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5 Magic Leap apps you'll probably miss, including Star Wars, Magicverse Matrix, AR Jenga and more «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

Whenever the name Magic Leap comes up, the talk inevitably turns to the company's reputable funders and money flows to unicorn levels. Otherwise, observers usually focus on the company's market strategy and overall outlook.

These are all important discussion points, but with all the analytics and predictions, one thing about Magic Leap One seems to get missed a bit too often: it's actually fun to use!

You may know some of the key titles that prove this fact, some of which require more space to be effective and others that are suitable for very specific use cases. [19659002] In addition to these apps, there are some lesser known apps available on the device that deserve some recognition. They show great attention to detail, sometimes bizarre approaches and completely different experiences that the augmented reality device offers. These are just a few of these apps that you might not be able to try, but should.


This app, produced by the international interactive studio The Mill, is not a real experience. or a game, rather, it's the satisfying fulfillment of a promise that Magic Leap made years ago. Those who have followed the story of Magic Leap from the beginning will remember how long the company's website has proven the abilities of the then invisible device by showing a person holding a virtual elephant in his hand.

Magic Leap image

Well, if you're one of those people who say, "Where's the whale?" When the device hit the market for the first time in 2018 (another cult animal that was promised in previous Magic Leap promotions and finally shipped on the device), you should know that you can now "hold" the virtual elephant as well ,

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

When you launch the app, you must first select a location on the ground to pinned the virtual asset, and then watch as it turns into an elephant baby right in front of your eyes transformed into life size.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

When the pachyderm is left alone, it stays in place Idle and occasionally emits friendly roar. But if you lower the controller and stretch your hands in a weighing motion, the animal suddenly shrinks and sits in the palm of your hand. And it remains anchored to your "palm rest" wherever you move it.

It's a simple experience that completes this vision when Magic Leap launched its original boost of consciousness years ago.

Star Wars: Project Porg

My original plan was to give Star Wars Superfans a deep insight into this app, which is rooted in the George Lucas Universe. Unfortunately, the app is so simple and straightforward (as opposed to something advanced like Dr. Grordbort's Invaders) that it's best to briefly mention it here.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

First, there's something really magical about Star Wars holograms on Looking at cinema screens as it has been projecting R2D2 for so many years and years finally experience in real life. It really closes the loop of science fiction, which in a sense is finally becoming reality.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

When you launch the app you will be aware of the familiar form of C -3PO welcomed as (intentionally) blurred hologram is displayed. The robot's familiar voice and nervous chatter quickly take you into the world of Star Wars.

Soon the Porgs appear and it quickly becomes clear that the main goal of the game (at least as long as I've been playing) is to train and feed the Porgs. The virtual creatures are cute, playful, awkward and fascinating to look at and feed – for a while.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

Training and feeding Porgs as a focal point of the experience can be Be worth hours of engagement if you're really obsessed with Porgs, but if not, being trapped in the Porgs app could be a challenge.

Still, it's an incredibly successful and successful entry into the world of Star Wars in a way that is currently unavailable on any other platform.

Magic Rain

Earlier this month, we found out that the film was the 20th anniversary of The Matrix the film that best represented virtual reality later this month in re-released to the cinemas to celebrate its ongoing power. As in Star Wars just about anyone who has a pulse has seen the movie or knows what it is.

And although this app is not officially associated with the movie and you did not suddenly gift Neo-like powers, it makes the next best thing. Here you can see the flowing code walls that Keanu Reeves discovers when he reaches the peak of his powers in the movie.

Puzzles: World Tour

Recently, we have dealt with the transition of this mobile AR app into the world of spatial computing. So far, my experience with the app was limited to the smartphone version, which was enough to create our list of the best augmented reality apps last year.

But apart from short tests, I saw the mobile app mostly as a teaching tool to be better for kids. Now that I have tried the Magic Leap version, adults can also enjoy this app experience.

image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

Once you've anchored the virtual globe in your room, you'll be able to select several famous locations, including China's Forbidden City, the New York Statue of Liberty, the Indian Taj Mahal or the Russian Basilius Cathedral ale.

After selecting a location, you will be prompted to anchor the landmark on a table or floor after which you reassemble the landmark after it has disintegrated into several pieces. The puzzles are not difficult. So the real satisfaction is that you let the pieces snap in and then, once the process is complete, read historical facts about the landmark featured in the app.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

Another treat is the details that are included in some environments are. For example, on Liberty Island you can see a tiny couple cavorting around the statue, and on the other side of the island, a woman enthusiastically takes a selfie.

The game also made me wish it a multi-player Magic Leap version of Monopoly in the future.

If you've traveled a lot, this app is probably a bit too rudimentary for you. Otherwise, it's a great (albeit fairly simple) introduction to some of the world's most famous wonders. It also felt very board-like, which was fun. The game also prompted me to wish for a multiplayer version of Monopoly's Magic Leap in the future. The app could see an increase in engagement for all ages as the team adds much more site puzzles (at least 50) to the experience. As it is, it's a great tabletop-style game that can serve as an accessible gateway to the world of spatial computing.

Crane Craze

I came across this app by accident when I explored the Magic Leap World app store. That's a good sign. If every app on the Magic Leap One contains an important announcement, it probably means that not enough apps are being developed for the platform. But increasingly I discover unannounced surprises on the Magic Leap One.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

Crane Craze is incredibly simple and just a bit addictive. The easiest way to describe the game is with "Jenga using buildings".

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

After you've anchored the virtual construction site on your real estate, start with carefully stacking houses on top of each other. The process relies heavily on the controller – which is incredibly responsive in this game – manipulating objects. This leads to quite delicate but entertaining operations.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

The game was written by Beenoculus (19459039), a team member. which also works on VR experiences produced. Beyond the "AR Jenga" experience, the game has little more to offer, but what it does is good.

I'm also a big fan of the details here, giving the game more character. In that case, it just means that I like the way the tiny construction workers dance (twerk?) Very much.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

What These Apps Mean for the Magic Leap Ecosystem [Althoughmostoftheabove-mentionedexperiencesarenotmulti-yearprojectsthattakemanyhourstocompleteMagicLeap'smissiontopromoteadeveloperecosystemthatsupportsawiderangeofappsisstartingtobesuccessful

Even the simple nature of some of these apps reminds me of the beginnings of the ] first all-in-one Macs. In those days – when data was flopped and the screens were black and white – there were many apps to show you how cool a personal computer can be.

I think we are in a similar area with real augmented reality computing systems like the Magic Leap One (and the HoloLens). We are just starting to engage with this new context, both from a developer and user perspective. That's why we need some apps that only exist to let users get their AR feet wet.

Of course, the price of The Magic Leap One and the limited contact of the audience with the charms of the device (you can try it in some AT & T stores) mean that there are still very few people who actually get that Possibility to try one of these haunting experiences. For the curious edge tech explorers, this short summary was for you.

These are just a few outstanding results. There are more that we did not absorb. Stay up to date for a second round soon!

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