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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes «Halloween Ideas :: WonderHowTo

It's already Halloween and the night is approaching. You swore last year that you would not wait until the last minute for a Halloween costume, but here you are without costume on Samhain … again. In all costume shops the last-minute shoppers will surely be stuffed, and you do not feel like spending a lot of dough anyway. What options do you have?

If you have a blank T-shirt and a few painting supplies, you can quickly conjure a costume. Here are the 5 simplest last-minute costumes you might think of, where just a shirt (or maybe just a few tats) will be enough to give you some treats.

. 1 Beavis & Butt-Head

The metalheads all over the country sunned themselves when Beavis and Butt-Head returned a few years ago when the show was revived on MTV after a 1

4-year cancellation for an 8th season. Unfortunately, it was not long before it was canceled, but it is never too late to be interested in these two awkward high school offenders. All you need is a blue or gray shirt and some color.

If you choose the legendary AC / DC look of Butt-Head, just use a gray shirt and the stencil band name in yellow on the chest. By attaching masking tape before painting the lettering remains sharp. If you want more pops out, use black to surround the letters. If you choose Beavis, just take a blue shirt and hit a Metallica logo in black on the chest.

If you have enough time, you may even get the exaggerated zombie look.

Note: This costume will not work without a duo, so grab a friend. Also, brown (butt-head) and blonde (Beavis) hair help. Likewise the red and light gray shorts.

. 2 Charlie Brown

Another music-inspired last-minute T-shirt costume is Charlie Brown. Yes, I know that Charlie Brown is just another cartoon character, but Coldplay named a whole song after him, and there are rumors about a Peanuts movie in Hollywood, which indicates that the 63-year-old boy is still which has kick left in it (just not on the football field).

To get the look, just grab an orange T-shirt and some black paint. Use masking tape again to zigzag the black strip and paint it. That was it's. Black shorts, however, help to complete the look.

3. Candy Corn

It's not a hot costume this year, but this Halloween is definitely going to be a trend – as a treat. But when it comes to last-minute costume ideas, beggars can not be a choice. And unlike the trademark of Charlie Brown, the Candy Corn t-shirt is unisex! In addition, the color combination is really scary.

To make the shirt, just grab a white and beat orange and yellow paint over it. If you are serious about doing so, use these instructions from Alexa, which uses more suitable textile dyes. Oh … and it does not matter that it's a romper … unless you dig that.

If you're completely lazy, you can also just wear yellow socks don, orange trunks and a white t-shirt (or whatever you want).

. 4 Footloose

There is nothing more terrible than a terrible remake, and Footloose of 1945 [19] (19459024) definitely fits the bill. And guess what? Being Ren McCormack is the simplest Halloween costume ever. All you need is dark jeans and a sweaty white T-shirt or Wifebeater. Some dance steps would help too.

Best of all, the costume is for Kevin Bacon's 1984 version of the McCormack Dance Flier. Though technically, you would wear light-weight jeans.

If you're a girl trying to be the Ariel Moore character, make sure you have some tall cowboy boots and some have a sort of western belt. Any tight jeans are enough.

. 5 Hesher (Or Don Jon)

You may not want to ruin any of your t-shirts. Well, you're out of luck, unless you happen to have long, brown metal hair and a gnarled beard. If this is the case, Hesher is the perfect dude costume for you. Although the movie has not been around for a long time, it's still easier than ever.

To embody the full spirit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, all you need is your film's bare skin and some black markings. Look at some pictures online for all these tattoos and then have them drawn quickly by someone. If you can not get someone to do that, the most important thing is the stick figures his brain blows to his front. If you do not want to freeze this year, you still need a tee. Just hit a colored Metallica-like Hesher logo on a black one.

If you are not an artist, you can always refer to Jesus. And if you want a newer Joseph Gordon Levitt look, Don Jon is just as easy, maybe even simpler. All you need is a short, greasy hairstyle and a wifebeater.

Or a 45-pound sleeveless T-shirt with a distorted face.

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