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50% off an Aukey 18W USB-C PD Charger – Review Geek

If you're looking for a compact and powerful charger for your demanding smartphone or portable device, this is a tough one to beat: a top-of-the-line 18W USB C-PD charger.

You can usually get the charger from Amazon for $ 1

0.99 if you use the code 95SGCK4R (for the black model) or 9VO4Q3XT (for the white model).

What makes this little charger so great? Introduced by Aukey last fall, this is one of the most compact high performance chargers on the market (it's barely larger than the usual iPhone charger and foldable tines). Paired with a USB-C charging cable, you can recharge your newer iPhone, a newer Android device, or other USB-C compliant devices like your Nintendo Switch much faster than with the original charger.

The deal is so hot that they are already out of print next week, but we recommend buying one anyway and waiting for the extra days, which is a great deal.

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