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5 reasons not to buy on Black Friday

Black Friday shopping in big box stores is about witty memes about being thrown into the fight, being kicked to death, or simply being guilty one day after the big consumer spending theoretically grateful for what he has got. There are many sensible reasons to be big and small to avoid a real Hunger Games scenario on the most ineffective shopping day of the day, starting with personal safety. But the truth is, if you want a good deal, you do not have to wait until November 23rd, and sometimes these Black Friday deals are not deals if you really break them. Here are some alternatives for jumping that day.

The day after Black Friday is a pretty cool day for shopping.

It's called Small Business Saturday, a day that encourages customers to #ShopSmall. Helping to keep an Auntie Emma shop alive feels good.

Going Outside Is Free

REI is the only major company that cares deeply that is not open on Black Friday so employees and customers can be encouraged to spend the day at one instead Spend the form of outdoor recreation or just go out in the fresh air. There is even an official hashtag: #OptOutside.

Many Black Friday deals start early

If your Black Friday fever just will not go away, there are likely to be numerous deals announced in early November that you can actually order before November 23 so you do not break crowds that day can.

There are other "trading days"

On a given day, online sales such as Best Buy Deal of the Day and Target's Electronic Deals. The big daddy of the annual online deal days, Amazon's Prime Day, has already taken place this year, but if you want to sum up many quotes at once, consider bidding ahead to the 201

9 deadline.

You Can Receive Great Deals on Refurbs Now

If you want to make a deal on Black Friday for a high-ticket property, you can get an instant form of bargain deal when shopping for refurbished items. You may know that you can buy from companies like Apple Refurbs, but did you know that you can also buy a refurbished Vitamix for the kitchen? Learn what types of refurbs you should avoid before starting to hunt.

If you need to shop on Black Friday

shop locally! Consider supporting businesses in your community.

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