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5 hidden Google Maps tricks you need to know


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Planning a trip or planning the daily itinerary is stressful enough, but it gets even more frustrating if you can not find a parking space or lose the signal and soon a turn is coming up. Fortunately, the Google Maps app for Android and iPhone ($ 699 on Amazon) can somewhat reduce the burden of driving with some of their hidden features ,

You probably know that you can save addresses with the Google Maps app, such as: B. Work and home addresses. So you can get directions to places that you travel frequently with a tap. You can also get information about a place ̵

1; including what you eat, where to sleep, and what you can do there – to make the most of your trip.

Google Maps can help you with other tasks that you may not know, such as: For example, downloading a map for off-line use, including stops and ride time to get a more accurate finish time and even make finding somewhere easier to park. Keep reading to learn how to use these features to make your journey smooth.

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Incognito mode will be activated in Google Maps


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Screenshot by Katie Conner / CNET

Disconnect from incognito mode

With a new feature for Android users, you can enable incognito when using Google Maps . That way, you can hide your location for other Maps users and for places you've searched for. So if you're trying to surprise your partner with a chic necklace, you have to do it. Open the Google Maps app, touch your profile icon in the top right, and select Enable incognito Mode . If you want to disable the setting, follow the same steps and select Disable incognito mode .

Use maps offline

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Screenshot by Katie Conner / CNET

It never fails – if you need the instructions the most, your phone loses the worst-case signal. Fortunately, Google Maps lets you download your route in advance so you do not have to worry about getting lost.

. 1 Enter your destination on the Google Maps app.

. 2 At the bottom of the screen, tap the name of the location or address.

. 3 Tap the three-point menu in the top right corner.

. 4 Tap Download Offline Map .

. 5 Tap Download . The map for the selected area is now available offline.

Plan the route of your entire journey, including stopovers.

According to Google, your journey takes seven hours, but ends at eight hours. This may be because you have not specified multiple stops along the way. In Google Maps, you can add stops to get a more accurate finish time.

. 1 Enter your first destination on the Google Maps app, such as: As a gas station or a café.

. 2 Tap Directions .

. 3 Tap the three-point menu in the upper right corner.

. 4 Tap Add Stop . Add as many stops as you think.

. 5 Press Done when you are done adding stops. Now you get a more accurate ETA when planning travel.

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Screenshot by Katie Conner / CNET

Easily find a parking space for your car in

It is important to know where you can park your car and where not, especially if you are late for work, go to a big event like a concert or go there drive an unfamiliar neighborhood. Instead of driving around and hoping to find a parking space at some point, Google Maps is pointing you in the right direction.

. 1 Enter your location in the Google Maps app.

. 2 Tap Directions .

. 3 You will see a P symbol next to the estimated time required to reach this location. Touch the P (to park). If P is red, it means parking is limited. Blue means that finding a parking space will be easy or intermediate

4. Find parking .

. 5 A list of parking lots is displayed. Select one of the options and tap Add parking . The parking lot will be added as the first station on your route and you can continue to your next destination.

See what a place looks like before you set off.

Pictures can be deceiving. Before you book a hotel that looks good, first look at Google Maps.

. 1 Search for a location in the Google Maps app For example, a hotel where you want to stay overnight.

. 2 In the lower left corner you will see a small box with a photo of the building. This is the street view of the area. Tap on it to see what it looks like.

. 3 You can zoom in and out and check the area by swiping the screen with your finger.

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Originally published last week.

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