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5 kitchen gadgets you should throw away now (and which ones you should use instead) – LifeSavvy

  A pile of kitchen gadgets on a kitchen counter
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Kitchens can quickly become a disposable paradise. Who needs another, unusually shaped tool for clamping drawers? The truth is, we know we do not need a buttermill or a banana cutter. The question is, what should be used instead.

There seems to be a different kitchen tool for every possible task. Want the perfect sliced ​​egg? They have something for that. How about a beautifully peeled strawberry? Yes, have that too. Or maybe it only bothers you when you put a fork in the jar. In this case, there is the pimple.

Most of us do not want our kitchen to turn into a disposable tool cemetery. But it would be nice to know which multi-purpose tools could replace disposable gadgets. We do not say we should throw this banana cutter away …

Okay, yes, we are. Please throw away the banana cutter and read on.

Forget the buttermill, use a cheese grater.

If you have never seen a butter mill, you must not miss this. This disposable tool is designed to give you soft, spreadable butter without waiting. However, as any seasoned baker knows, there are other ways to get soft butter straight out of the fridge. The easiest? Use a cheese grater.

Cuisinart CTG-00-BG Crate Grater

This stainless steel grater has a large soft grip and four sides for grating and cutting in various sizes.

Yes, grate the butter like you would your favorite soft cheese. You've "softened" butter that's right for any use, be it on toast or in your next cookie batch. Bonus, the cheese grater can also be used to grate almost anything else, from onions to gruyere. This makes them a more versatile tool in your kitchen.

No strawberry filler needed, but a chef's knife Okay, we do not recommend peeling strawberries with a chef's knife. A good, sharp set of kitchen knives, however, replaces many single-purpose tools. A sharp vegetable knife can do the peeling of strawberries, the scratching of dough and the cutting of olives in a short time. In the meantime, a sharp chef's knife does almost everything else, including cutting this banana.

The keyword is sharp. Saving on knives is never recommended. If you're slicing a tomato and wanting to get tomato soup, it's time to sharpen those babies (or get a new set of knives).

Drop the Spiralizer for the Insta Stars and get yourself a Mandolin

  Vegetable Cuts with a Sharp Madoline
Arina P Habich / Shutterstock

Vegetable Spiralers are currently experiencing their time in the sun. This probably has something to do with the trend of using low carbohydrates and not mixing white noodles with a 10-foot stick. Here is the thing. Most spiralizers take up a lot of space, do not work very well, or have blades that are difficult or impossible to replace.

With a good mandolin, you can also cut vegetables into thin pasta-like strands. It does not give you sweet, photo-worthy, curly keywords, but you can do much more than just cut vegetable noodles. A mandolin cuts every vegetable into the shape of a French fries, a potato chip or even a waffle roast (depending on the model) and works fast. If you find the open blade squeamish, invest in a cut glove and be sure to halve the time it takes to cook your dinner.] There are special peelers for every vegetable that has ever had to be peeled. If you own all, you have a whole drawer with only peelers. And while this may be enjoyable for some of you, a universal vegetable peeler is a much more practical way. Just make sure you buy one with an integrated potato peel remover and you're ready for any peeling job.

Why invest in a slow cooker if you could buy an instant pot?

Possibly a bone of contention, as there are many Slow Cooker Loyalists. However, if you want to cook something all day over low heat, you will get a better result with a Dutch oven. There is no doubt about that.

If you like the slow cooker because you want to leave your cooking tasks unattended, we recommend searching for an instant pot instead. The InstantPot has a dual function and acts as a slow cooker when you need it, but also as a pressure cooker. And as some cooks say, a pressure cooker is worth gold.

So stop stuffing your drawers and stuffing your closets with disposable tools. Instead, look for the more versatile options that will thank you for both your wallet and your precious kitchen square.

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