical student ID in your real wallet, you probably do not have to pull it out as often as you just put it in your wallet Apple Wallet can use the saved digital version, which you can access via the double-click shortcut on the page or the Home key.

32nd iBooks is now called Apple Books

Apple's app is not just for ebooks, but for audiobooks as well, and has been renamed "Apple Books" or "Books" on the home screen. This appeared in some early iOS 11 betas, but soon disappeared. Now it's back, with a light redesign that makes reading, discovering and listening to your favorite books easier.

33. Apple News makes it easier to discover more sources

The interface for Apple New has been tweaked a bit. Instead of "For You", "Spotlight", "Follow", "Search" and "Saved" tabs, there are now only "Today", "Spotlight" and "Browse". Today is effective for you while browsing combines the Search, Saved, and Follow tabs. This "makes it easy to jump directly to your favorite channels and topics or to discover new ones," said Apple.

34. You can use Waze and Google Maps with CarPlay

If you own a vehicle that supports CarPlay, you can now use it with third-party apps such as Waze and Google Maps instead of just Apple Use maps.

35. You can auto-populate security codes that have been displayed to you in text form

Instead of saving or copying security codes from the News app that you receive for other apps and services, SMS One-Time PINs automatically become AutoFill suggestions displayed. Do not memorize or write down!

36. Finally, there is a thesaurus

If you have previously selected a word "look up", you will see only the dictionaries that you have specified. Now you can add the "Oxford American Writer & # 39; s Thesaurus" from the "Dictionary" settings. You can access the settings by searching for "Dictionary" in Preferences or by going directly from the "General" settings menu.

37th There are three new language dictionaries

These include a bilingual dictionary for Arabic and English, a bilingual dictionary for Hindi and English, and a Hebrew dictionary. You can access them by searching for "Dictionary" in Preferences or by going directly from the "General" settings menu.

38. There is updated battery information

The iOS 11.3 update has provided new battery health tools for iPhones, and iOS 12 has fine-tuned these tools. Rather than seeing battery usage by apps based on either the last 24 hours or the last seven days, it is now the last 24 hours or the last ten days that allows a more detailed analysis of battery usage over time.

39. Let's not forget that there is a new background

Apple always has at least one new wallpaper in its big updates, and iOS 12 does just that. There are no new dynamic or live wallpapers, but the colorful ones below looks, is a nice addition.

40. Your devices are running faster

Apple has been using them The iOS 12 update really made pace no matter which iOS device you use. To cite Apple, there is "up to 70% faster wiping to the camera, up to 50% faster keyboard display and up to 2x faster app startup at high workload." That's pretty fast considering that iOS 11 has slowed down many older devices. There are also gentler animations and the stock sheet is displayed twice faster at high workloads.

41. Overall Performance and Stability Improved

For this reason, we have less new features in iOS 12 than in previous years – because Apple wants to fix all the bad user experiences that exist during the existence of iOS 11 appeared. From performance throttling to weird SMS bugs to Glitchy machines, there was no shortage of bad publicity for iOS 11. With performance and quality being Apple's most important policy for iOS 12, everything should finally work the way it should , [19659005] So, is this for iOS 12?

We are not sure. This latest iOS release will be in beta development until its stable release in September 2018, so it's likely that some features will be removed and new ones added. Some are even being sent back to iOS 13, so Apple can focus on making iOS great again.

We'll update this summary whenever we discover new gems that we think you want to know about. The next three months to see what's happening to iOS 12 for iPhone.

Coverfoto, Screenshots and GIFs by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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