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5 non-traditional recipes – LifeSavvy

  Homemade tomato-basil biscuit soup in a white bowl next to some toast.
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Have you ever taken a spoonful of a delicious soup that is perfectly smooth and full of flavor? If your bells do not ring, you probably have not tried a biscuit, and there is no better time than now.

Maybe you tried a lobster or crayfish biscuit and remember the incredibly creamy consistency it had on offer. An authentic biscuit cream soup is a soup of shellfish, mirepoix and cream thickened with ground clams or rice. In recent years, "biscuit biscuit" has been used to describe just about any creamy soup, but that's not necessarily true.

This brings us to a category of soups that we like to refer to as a "non-traditional biscuit biscuit biscuit" is trendy, but have you ever thought of making a cauliflower or roasted red pepper? Why not try all? Here are our five favorites.

Best overall rating: Butternut squash

  A bowl of butternut squash
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Butternut squash is a sweet, nutty-tasting winter fruit that represents a superb side dish for autumn holidays, such as Thanksgiving. If you puree it to a biscuit cream, you will experience a completely new meal that will surely delight the whole family. All ingredients are also vegetarian, so it would be a great meatless Monday meal. You'll love how all the ingredients come together to make a perfectly smooth soup.

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Healthiest: Loaded Southwest Roasted Cauliflower Bisque

  A bowl drizzled with jalapeno, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream.
No Spoon Needed

Here's another great example of how cannellini bean thickener can be taken to another level. The creator of this recipe also uses several Southwestern-style ingredients, such as pico de gallo and coriander, which make this bisque one of our favorite non-traditional versions.

Why serve biscuit with warm, crusty bread, if you can eat it with tortilla? Chips take place? This smooth, nutritious biscuit cream is full of flavor and has only 115 calories per serving. If you are looking for something light, then this is the right thing!

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Best reproduction of tomato soup: tomato soup

  A bowl of tomato biscuit cream garnished with drizzle and chopped bacon.
Food Network

A can of tomato soup and grilled cheese are classic ready meals. But what if we told you that we found a chic version of this kid's meal that tastes so good?

Onions, carrots, celery and tomatoes are perfectly mashed together and taste great with the garlic and fresh herbs in this recipe. Maybe you will never go back to the canned food.

Well, how about a fancy version of grilled cheese? Take a few slices of fresh farmhouse bread and add fresh mozzarella, fresh spicy cheddar and maybe even some Asiago cheese.

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Best vegan option: fried vegetable biscuit cream soup

  A bowl of vegan biscuit cream soup
Bites of Wellness

Yes, this recipe is vegan, but we should probably also mention that it is paleo, whole30 and milk and grain free. So, if that suits your nutritional needs, this recipe is a must.

What is especially good about this soup is that you can choose which vegetables you want to add. Whether it's zucchini, carrots or sweet potatoes, you'll love the sweet taste of pureed goodness because you've picked the ingredients. Do not worry, this recipe is easy to follow and the author makes great recommendations.

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Best roasted vegetable biscuit cream: Roasted red paprika tomato bisque

  Tomato bisque with bread and basil in a bowl on top.
Girl Gone Gourmet

Here's another great version of tomato bisque. The sweet roasted peppers are mashed with tomatoes and the other fresh herbs and vegetables make this recipe great. Just add a little fresh cream and vegetable broth and the mixer is ready before you know it.

The homemade crouton and blue cheese crumble crust takes this biscuit cream soup to the next level!

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