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5 filters that you should change or clean in your home

Probably change your AC filter regularly correctly? Do not just stop there: There are many other filters in your home that you have probably overlooked.

Even though they may seem insignificant, they keep your equipment longer and keep out impurities from air, ice, and water. Here is a list of popular filters and how often they should be exchanged.

Vacuum Filter

Vacuum filters typically have multiple filters. These filters pick up dust and other particles so they do not get into the air.

The pleated filters, which look as if they were made of paper, should be replaced approximately every six months. Once in a month, place the paper filter in a plastic bag and shake once a month to remove the dust.

The filters, which look like white or black sponges, can be washed by hand in warm water and some water dish soap every month. Make sure you let the air dry completely before putting it back in the vacuum cleaner.

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Ice Machine Filters

Ice machines in your refrigerator and standalone ice machines all have activated carbon filters . They remove impurities from the tap water to make your ice cream safer and taste better.

As with any other filter, it must be replaced occasionally. Check your manual for the best time to change.

Water Filter

Do not forget the filter for the water dispenser in your refrigerator when checking the filter of your icemaker. It removes contaminants from your local water supply, giving you a delicious, safe glass of water.

Check the instructions for use on location and change schedule. Normally, the water filter must be changed every six months .

Lint Filter

The lint lock on your dryer is a very important part of the unit's interior. It prevents lint from getting inside your dryer. Leaving the unit dirty may result in malfunction of the dryer and even fire .

Clean the filter after each use of lint. Then, once a month, apply a good scrub with a toothbrush, warm water and detergent to remove any sticky residue from the fabric conditioner.

Oven filter

If you look under the hood of your kitchen, you will see A filter that prevents grease from getting into the hood hood. Once a month, you must clean the filter to allow air and smoke to still pass through the vent.

To clean the filter, fill your kitchen sink with boiling water, a quarter cup of soda, and a few drops of water detergent. Mix the water with a spoon and let the filter fall in gently.

Let the filter work for 30 minutes. Then remove the filter from the hot water with kitchen tongs and scrub it with a brush or an old toothbrush.

Close the filter with hot water. Let it air dry before putting it back in the cooker hood.

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