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5 errors to avoid when buying a refrigerator

Today's refrigerators offer many unique options, features and styles.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Buying a refrigerator is a big deal. If you make the wrong decision, you have to live with it for years, even a decade or more. But do not freak out. While buying a large device is not commonplace, planning a little ahead of time is a long way off. This guide describes the common mistakes made when buying a refrigerator.

Not surprisingly, there are many pitfalls to avoid. The list includes things you need to know before entering the store or clicking the "Buy" button. You choose the wrong style and the wrong finish to decorate your home. Another reason is not to think about the capacity and the need for food. And the sweating of the details is also important. Cantankerous interior drawers are never fun to live with. Are there fans for cold cuts, cheese, dairy products? You may not care, but check it at least before you commit.

Extras such as Ice Makers Water Dispensers and Automatic Water Jugs that you use every day can make a big difference, and even cameras and smarts are also key factors. And something that is a must for someone else can be a waste of your money. So understand what you pay for.

Here are the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a refrigerator.

Before buying, think about what you want to keep in a refrigerator.

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Buying the Wrong Style

Refrigerators are big boxes, but they are anything but monolithic. They come in a number of shapes, sizes and designs. Each style has its specific strengths and weaknesses. Some types of refrigerators generally cost less but do not offer many extra features. Others tend to have the latest gadgets as well as a massive price and big size.

Buying a device in the wrong style can be bad news. You could get stuck with a bloated bill, no frills or something that does not fit where you want it. Below is an overview of the most important refrigerator models so you know what to expect. They have a main cooler for fresh food and a smaller freezer above. If you need a lot of storage space for frozen products, this type of refrigerator is not ideal. They are also pretty basic appliances and lack extras like in-house water dispensers and automatic ice machines. The advantage is that they are cheaper and more compact than other refrigerator models.

Buy: If you want to save money, do not need fancy extras and want a small kitchen.

Buy: If you want high style, lots of storage space and luxury amenities.

Freezer Bottom

On average, these refrigerators are slightly larger than the top freezers. They also have a reverse arrangement with their larger freezer compartment on the bottom. Above is the cooling zone for fresh food. While the models with freezer offer easier access to fresh produce, frozen foods are more difficult to access. Even with drawer style freezer doors, you still have to bend over to grab what you want.

Buy: If you want more space for frozen foods than for top freezers and easier access to fresh produce.

Do not buy: If you can not stand to bow to frozen goods.

Side by side

This refrigerator is about compromise. Side-by-side models offer a balance between space savings and additional features. They are divided in the middle with two doors, one for the freezer on the left and the other for the refrigerator on the right. Their doors are also relatively narrow, as they do not swing so far. Do not expect special drawers for quick drinks or easy access to snacks for kids. Side-by-side refrigerators have plenty of freezer and fridge. Some models also have unusual accessories such as ice makers, water dispensers, and touch controls.

Buy: If you need a lot of storage space and a handful of modern features, or if you want a narrow kitchen.

Do not buy: If you are looking for additional compartments for quick or child-friendly access to drinks and snacks.

Refrigerators with French doors

Refrigerators with French doors offer everything. They typically offer the most advanced features, including intelligent, networked features and specialized compartments. Models with French doors are also the most popular refrigerator version, so they are available in most colors and finishes. As a result, you also pay the highest dollar for them.

Buy: If you want everything, you can have a big budget.

Do not buy: If you are looking for a bargain.

Refrigerators are big and heavy. So make sure they fit where you want them first.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Forgetting to check the fit

Whichever refrigerator style you choose, a massive misstep does not check the fit. Make sure the new device is in the same location as your current refrigerator. Measure the dimensions of your old device. Then compare it to the new refrigerator you want to buy. Ideally, the replacement device is the same or smaller than the current model. This is especially important if your current refrigerator is in a niche in built-in wardrobes.

It is equally important to measure the depth of the counter. Some fridges can tower over the counter and jut into your kitchen. If you have a kitchen island, measure how much space you need to open the refrigerator doors or to go past the refrigerator.

Do not forget to also measure the entry points, eg. B. your front door, corridors, cellar doors, etc. on. Plan the way a delivery person will take to avoid unexpected problems or complications.

Decide how much space you need.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Excluding Storage and Capacity

No refrigerator owner is the same. Choose a refrigerator that fits your specific storage needs. Do you tend to keep many items on hold for long periods of time? Be sure to select a device with plenty of freezer space. In this case, a side-by-side model is probably best. If the opposite is true, a large fridge with French doors is probably faster.

Of course, your future purchase can also serve as a secondary refrigerator. Scenarios for this are small apartments, second homes and basement kitchens. If you already own a stand-alone fridge or freezer, the price is more likely to matter than the storage space.

The correct color of the refrigerator can change or destroy your kitchen decor.


Color and Finish Deduction

The look of the refrigerator that you ultimately commit to is no small feat. Outside its functions and features, the exterior of a refrigerator (or large appliance) can have a tremendous impact on the decor of a room. Choose bad and a refrigerator can collide with its surroundings ̵

1; giving your kitchen a random, even overcrowded aesthetic.

Depending on your look, you may want your new refrigerator to match the color (and texture) of other nearby devices. You can also do the opposite and choose a refrigerator with eye-catching colors or a retro-inspired design. As long as the rest of the room is neutral, your distinctive device will serve as a positive center.

Learn how to choose the color and finish of your new device in our Complete Guide .

Small details like the simple (or difficult) use of inside drawers are important.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Let the little things slip

Another trap you can come up with buying a new refrigerator does not take into account other, smaller factors. For example, you may overlook details about the interior. How easy is it to open and close the vegetable compartments? Are there sharp edges anywhere that could scrape or scratch the ankles or forearms?

New LG Instaview refrigerators now make clear ice cream balls for smart drinks.


Sometimes a refrigerator lacks special compartments for meat, cold cuts, dairy products or cheese. If you need an ice machine, a water dispenser, or an automatic water jug, check if there is a water pipe nearby. It is best to know this information before you commit to purchase.

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