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5 ways to clean up your Android phone, inspired by Marie Kondo

If you looked at Marie Kondo's Netflix show, Tidying Up you've undoubtedly discovered the cleaning error. Kondo's organizing method divides her confusion into five key areas: clothing, books, paper, komono (various things) and sentimental items. Their mission is to "delight in the world by brushing" by throwing away everything that does not make you happy.

But while Kondo's method helps keep your closets and cabinets clean, what about your phone? With 6 "screens and storage both on and off your device, it's easy to fill every digital angle with things you do not need, do not use, and just can not remember.

When you transfer Kondos concepts to an Android phone, and think of clothes as apps, books as downloaded videos and songs, etc. You can begin to apply their wisdom to your mobile life. So we think that Marie Kondo would clean a smartphone. (For more tips, see our earlier story about "1

0 Fast Ways to Make Space on a Crowded Android Phone.")

Apps (Clothing)

Just as it's easy to dress your closets and drawers with shirts In the grunge era, you can easily fill our phones with apps that we have not opened in years. Some may not work anymore – backups can be apps that we downloaded years ago for phones that have long been unavailable.

  Clean up apps IDG

The apps in your drawer can be viewed and organized in any number, depending on your phone.

Take some time to go through your app drawer. Deleting old and unused apps is a good place to start, but it's equally important to organize existing apps so you can easily find them. For most phones, you can sort by name or any other method of your choice. For some, you can also sort by the installation date. Tap the menu button next to the search bar to see what options you have.

Folders are also important. With just about any phone, you can create folders in your app drawer so you can group similar apps for easy reference. Even if you're just creating a Google folder, it will reduce your confusion as you probably have a dozen apps from that company in your drawer. It's simple: tap and hold an app and drag it to another app in the drawer to create a new folder. Then name it and add as many as you like.

Media (Books)

In addition to apps, media files are among the most disagreeable elements on our phones: books, movies, songs, videos, and much more. Not only do they consume the most disk space, but they can also be the hardest to understand because they are often hidden in hidden folders that you can not access outside of their respective apps.

  Clean up media IDG

Downloaded media files can be difficult to find.

First, review any apps that may have allowed downloads, such as Spotify, Netflix, and Google Play Movies. Depending on the app, you may need to delete each file individually or clear the cache within the settings. Then check the places where large downloads are most likely to occur: your external SD card and your cloud drives. There is a reason why Google and Dropbox offer so much storage space because it's easy to upload something and forget about it. A little digital cleanup helps – and it can even help you save money.

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