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5 Things You Do not Like About Android 10 «Android :: Gadget Hacks

New updates are always exciting, especially when Google is behind the wheel. Yes, Android 10 "Q" is here, at least in beta form, ready for software testers to get to know the new changes. However, there are some problems with these changes. We will not gloss over it – there are some annoying things baked in Android 10.

If you rock a smartphone other than a pixel, one of those annoying things is probably "I do not have the beta yet." We feel your pain. However, this list includes more information about the issues with Q as a whole and issues you'll encounter if your Galaxy, OnePlus, or other Android device gets an update later this year.

. 1
Screenshots Suck Now

Take a screenshot on a phone running Android 10 and you will notice something unusual. Screen shots are now covered with a frame that matches the screen of your phone, and they look .

2. Clipboard managers are DOA

If you use a Clipboard Manager on your phone, Android 10 will really ruin your workflow. The new update effectively removes Clipboard Manager so you can spend your days putting together copied items to say goodbye. That said, there is a legitimate reason for Google to do so. No, it's not about punishing managers on the clipboard. The general theme of Android 10 is user privacy. One of the ways that Google improves privacy is to block the access of apps to your clipboard and keyboard in the background. While good apps are obviously hurt by this change, malicious actors can no longer look at these elements.

As with all things privacy and security, new measures are give and take. Hopefully, Google will provide a solution that allows managers to live on the clipboard without sacrificing the steps the company has taken in this area without, however, holding their breath.

. 3 Android Beam has disappeared

Are you ever sending files from device to device via Android Beam? They will not be together with Android 10. Google has stopped the NFC File Sharing Tool with this latest update so users need to find a third-party app to perform this task.

From here on, it's time for developers to enable NFC communication for their apps. Do not be surprised if there is a short "transitional period" in this issue.

4. You might accidentally call 911

If you need help urgently, Android Q has its back. If, on the other hand, you simply turn off your phone, it can cause problems.

Google added a new "emergency" button to the power menu that was found by long pressing the power button It's very easy to knock by mistake. As with any touch-sensitive button, everything is a finger off or just an accidental touch on the palm, and you could be in a world of injury.

Well, if you are really unhappy. The emergency call button launches emergency telephone access, which allows you to call an emergency service at any time. If you tap on "Emergency", the police will not be called to your location, but a few extra clicks might be …

5. Permission dialogs look much more like iOS

This may not be such a big deal for you, but we know it applies to some on the Internet. Google has changed the permission dialog boxes for Android 10, and the new style does not suit everyone. One user went so far as to compare the look unfavorably with Apple. Ouch:

This permission dialog will appear directly from iOS. Ew.

– Timawesomeness
What do you think? Has Google moved too far away from the core design of Android? Or are people making a mountain out of a molehill on the Internet?

Of course it's not all bad. On the contrary – Android 10 seems to be a fun update for last year's release. Although Q is a more modest update, it still offers a lot of new features. Are they enough to overshadow the above shortcomings? We think so.

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