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5 kitchen utensils that facilitate the cooking of healthy meals

In 2018, when I told the world that I lost 100 pounds, everyone around me wanted to know how I did it.

Surprisingly, I discovered that much of my success came from a well-equipped kitchen with the right equipment and tools. Here are some kitchen items that you can use to be healthier.

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Healthy Eating Faster

Instant Pot

Josh Miller / CNET

If You Find When you go out to eat, there is no better device than an instant pot. I've found that cooking is so easy that I do not have to give up on busy days, and in the end I eat foods that are much healthier.

This pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and yoghurt maker are all-in. A device can cook a full roast at the same time that I can pick up my teen from school and do a few errands. If you're just filling in the right food and the right amount of liquid, press the right button and you can have dinner in less than an hour.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should have an instant pot.

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Kitchen smarts

June Intelligent Oven

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Like the instant pot, the June Intelligent Oven makes cooking super easy, making you more confident rather than relying on fast food.

Think of it as an automated countertop oven. With the help of cameras and the integrated computer, June can detect the food you put in and get step-by-step instructions for cooking, including choosing the right temperature and cooking time. It is especially nice if you have little culinary skills but want to prepare healthy meals.

The June Oven also airs French fries. When roasting air, you can "fry" a nice, crispy pan with fries or wings with little oil, making them healthier than fried.

I'm aware that the June Oven is steep at $ 600. If you avoid making healthy meals because you do not have the skills you need, June can help.

$ 599.00 in June

Read our review

Preparation right

A chef's knife


Another must-have tool is a good knife that makes cooking easier. The sister site of CNET recommends the purchase of a high-quality chef's knife, as it is versatile.

The better the quality, the easier it is to stay sharp, which reduces the frustration of preparation. Quality chefs usually cost more than $ 100, but if you're starting to cook for yourself, you can get away with a knife of around $ 50.

$ 41 at Amazon

$ 599

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