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6 garden tips that you wish you would know all the time

When the weather warms, we all want to go outside and enjoy our outdoor spaces. If your garden is more weeds than flowers or you feel cursed with a black thumb, hope is not lost.

This is a garden week, and we are busy with everything you need to know about planting, watering, tending your lawn and growing your own food. It does not matter if you have two or two meters of balcony area, you can create a lush garden.

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3 reasons to upgrade to a smart sprinkler system


Knowing what to grow

Before you start looking at the succulent or lemon trees in the garden shop, check your resilience. These zones tell you which types of plants will survive in your garden throughout the year, depending on the average minimum winter temperature in your area. It should be your first step to determine which types of plants to buy – especially if you order them online.


Save water and money by pouring water once a week.

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Water Less, Water Smarter

Your lawn and garden needs water to stay healthy, but you may water more often than you need. CNET Alina Bradford explains that you should "deep" once a week. That means if you turn on the sprinklers every week, you should make sure that your garden gets one inch of water.

Learn everything you can to water your garden more efficiently so you can save water and money.

The key to a lush, green lawn

A lush green lawn is a cornerstone of the garden, but it's not easy to stay green. Lawn care is important all year round, especially in the hot summer months.

The right mowing can go a long way. In summer, make sure your turf is about 4 inches high. The added height helps your grass retain more moisture in the scorching sun. Learn the Right Way Mow your lawn and how to keep your lawn healthy this summer.

If your lawnmower has a few years, it's time for maintenance. Brian Bennett shows you how to adjust your lawn mower by changing the oil, sharpening the blades and much more. Sharp blades are important to getting a clean cut so your grass stays healthy and does not die in the hot summer months.

Trash is the secret of a healthy garden

For a cheap and easy way to make your flowers and plants look beautiful, look at the coffee grounds. What is normally thrown out can be used anywhere in your yard to keep out pests, improve your soil and strengthen your compost heap. Take a look at Taylor Martin's five ways guide to using coffee in the garden.

Do not stop, you can use many other leftovers in the garden to increase the growth of your plant.

If you are ready to go one step further with your food waste, you should commission a compost heap . They are easy to set up and provide your plants with fertilizer endlessly.

How to grow vegetables in an apartment

No backyard? That should not stop you from creating a garden . In a pot Containergarten many plants have grown happily in a pot. If you have an outdoor balcony, you can grow tomatoes, green beans, and other plants that need more space and plenty of sunlight.

If you only have a few potted plants in it, you can still grow herbs, carrots, lettuce and other vegetables. In our guide Creating a Herb Garden you can find an easy way to start growing your own food.

Another great option is to use a Wi-Fi enabled gardening system. They take up all the guesswork by automatically giving your plants the right amount of light and water. These systems are compact, so they fit easily on a kitchen table or side table.

Bring the Technology Outside

Alexa is doing great outdoors and can be a wonderful garden companion. You can use Alexa to get advice in the garden before going outdoors. It can also help you to smarter, but to give you detailed weather information and remind you when to water your plants. Take a look at all the other ways that Alexa can help out in the garden.

If you're still using an old-school sprinkler system, it's time to upgrade. Today's Smart Sprinkler Systems are easy to use and create custom plans based on your soil, climate, and the plant species in your yard. Still not convinced? Here are 6 reasons to make the a smart sprinkler.

Can Technology Grow a Better Garden? We are testing the latest horticultural technology in the Smart Home .

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