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42 Gmail tips to help you conquer emails

"Inbox Zero" is the wonderful Zen status you get when you have absolutely no unread messages in an inbox. It's not easy because e-mail messages can remind you of tasks or events. Worse, inboxes can be just like the inbox on a desk – packed with things you may or may not have to reach.

If you can not bear to flag a message as read, in case you have to Go back, or worse, you would never delete a message that you later need to refer to, but you can still get to Inbox Zero , Just archive the news.

That's what labels do – they archive messages under a label to find them later. However, you do not need a label to archive messages. As you read a message or select Inbox from the top, click the Archive button (the down arrow file) and the messages will be saved to Gmail.

You can find them later with a search. There is no "Archive" label, but you can look in the "All Mail" link down on the left navigation bar. Keep in mind that archived messages will still apply to your Gmail store because you're saving them. If you want to get rid of them and their attachments, drag the message to the trash where they will stay for 30 days before they are finally deleted.

Better yet, get rid of frequently received and ignored messages that you can. Do not delete like vouchers by automatically archiving them with filters. Click a message, and then go to the More> Messages menu to filter. A form is displayed that automatically contains information about the message (for example, from whom it came from). During this search, click Create Filter and enable the options for the location of the message. Best of all, click Mark As Read so you do not bother in the future.

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